Day 6 Outdoors Introduces New PlotWatcher Plot-Cams

Pattern Turkeys In a Big Way

PlotWatcher "Plot-Cams"
PlotWatcher “Plot-Cams”
Day 6 Outdoors
Day 6 Outdoors

Columbus, GA -( Unlike standard trail cams, the PlotWatcher and PlotWatcher Pro help hunters monitor entire food plots and big fields with constant, every-10-second pictures that are easy to review.

By monitoring these daily movements, hunters can confidently choose the best place to set up and hunt trophy toms on their property. Every turkey hunter who spends enough time in the woods has slipped up on a field during the mid morning or in the afternoon only to find a flock already there.

Typically, the strutting gobbler in the middle of the field is uncallable with hens all around him. Wouldn’t it be nice to pattern those turkeys to find out when they’re arriving at a field or food plot each day? More than likely they’re entering the field at the same spot, too.

Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro Hd Game Cameras ( ) have varied uses that are fantastic tools for hunters, and PlotWatchers really shine when used by savvy turkey hunters in the spring.The original PlotWatcher revolutionized scouting camera technology and functionality, and the PlotWatcher Pro takes the revolution to the next level.

While the PlotWatcher can take an impressive 35,000 frames, the PlotWatcher Pro can record up to a million. The PlotWatcher Pro also has the best battery life of time-lapse cameras, lasting up to 4 months on a set of eight, AA batteries. Images are saved direct to video format with Tru-Video.Using the included GameFinder software with MotionSearch, the hunter can review hours of video quickly and easily find frames in which movement is detected.

Other “time-lapse” video cameras save individual image files requiring additional time and processing to get to video format. With the PlotWatcher Pro, hunters can review their scouting videos immediately without waiting on images to load into their computers, which means they have more time for hunting.


Unlike trail cameras that trigger on short-range motion, the PlotWatcher captures images of an area regardless of how far the subject is from the camera. Whether the animal is 30 or 330 feet away, it will show up on the video. The newest firmware update for the PlotWatcher Pro improves picture quality in low-light conditions, and it also prevents the camera from creating multiple files for a single day. The update is available for free at the website.

Seeing where turkeys enter and leave a field can help hunters set up in an ideal spot to call that big tom within range. The PlotWatcher, PlotWatcher Pro and GameFinder software make that task easier to accomplish than ever.

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About Day 6 Outdoors

At Day 6 Outdoors, we are committed to developing innovative products to help make every minute of time you spend in the woods enjoyable and productive. We will continue to raise the bar with innovative products, like the PlotWatcher and PlotWatcher Pro game surveillance systems.

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Richard chimney

Stop lying.This cam is 6 years old.i would love a new one plsssss.