PBS Scraps Ethics, Instead Assaults America’s Civil-Rights Group (NRA)

By Alan Korwin

Gunned Down, The Power of the NRA
Gunned Down, The Power of the NRA

PHOENIX, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- The lamestream media told you:

Watch the PBS Documentary “Gunned Down, The Power of the NRA,” tonight at 9! Frontline investigates the politics and power of the NRA. The NRA is the most powerful lobby in Washington.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

PBS has once again demonstrated its lack of qualifications for public funding by producing another blatant anti-rights propaganda hit piece against a civil-rights organization with which it disagrees, this time the National Rifle Association.

Among the compilation of lies and distortions broadcast, PBS imagines the NRA is the most powerful lobby in Washington. This is emblematic of the rest of the show’s integrity and accuracy. Can they truly be so ideologically driven that didn’t they think anyone would look?



PBS said (and believes) NRA is the most powerful lobby in Washington. NRA isn’t in the top 20 –– familiar, predictable influence peddlers are. The accuracy of the rest of the PBS broadcast is similar, virtually zero. Credit: the Center for Responsive Politics.

It’s the same picture by industry — AGENDA-DRIVEN PBS LIES:

Lobbying Powerhouses By Industry
Lobbying Powerhouses By Industry

The entire PBS premise is bogus: fundamental rights of American citizens to defend themselves, own constitutionally protected property or keep and bear arms are in no way measured, as PBS seems to believe, against the angst of people whose lives have been disrupted by heinous criminals murdering innocent people. Conflating crime and individual rights is a sign of hoplophobia, a serious mental illness. This calls for an intervention and medical treatment for PBS staff, not propaganda film production. Maybe they could show good faith and publicly sign up for a permanent personal felony-level gun ban, just to be safe.

Misguided attempts to dispossess the public of private property it already owns, in the name of fighting crime and acted-out psychosis is so misplaced it destroys the station’s efficacy as journalists, let alone entitlement to the public dole. Experts believe PBS could not survive without the tax-funded handouts.

The PBS balance-lacking mockumentary is an embarrassment to the writing profession, and while the First Amendment protects them, their right to our money to exercise it should end. The laws that grant PBS funds in the first place violate the separation of press and state. Federal funding of the “Propaganda Broadcasting System” must stop.

Ethics requires a corrections broadcast, but no one expects one.

P.S. I’m not giving anything away here about NRA power either — Media Matters complained that the broadcast perpetuated the myth that NRA has much power at all. Go figure. NRA is gun owners’ main voice in Washington, but it is up against an enormously powerful array of anti-rights enemies of freedom.

The real power rests with 100 million gun owners, who vote, contribute, demonstrate, and are armed.

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Lawrence Muhr

If you read the credits on the BPS specials, you will see Bloomberg and other anti-gun sponsors. No one with a brain should contribute to PBS!


All I can say is ” choose wisely”, do the research for yourself. Never allow your mind to be used anyway, in any form. Think for yourself, and VOTE accordingly.


P-BS has ethics?
Who Knew.


Call your congressman and tell them to stop funding PBS


call your congressman and demand they stop funding PBS!
The 2nd best way to stop PBS is to shut them off.
3rd best thing to do is stop watching TV all together.


Let pbs continue to ferment the lie because the uninformed will continue to watch and believe. If the liberal anti rights cult knows they are up against the most powerful lobby as whinny snivelers they will be less likely to support gun grabbing. There are far more important things than just money when it comes to affecting legislation in the district of corruption and the fact that five or six million voters are willing to part w membership money says a lot, plus the tens of millions that look to the NRA to lead them when voting.


“The PBS balance-lacking mockumentary is an embarrassment to the writing profession, and while the First Amendment protects them, their right to our money to exercise it should end.” They don’t have a right to our money. This is the slave mentality of many gun owners that keeps them oppressed. Taxation is theft, period, end of story. There is no such thing as a right to rob people. All you conservative gun owners that say we need some taxes are supporting your oppressors. Agreeing to be taxed is agreeing to be a slave. Ending taxation is the only way to end… Read more »


PBS has been leaning to the far left for a long time. It used to be pretty good, but now…I don’t waste my time with it.

Michael Bulger

The ONLY thing I ever watch on PBS is Masterpiece Mystery. The Brits know how to do a mystery. They do not get any money from me or mine.


Sue for libel, add some of the software companies that resrict internet access calling the NRA a hate group.


You can’t sue for libel BUT, you can and IMO should lobby your legislators to eliminate ALL funding for PBS. So, get busy calling and writing!


Plus one, time to pull tax payers money from pbs. Sesame Street makes enough on it own to fund the whole thing.

Timothy-Allen Albertson

Gmail classes email from Allen West as SPAM.


Watch PBS. Watch FOX. Just remember that maybe somewhere in the ‘middle’ you’ll find the truth.


Fair/balanced/and unafraid. WE RT YOU DECIDE! I think we are winning;;;;;;;;;; check the stats

Mr Brett

I agree, but FOX isn’t getting 30-40% of it’s operating budget from our pockets.


Gun owners of America must be on their guard at all times, from the wolf {anti gunners} in sheeps clothing, whether it be PBS,or the right to life organization using anti gun speakers to attack the N.R.A.!!


Well you have to figure that Fox is fighting against 4:1 odds. ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS are so blatantly Liberal that anything they spout cannot be believed either.