Washington’s i594 Universal Background Check Law Has Become An Unenforceable Disaster

Bloomberg Universal Background Checks Hooray
So Far Washington’s i594 Universal Background Check Law Is An Unenforceable Disaster
Tri-City Herald
Tri-City Herald

Washington – -(Ammoland.com)- Initiative 594 has been in place since Dec. 4 2014, but those who have to deal with the law requiring background checks for all firearm sales and transfers still aren’t sure what to do.

No one is even certain who is enforcing the implementation of I-594, said TRAC General Manager Troy Woody, whose Pasco venue plays host to gun shows.

“From what I read, there’s more confusion than answers,” he said.

I-594, which passed statewide with 59 percent of the vote despite failing in Benton and Franklin counties, requires universal background checks, including on gun sales made online and at gun shows. It also requires checks on transfers, including many loans and gifts, with some exceptions.

Brian Kjensmo, whose Montana company puts on gun shows in the Tri-Cities, Walla Walla and Yakima, has gone to numerous state agencies to try to find answers, he said. He finally determined it will be up to the state Legislature to pass laws providing guidance and funding for enforcement.

The state patrol cannot afford to enforce the law with its current funding, the state Department of Licensing lacks the manpower to enforce it, and the Attorney General’s Office cannot enforce the law without another law from the Legislature, he said.

“Nobody at the state level really has any clue as to who is going to be ultimately responsible,” Kjensmo said.

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Typical liberal crap ,thousands of pages of B.S. that lawyers can’t even understand …. Three of the biggest liberal counties pushed this crap through…. The rest of the state didn’t want it … Here in Wash.,,,,, SEATTLE dictates what the rest of us have to live with …. Looks like it’s time to move ………..

Thomas Jefferson The 2ND

I don’t live there, I live in Maine however I figured that’s how it worked there. Whatever Seattle wants is what the rest of you have to deal with. It’s a bunch of crap that bill isn’t even enforceable. Bloomberg knew exactly where to start though. He had his cronies do his homework. IT makes me sick that in America you can just buy a bill like that. Something that’s going to effect thousands. Thank Gawd this one won’t do much of anything!




When will I594 go to court?


Wow…who didn’t see this coming – other than the libs that ramrodded it through?!