“Saved Officers” to Share Their Heroic Stories at SHOT Show

The Safariland Group SAVES Club
The Safariland Group SAVES Club
The Safariland Group
The Safariland Group

Ontario, CA -(Ammoland.com)- The Safariland Group will formally recognize three law enforcement officers on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 who were saved in the line of fire by armor manufactured by the Company.

Media is invited to booth #12762 at the 2015 SHOT Show to listen to the officers’ courageous stories that changed their lives forever. The Safariland Group SAVES Club is a group of individuals who, during the line of duty, experienced a life-threatening critical incident where their Safariland Group armor or duty gear contributed to saving their life.

Each of our SAVES members become advocates for the law enforcement community, expressing the importance of wearing body armor, and providing other safety tips. From the manufacturing floor to the company’s president, The Safariland Group embraces these SAVES and honors the dedication and commitment they exhibit every day while doing their job to protect others. Join us as we hear their inspirational stories and learn about their honorable commitment to protecting our community.


  • Date: Wednesday, January 21
  • Time: 3 p.m.
  • Location: The Safariland Group booth #12762

Following is a summary of each of these officer’s incidents.

  • SAVE Honoree: Officer Dorian DeSantis of the Metro Police Department, Washington D.C.
    • SAVE # 1888

On September 16, 2013 Officer Dorian DeSantis and a host of law enforcement agencies responded to an active shooter incident in the Washington D.C. Navy Yard. As he and another officer were clearing the third floor, they encountered the shooter and a gunfight ensued. Officer DeSantis was shot center chest by the assailant but was able to return fire fatally wounding the assailant and ending the threat. The protection afforded by Officer DeSantis’ PROTECH Tactical level III Hard Armor Rifle Plate was such that he did not even seek treatment at a hospital.

  • SAVE Honoree: Officer Garret Osilka of the Loveland Police Department, Loveland, Colorado
    • SAVE # 1885

On March 2, 2014, Officer Garret Osilka conducted a traffic stop in Loveland, Colorado. As he approached the vehicle, the driver shot him in the center of his chest from approximately two feet away with a 12-gauge shotgun. Officer Osilka then returned fire but the suspect fled the scene. Immediately after, Officer Osilka was rushed to the hospital and medical personnel discovered that his Second Chance Summit SM01 level IIIA and IMPAC HT plate had stopped the shotgun blast.

  • SAVE Honoree: Officer John Calhoun of the Houston Police Department, Houston, Texas
    • SAVE # 1899

On August 13, 2014, Officer J.D. Calhoun of the Houston Police Department was dispatched to a call regarding a suspicious person with a weapon. Upon arrival, Officer Calhoun and his partner located the suspect who then fled on foot. As Officer Calhoun caught up and tackled the suspect, the suspect placed a .380 caliber weapon against his left side and shot him. Officer Calhoun’s ABA HP02 Level II armor stopped the round and he was able to stay in the fight, fatally wounding the assailant. After the incident, Officer Calhoun was treated and released from the hospital.

About The Safariland Group

The Safariland Group is a leading global provider of a diverse range of safety and survivability products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets. The Safariland Group offers a number of recognized brand names in these markets including Safariland, ABA, Second Chance, Bianchi, Break Free, Protech Tactical, Hatch, Monadnock, Identicator, NIK, Mustang Survival and Med-Eng. The Safariland Group’s mission, “Together, We Save Lives,” is inherent in the lifesaving and protective products it delivers. The Safariland Group is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.

For more information about The Safariland Group and these products, please visit www.safariland.com.

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We should invite the “hands up” crowd to the event so they can tell the officers how bad of a job they are doing. I’m sure they violated someone’s rights by being shot in the line of duty.


Feel good stories!

Thanks for your sacrifice.