Ted Turner Expeditions Appoints Weill for Public Relations

Newly formed collection of offerings to create unparalleled hospitality, nature and wildlife experiences in New Mexico

Ted Turner
Ted Turner

New York, NY -(Ammoland.com)- WEILL has been appointed public relations counsel to the newly created Ted Turner Expeditions, it was announced today by company president, Geoffrey Weill.

Covering more than 1.1 million acres of wild, private North American landscape, Ted Turner Expeditions will not only provide guests with individually crafted nature and wildlife experiences but also with memorable stays in various Ted Turner-owned hotels, wilderness lodges and homes including Vermejo Park Ranch and Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa – with excursions at Armendaris Ranch, and Ladder Ranch. In the summer of 2015, Ted Turner’s private home at Ladder Ranch; to which only friends and family have previously been invited, will be added to the inventory of guest experiences.

Created by Ted Turner as a pioneering investment in balancing conservation and economic sustainability, Ted Turner Expeditions will highlight extraordinary service and unrivaled amenities while showcasing Ted Turner’s ground-breaking conservation practices designed to restore habitats, conserve threatened and imperiled species, and increase biodiversity.

“We are honored to have been given this assignment,” says Geoffrey Weill, “for it is truly gratifying to have been asked to share in the vision of one of America’s most legendary entrepreneurs, a man who not only changed the face of world communications but who is passionately committed to taking extraordinary steps to preserve America’s natural flora, fauna, landscapes and resources.”

For more information visit www.tedturnerexpeditions.com.

About Weill

Known simply as Weill, we’re a full-service public relations, marketing and communications agency specializing in the fields of tourism, hospitality and travel. Our clients are government tourist boards, hotels, airlines, tour sponsors and tour operators.

For more information, visit www.GeoffreyWeill.com.

Ted Turner Expeditions Logo
Ted Turner Expeditions

About Ted Turner Expeditions

Ted Turner Expeditions is rooted in two million acres of wild, private North American landscape acquired by Ted Turner as a pioneering investment in balancing conservation and economic sustainability. The restoration of habitats, conservation of threatened and imperiled species, and increase of biodiversity are the cornerstones of Ted’s vision. His vast, pristine, working landscapes and their ground-breaking conservation practices give voice to the visionary in all of us. Ted Turner Expeditions’ eco-conscious journeys are individually crafted and tailored to their specific locales; these unique adventures are intended to deliver an insightful and restorative experience, while also providing extraordinary guest service. Each well-appointed property reflects its surrounding geography and its area’s rich history. Ted Turner Expeditions is committed to making a difference by inspiring individual action to preserve the wonder of nature.

For more information, visit www.TedTurnerExpeditions.com.

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Ted Turner is a Elitist land grabber – He is part of the Wild Lands Project an fully supports UN Agenda 21. He and his Ilk should not be considered a Friend of Hunters, Sportsman or Americans.

Obviously this Weill, who wrote this promotion will take currency from anyone.