Hi-Point Carbine .380 ACP

A Fun NEW .380 Carbine.

Hi Point Carbine .380 ACP
.380 ACP Hi-Point Carbine
MKS Supply
MKS Supply

Dayton, OH –-(Ammoland.com)- MKS Supply, LLC announces the NEW .380 ACP caliber Hi-Point carbine. www.mkssupply.com

Finally, a fun, tough .380 carbine that almost anyone can afford! The Hi-Point Carbine is the same size as its larger-bore brothers in 9mm, .40S&W, and .45 ACP and it's hard shooting, accurate and almost recoil-free.

Its 16.5-inch barrel will launch .380 bullets as hard and fast as a full-power 9mm handgun, maybe even harder (when you add several inches of barrel over that of a handgun, you gain 100-150 feet per second higher velocity and possibly more with hot or +P loads). With the added velocity performance the .380's effective range (the distance a shooter can expect to get reliable on-target hits) is extended to a couple hundred yards.

For owners of Hi-Point .380 caliber pistols, this is a true made-in-heaven deal; both guns use the same ten-round magazines! Don't have a Hi-Point .380? Buy both the carbine and the pistol for less than half the price of one too-pretty-to-use semi-auto pistol.

The Hi-Point .380 Carbine is not a fancy $1,200+ foreign carbine, but it is more robust than those pretty guns and will launch equivalent-power bullets at the same velocity — (gosh all gee willikers “amazing!”).

The Hi-Point .380 Carbine is a tough gun so owners don't have to protect it to keep it beautiful because beautiful it ain't, but reliable, tough and useable anywhere, it is.

The Hi Point carbine low suggested retail price of $297.00

Hi-Point offers several low-cost options for the .380 Carbine, including a vertical folding hand grip, optical sight, laser sight, and red-dot sight.


  • · Weight: 7 pounds
  • · Overall length: 31.5 inches
  • · Barrel length: 16.5 inches
  • · Magazine capacity: 10 rounds
  • · MSRP: $297.00

MKS Supply, LLC
8611-A North Dixie Drive
Dayton, OH, 45414

Hi Point 380 ACP Pistol
For owners of Hi-Point .380 caliber pistols, this is a true made-in-heaven deal; both guns use the same ten-round magazines! Don't have a Hi-Point .380? Buy both the carbine and the pistol for less than half the price of one too-pretty-to-use semi-auto pistol.

Considering buying the .380 Carbine? Read Mike Searson's Hi Point Carbine Review.

  • 35 thoughts on “Hi-Point Carbine .380 ACP

    1. I have both the 995TS and the 3895TS. The missus fires the 380 and also has a S&W M&P 2.0 380 EZ. I had a C9 and sold it to a buddy when I got a Taurus G2C.
      Concept for me is to be able to load whatever is in my ammo box (same rounds) for handgun or carbine.
      Gunbroker.com was where I got the S&W at $299 (about $100 off)…
      Carbines were both $210 at Gunbroker.com
      Taurus was on sale for $199 at Academy Sports
      Research, keep looking, and buy when you find the right price. NOTE: Shipping and FFL fees were $50/gun.
      You can also buy 500 rounds 9mm on line for $87

    2. I have a .380 ACP Hi-Point Carbine rifle. I have read that 9mm hi-point will also fit, is this true? Looking for larger magazines. Can anyone help to locate 16 to drum magazines?? Please let me know thanks

    3. Picked mine up yesterday from the 707 gunshop in Murrells Inlet then put 50 rounds through it. Not one jam, very accurate and fun to shoot. Mine cost the standard $299.00, list price.

    4. I just got a Hi Point carbine Mod 380TS in .380 ACP from Sportsmans Guide for $246.99. When I checked back on the web site they were sold out but I would bet that, as popular as this gun appears to be, they will resupply quickly.

    5. I have been looking for a 380 long gun for a while now. Since most my carry guns are 380 and I have plenty of ammo. I would like a long fun chambered in 380 for a just in case I only have that ammo end of world bs stuff!!!

    6. I think this is a big Hoax, Even on the hi-point.com site, Carbines are 9mm & up.
      Cant find any sales on any search engines. Nothing in a .380 rifle for sale on any gun sale site.
      I would be cautious of anyone saying they will ffl you one.

      1. I got one through Sportsman Guide for $237.00 on sale. I love mine it’s pinpoint accurate, rugged and never jams. You literally can’t miss with this gun. Its My favorite weapon now its light, easy to carry and shoot. Lack of recoil keeps you dead on target when rapid firing and the punch this bullet carries when it hits will surprise you. For close quarters to midrange or even longer I prefer this gun to my comparably unwieldy AK-47…

      2. I bought the .380 last year 2016 in July from http://www.galleryofguns.com/default.aspx and had them ship it to Range USA because they didn’t gouge me on the processing fee, gave me a coupon for a free class of my choice ( ccw, Hunter safety, etc. ) and a few hours free range time. You can have it shipped to pretty much any FFL dealer you choose to pick it up. I have been extremely pleased with this rifle the only issue I have had was after buying a box of cheap reloads at the range they wouldn’t load properly or when they did load about 25% didn’t fire. Aside from that one time I have not had any problems. It’s a good rifle that in my opinion is a great fit for someone who like me is in a wheelchair. I would like to hear from people who have the .45 caliber carbine. If they have experienced any problems with it. My wife got me a Ruger SR45 for Birthday and I am thinking about getting the Hi-Point .45 carbine

    7. still waiting for a .22 magnum version. That I would buy at least 3-4 of them. Going to get a 9mm carbine and would love to see some .22 magnums in both pistol and carbine

      1. Sal,
        Just saw your post. I know it’s a year later, but if you haven’t found out yet, it’s legal in California if it has the “bullet button” modification. And, ignore what desert said. I realize you have to live where home is, even if you don’t like what Sacramento is spewing out.

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