FlareAlert Introduces the All New Emergency LED Beacon and Beacon Pro

FlareAlert Emergency LED Beacon and Beacon Pro
Introducing FlareAlert’s Battery Powered Emergency LED Beacons – Safe Crucial Visibility for Professional Use by Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Military as well as for Outdoor Emergency Use.

Erie, CO -(Ammoland.com)- FlareAlert introduces the Emergency LED Beacon and Beacon Pro in the FlareAlert product set.

Unlike incendiary/strike flares, FlareAlert LED Beacons are personally and environmentally safe to use. No more risk of inhaling toxic fumes, starting brush fires, igniting spilled fuel/oil, damaging the environment, or burning equipment or yourself.

The EPA considers used flares a “hazardous waste” and must be disposed of according to EPA guidelines. They contain chemicals that are toxic when inhaled and pollute local groundwater. Standard strike flares burn at 5000 degrees Fahrenheit and can easily ignite flammable liquids or nearby grasses/trees starting forest and brush fires.

Other passive warning devices such as reflective triangles and cones, although safe, provide only a passive approach to warning motorists, relying on vehicles’ headlights to illuminate the device. The FlareAlert Beacon generates its own light…it can be seen regardless of whether or not the vehicles’ headlights are directed at it. The FlareAlert is a proactive method of warning motorists.

Strike flares can cost up to $1.00 per 15-minute flare…that’s $4.00 per hour. The FlareAlert costs pennies per hour to operate. If your department still uses strike flares, consider this interesting fact. You will save $1.49 for every strike flare you currently use by switching to the FlareAlert Beacon (after the initial break even period of 4.5 hours).

The FlareAlert works in all weather conditions and it never expires. Keeping a case of FlareAlert Beacons in your public safety vehicle trunk with spare batteries guarantees you hours of light. The FlareAlert is lightweight and compact…leaving your trunk more space for additional important equipment.

FlareAlert’s Beacon and Beacon Pro contain two (2) modes: flash and steady. These modes can be controlled by a small power button located on top of the light. These LED road flares are very tough and durable. They can withstand the weight of a 20,000 lbs. vehicle! With the Beacon and Beacon Pro’s rounded edges and low profile, a vehicle running over the light will not be a problem.

Each Beacon and Beacon Pro is equipped with a built-in magnetic base, making it easy to safely, and securely mount the LED road flare to your vehicle or metal object. Having the ability to mount your Beacon/Beacon Pro to any metal surface will allow for increased visibility, no matter what the situation is. There are four (4) rubber feet that can be found on the bottom of the LED flare. These rubber feet prevent any scratching from occurr ing on the surface of vehicles.

FlareAlert’s LED road flares have a few lens color options. The standard Beacon has two (2) color options: Red (Red Beacon-RB.2) and Yellow (Yellow Beacon-YB.2). The brighter version, or the Beacon Pro, has 5 color options available: Red (Red Beacon Pro-RBP.2), Yellow (Yellow Beacon Pro-YBP.2), Blue (Blue Beacon Pro-BBP.2), Green (Green Beacon Pro-GBP.2), and White (White Beacon Pro-WBP.2). FlareAlert’s various lens options allow the user to have the appropriate colored flare depending on the situation at hand. Mix and match your Beacon or Beacon Pros as you wish, FlareAlert has any color you need for any situation you may face.

Simply twist open to install/change batteries and twist to close. Just put it down and turn it on. No tools necessary.

About FlareAlert

We are a family-owned and operated business located in Erie, Colorado. Since the inception of our company in 1995, we have always focused on offering the best quality products at competitive prices. When price and quality products are coupled with customer-focused service, success is inevitable. We take great pride in all of our offerings and are tirelessly searching for innovative ways to improve on on what our customers need. Another large focus for us in the way we do business and the products we offer is to take necessary steps to be environmentally friendly. We strive to create environmentally friendly products and packaging.

Information about FlareAlert’s entire line of LED Lighting products is available at www.flarealert.com.

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It maybe just me, but any time a company doesn’t put a PRICE in their ad I trust them as much as I do all politicians. These people will Never see any of my money