Ben Carson a Disappointment on the Second Amendment

By John Farnam

Ben Carson with Glenn Beck on “semi-automatic” weapons.
Ben Carson with Glenn Beck on “semi-automatic” weapons.
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Presidential Politics:

In a recent interview with Glen Beck, declared presidential candidate, Ben Carson, said when he was asked if people should be allowed to own “semi-automatic weapons:”

“It depends on where you live. I think if you live in the midst of a lot of people, and I'm afraid that semi-automatic weapon is going to fall into the hands of a crazy person, I would rather you not have it. However, when you live ‘out in the country somewhere by yourself,’ and want to own a semi-automatic weapon, I've no problem with that.”

I would have expected a neurosurgeon, and declared presidential candidate, to be better prepared for such a question, and not suggest that an American Citizen’s ability to exercise his Constitutional rights ought to vary with his street address!

I’m not even sure Carson knows what a “semi-automatic” weapon is!

In any event, his remarks were ill-advised, and really stupid!


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  • 19 thoughts on “Ben Carson a Disappointment on the Second Amendment

    1. I have been waiting for months to finally read about somebody else finding this out.I questioned these people and Carsons reasoning was out there. AK’s over here are alright but not over there. What a mental gap.

    2. The Dr. is not a politician, he is just speaking his mind.

      He is a good guy but not presidential.

    3. The “recent” interview is over two years old, taken out of its larger context from a March 1, 2013 appearance on the Glenn Beck program. Carson was not speaking as a presidential candidate – he wasn’t even thinking about running for any office at that time. He was speaking from the perspective of someone who had grown up in a neighborhood where innocent bystanders were often hit by stray bullets. He was speaking from the perspective of a surgeon who had treated many for traumatic gunshot wounds to the brain.

      Since that interview, Dr. Carson has learned how easily his words and their intended meaning can be twisted and misconstrued. Dr. Carson has spoken with thousands of Americans about gun rights while crisscrossing America over the last two years. He understands that law-abiding citizens need guns for self-defense. He knows that our Founding Fathers intended the Second Amendment to secure Americans’ ability to defend themselves.

      For an accurate and complete perspective on the 2nd Amendment, see his speech at the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association this past April. Video here:

    4. If he isn’t 100% for us then he is off the desirable list. My thought is he isn’t very well informed on the 2’nd so that is a major problem as we need a stand up guy not a wishy washy person on this issue. It is too important. When more people realize that without the 2’nd none of the others will last very long.

    5. His good heart not withstanding, Mr. Carson has been a disappointment on several occasions. Too bad! I had hoped for more but the good doctor probably should stay out of politics. It is a rather shallow well from which we seek refreshment.

    6. Ben Carson’s comment is apparently an appeal to the inner-city African-American vote. They vote for the Black guy irrespective of his party affiliation.

      1. Now THAT was racist and inaccurate. My husband is black and we have many black friends who did not vote for Obama.

      YOU all are basing your BS on a REMAK A COMMENt……. NOT a STANCE….. NOT HIS POLICY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Sorry, but I disagree with you. So many time candidates Dems and Republicans have flip flopped on issues and I’m sick of it. Carson was being honest during that interview and due to public backlash he changed his stance. I think he would make an excellence president, but after what he said about gun control he lost my support.

      2. I’m sorry to say that your spelling, grammar, sentence structure and your over use of all Caps shows your intelligence and/or education to be very poor.

    8. He can still learn from you even at the age of 120. That’s why you should consider what he says about gathering himself with the right people and being able to brainstorm with them to take the right decisions for the country.

      1. Interesting if after taking advice someone changes their mind from 2 years ago they re considered a flim flam or flip flop. Does anyone expect ANY POTUS candidate to know everything to every question about every single topic tossed at them?
        Come on this guy has made it clear that he wants to pack himself with the best team of advisers and use them to finalize the decisions about how best to run the country. I just don’ get it why changes his mind make him a bad POTUS? Or for that matter a bad anything. We are voting on who can RUN the country not what they make as comments. As long as he defends the 2nd AM in its entirety he doesn’t even have to believe in it or for that matter own a gun. The questions we need to ask and be assured of are not how he “feels” about an issue it is what will do about an issue when the issue comes up. We expect a leader to lead based on OUR positions NOT his. I could care less how he feels about an issue as long as he does what he says he will do and that is in agreement with what I want. We will give him the budget to hire advisors then we expect him to use them to support OUR direction
        He says he will support and as long as he does he is a great option for POTUS. What is wrong is when they do in fact say one thing and then when it is time to sign on the line they refuse.
        BHO told us up front he was going to destroy healthcare and remove all the troops from the middle east and close down Gitmo at any length and take guns away from as many as he could. Why then when he did it are we so upset. He did EXATLY what he said he would do. Only problem was idiots voted for him and either didn’t care about his destruction or agreed with it happening. The rest of the thinking people simply did bother to vote. LESS then 45% of the eligible population actually voted in the last TWO presidential elections so that means more bitch ten voted.

        Next time listen to the WHOLE package of what they will DO not just the parts you want to hear (and don’t) and maybe we can get a REAL POTUS

        Of course it helps if more GOPs actually vote then talked about voting.

    9. Ben Carson has made it clear he supports the 2nd Amendment and is against all federal gun control.

      1. The problem is he DID make the statement and has never been questioned regarding his “evolution” to now fully supporting. That’s a real problem or at least it should be.

        1. Exactly! The problem (one of them) is that Carson DID say those things. He DID feel that way. Now of course he may have flip-flopped on it…..or he just may be saying what he needs to say. Either way, he’s a complete newbie, a political neophyte, and I don’t think our country needs another “experiment” to try out some guy who’s never governed, never led, never fought in the Armed Forces….. No way for me.

    10. AmmoLand you should be ashamed of yourselves. This “recent” comment was over two years ago. And he has since “clarified” (or flip flopped) to a more gun friendly stance. This kind of deceptive reporting is pathetic, and you really should be ashamed. The truth is bad enough, no need to try to deceive.

      For the record, I don’t really care for Ben, partly because of this “recent” 2+ year old comment.

      +1 for Cruz !!!!

    11. Carson don’t stand a chance in hell of becoming president,period ! Cruz is our best shot for 2A freedoms,securing borders,deporting wetbacks in this country illegally,fiscal responsibility,repeal Obama care, un-doing 8 years of Obama tyranny. Cruz/Paul would work for me and the country.

    12. I think Cruz is the only one that has a clue about guns. This guy is a non-starter if you ask me.

      1. Totally agree!
        And by the way, let’s have another black president so that we can be called racists anytime that we disagree with his policies.
        Funny that, if a black disagrees with a white president’s policies that it’s not racist.
        Blacks have abused the term racist to the point that it has no meaning to me.
        And if “Black Lives Matter”, does that that mean only black lives matter?
        And if black lives matter so much! Maybe the black community should focus on the black on black crimes rates, which are far higher than black on white or white on black crime!

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