Realtree Outdoor Energy Introduces Innovative New Drink Flavors for Growing Fan Base

Realtree Outdoor Energy - Emerald Ice & Bush Master
Realtree Outdoor Energy – Emerald Ice & Bush Master

Columbus, OH -( Today, Realtree Outdoor Energy, the #1 energy drink brand for living life outdoors, introduced two new innovative flavors to its consumers – Emerald Ice and Bush Master.

Each flavor is bold and exciting and provides the refreshing taste and boost of energy that people have come to expect from Realtree Outdoor Energy drinks.

“One of the things that continues to drive this brand is that we’re always looking at ways to enhance our consumers’ experience,” said Peter Gyimesi, Chief Marketing Officer, J&M Concepts LLC. “As our loyal fan base continues to grow, the diversity of their taste buds grows with it. These new flavors were born out of the feedback we’ve received from consumers, and we think they complement our existing flavors extremely well.”

  • Emerald Ice is a crisp, energy-packed beverage with a lime-lemon taste that offers a delicious and refreshing alternative to the sugary limeades currently on the market.
  • Bush Master is a cool drink with a dry finish that tastes like a cola with a splash of cherry and grape, making it the perfect energy boost and flavor profile for the avid outdoorsman.

Realtree Outdoor Energy drinks are formulated to complement the outdoor lifestyle by providing a boost of energy for all outdoor activities, while still tasting great. The drinks come in 16 oz. cans with different camouflage patterns for each flavor variation, and include the distinctive Realtree logo.

  • Additional flavors include: Xtra Citrus, Arctic Storm, Blaze Orange, Country Punch, and Pink Lemonade.

Realtree Outdoor Energy is currently available in 35 states across the U.S. at local convenience and retail stores, with new locations and markets being added regularly. The new Emerald Ice and Bush Master flavors will begin to be available this week and will retail from $1.99 to $2.49.

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About Realtree Outdoor Energy

Realtree Outdoor Energy is a line of non-alcoholic energy drinks designed for outdoor enthusiasts and marketed by J&M Concepts LLC.

About J&M Concepts, LLC

Founded in 2009, J&M Concepts LLC specializes in the marketing, sales and manufacturing of a number of brands targeting the everyday man and woman, including Popcorn Sutton, Mrs. Sutton’s Moonshine Likkers and Realtree Outdoor Energy. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the company employs more than 40 people and also operates a new 50,000 square foot distillery in Newport, Tenn.

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Need more arctic storm want to buy cases


I just want to know what stores in fl I can get arctic storm in


I’ve tried a few ‘energy drinks”, but never from ‘Realtree’. The “Bush Master” flavor, though…kind of sounds like it might have been made with lesbians in mind…;-o