Lynch Confirmed As Obama’s New AG, Senate Leadership Stabs Gun Owners in the Back

McConnell and Lynch
McConnell and Lynch

“Eric Holder began disregarding the Constitution and laws after he was confirmed as Attorney General. Ms. Lynch has [already] told the Senate that’s what she’s going to do.” — Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), speaking in opposition to Lynch’s nomination on the Senate floor, April 23, 2015

Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-( Contact Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to express your deep displeasure with his role in pushing the confirmation of anti-gun Loretta Lynch.

McConnell’s contact form.

Mitch McConnell leads the betrayal, joins with Harry Reid to support Lynch
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his leadership team put a big, fat knife in the back of gun owners in connection with the confirmation of anti-gun Attorney General

Loretta Lynch Today.

Close to 50 senators had announced their intention to vote against Lynch’s nomination, and pro-gun senators were filibustering Lynch.

Not only that, GOA was prepared to work with Senators to invoke a parliamentary maneuver which would have killed Lynch’s nomination, because in the weeks leading up to the vote today, she didn’t have the 60 votes necessary to shut off a filibuster under Rule XXII of the Senate rules.

In fact, 43 Senators ultimately voted against Lynch, which would have been enough votes to continue a filibuster and keep her from being confirmed. But more on that below.

McConnell Shuts Down The Pro-Gun Filibuster Of Lynch

Given the votes that were there against Lynch, McConnell hatched a plan to ensure she would be confirmed with no difficulty.

First, McConnell brought up her nomination — even though he, alone, could have stopped Lynch’s confirmation by refusing to move to proceed to her. Then, McConnell filed what’s known as a “cloture petition” to shut down the pro-gun filibuster. Finally, the effects of leadership strong-arming were evidenced by the fact that several Republicans flipped their votes (a.k.a., lied) and voted to shut down the pro-gun filibuster — in a move called “cloture.”

Many of the fifteen senators on this Liars’ List had openly committed to gun owners that they would oppose Lynch. And they did oppose her on the 56-43 final passage vote — when their votes didn’t matter.

But, on the vote where we could have won with only 41 votes, many on this Liars’ List flipped their votes and voted for Lynch.

Consider, there were 43 Senators who voted against Lynch on the final nomination vote. If they had ALSO VOTED against Lynch on the “cloture” vote — where only 41 opposition votes were needed — the Lynch nomination would have easily failed.
Texas Senator Ted Cruz excoriated the Senate Republican leadership on the floor today for the way they rammed this nomination through:

The Republican majority, if it so chose, could defeat this nomination, but the Republican majority has chosen to go forward and allow Loretta Lynch to be confirmed. I would note there are more than a few voters back home that are asking what exactly is the difference between a Democratic and Republican majority when the exact same individual gets confirmed as Attorney General, promising the exact same lawlessness, what’s the difference?

Loretta Lynch’s Anti-Gun Record

Sadly, the Senate has put its stamp of approval on a person who is expected to try to implement the semi-auto ban, which she supports, by executive fiat.

Apparently, it’s okay with McConnell and a majority of Senators that Lynch stated, under oath, that she has no problem implementing Obama’s unlawful, politically motivated amnesty orders — even though a federal court has found them unconstitutional.

And Lynch went on to feign ignorance on universal background checks and Operation Choke Point’s anti-gun ramifications — even though she was under oath.

Of course, Obama apologists rant about how “qualified” Lynch supposedly is. But think about it: What if she had refused to enforce the 1964 Civil Rights Act? Would Obama have simply chalked that up to a “difference on policy”?
Why, then, should an anti-gun advocate who spits on the Constitution’s Second Amendment be treated as somehow acceptable?

It is almost impossible to think of anything which would be different if Democrats were still in control of the Senate. So now it’s time to hold your Senators accountable:

In both cases, a “NO” vote is the pro-gun vote.

One Silver Lining

If there is one Silver Lining in what happened today, consider this: In 2009, there were only 21 Senators who voted against Eric Holder to be Attorney General. There were few Senators who were willing to stand against the Obama agenda.

But fast-forward to today — after several elections have intervened to put Harry Reid in the minority — there were 43 Senators who voted against Loretta Lynch.
The bad news is that we are still at less than a majority. The good news is that we are getting close.

ACTION: If either of your Senators voted wrong on cloture (or on the final confirmation vote), contact them and tell them of your displeasure. If they voted right on both votes, thank them as well.

But most importantly, make sure you contact Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to express your deep displeasure. You can use the fax number below or click here to send McConnell the pre-written letter.(Just cut-and-paste the pre-written letter below.)
FAX for Mitch McConnell: (202) 224-2499

—– Pre-written letter —–

Dear Senator McConnell:

I am thoroughly disgusted with your role in pushing through the nomination of Loretta Lynch.

Lynch supports a renewal of the semi-auto ban, which is why Gun Owners of America opposed her nomination. So a vote for Lynch was a vote to ban semi-autos.

Plus, she supports the President’s amnesty plan that will eventually result in millions of additional anti-gun voters. In my opinion, no Senator who claims to be pro-gun could possibly vote in favor of her.

Given all of this, why would you bring up her nomination at all, since you, alone, could have stopped Lynch’s confirmation by refusing to move to proceed to her?

Why would you file the cloture petition to end the filibuster, rather than letting Harry Reid do that? Why not force Reid to get Loretta Lynch confirmed over your opposition?

And why in heaven’s name would you ever vote for her?

Americans worked hard to put Harry Reid in the minority. But it looks like the more things “change,” the more they stay the same.

I am disgusted with your “leadership,” and I will be sure to tell others how you have betrayed the country as well.


About:Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. `The only no comprise gun lobby in Washington’ – Ron Paul Visit: to Join.

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When it comes to the Democraps & Republicraps (Hard to tell if there’s a difference), this kinda makes this American wonder Who will be the happiest, and Who will have the “Hardest Knee Callouses”—McConnell getting his limp tubes Cleaned, while Lynch is attempting to get her tonsils swabbed, at the same time as the W/H thief-in-chief reams and cleans his chocolate bar mold !


I hope people wake up now and see theres no difference between the two major party’s, I’ve warned about phoney repubs,


This is absolutely unacceptable! It’s as if the Obama Admin called McConnell during the filibuster and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse to shut it down.


You think these RHINO libturds really give a f**k. Free health care for life for self and family. Plus the pensions. I agree with comments above. Screw the hiarchy of the Republican party. Bunch of spineless jellyfish.

Ranger John

Begging a Republican for help is like asking a cop to protect your family. Not their job. Maybe now you’ll vote for a Libertarian. duh.


So is she going to arrest the tax scofflaw that owes 2 million in taxes? His name is Al Sharpton , He is a deadbeat racist that extorts money from companies by saying the company is racist if they don’t contribute money to his charities that owe more than 2 million in taxes. If it was you or me we would be in jail . Do your job Lynch , arrest your friend Al.


Did anyone really expect anything different than said outcome ?

Leo Smith

The GOP is Dead to me now.


Do you know the difference between the anti Americans crooks McConnell and Reid? One is from Nevada and the other from Kentucky.

Bob Shell

This is a perfect example as to why we need term limits. Politicians like McConnell need to be voted out. They have been around too long & there is nothing to distinguish them from Democrats. Flake has to go also. Any Republican who voted for Lynch just voted to have more law breaking by the Obama administration just Holder with another name. The Republicans don’t understand why they can’t keep power. Here is a perfect example. Caving in.

Len Blevins

Liars every one. How about a Washington D.C. tea party. Throw them all over board and start over.


I’m furious with McConnel and the rest of the Republican Party minus two or three of them!! McConnel knew Lynch was going after our firearms just as soon as she got into office just as much as I did!! I’m so angered I can’t even come up with the words to express. How much money did Reid pay McConnel to throw us Americans under the bus? Lynch knew what she was going to do when in office as it was lined out by Obama and McConnel knew as well !! His vote also makes him a liar with no self… Read more »


Well, patriots, it’s your govt in action here. When will you stop supporting it? When will you figure out that we have to stop paying taxes to our oppressors?


Arizona’s Jeff Flake will NOT win his reelection!!! Nothing but a traitor…out the door Jeff Flake don’t let the door hit you were the good lord split you!


Check the actual vote. Cruz didn’t vote on this.


McConnell is nothing but a traitor ! Total scum !


Mcconnel is one of the biggest prostitute’s there are in the sinate, he does everything he is told to do by bamba boy, as far as I am concerned EVERYONE in the sinate are all prostitutes of some sort or the other.


Yes but, the NRA backed McConnell in his primary against Matt Bevin who was also a firearms rights supporter. When I wrote them to express my dismay over their decision to take sides in a primary where both supposedly supported our individual rights, they didn’t even have the decency to write back and tell me to jump off a cliff. Now, McConnell has once again sold conservatives out. This mutt is what we got from the NRA, the self proclaimed champions of our 2A rights. I am done with them pending some serious leadership changes.


What the hell is the point of voting for Republicans anymore ? They (some,not all) are as useless as tits on a boar hog. The Rhino traitors that voted to confirm Lynch,and MCConnell, seem to have joined forces with Reid to continue the destruction of our country ! McConnell seems perfectly content will Reids implemented ‘nuclear option’ too ! To hell with the son of a bitch !


It might be that the biggest whores in this sellout are not the 10 GOP senators who voted to confirm Lynch, but rather the 9 Republicans who voted to end cloture so that there could be a confirmation vote, then voted no like they were really opposed to her. They’re the real carpetbaggers. We knew from the Senate Judiciary Committee vote that Jeff Flake (AZ) Orrin Hatch (UT) and Lindsey Graham (SC) were going to prostitute themselves, especially Graham with so many blacks in his state right across the border from Lynch’s. There are some “Republicans” who can lie with… Read more »


One of the biggest shores in the senate at this time is the retarded MCconnel himself he claims to be one thing and proves himself to be just the opposite, there is a good possibility that under these two we just may wind up loosing our second rights, Mcconnel has proven that he could care less about the people that he is supposed to be serving people that put him in office, but no he just threw a whole truck load of monkey crap in the faces of every gun owner in the country. Once again we the people have… Read more »


And yet Republicans wonder why the Republican Party can’t win at the national level?