Bob Owens, Zeke Stout, Freddie Blish & More – Next Week on Lock-N-Load w/ Bill Frady

Bill Frady
Bill Frady
Genesis Communications Network, Inc.
Genesis Communications Network, Inc.

Burnsville, MN -( Genesis Communications Network is excited to announce its Monday morning lineup with Bill Frady on Lock-N-Load starting June 29th, 2015.

  • Monday, 10 am EST: From Bearing Arms, I am joined once again by Bob Owens.
  • Tuesday, 10 am EST: Zeke Stout from SDI comes in to discuss the newest gunsmithing educational news and just to panel.
  • Wednesday, 10 am EST: At Robar Guns, I have 3 weapons being ReImagined. Freddie Blish comes in to describe to me what is soon coming.
  • Thursday, 10 am EST: Newest of the NRA Women and bursting all over the gun world, Tatiana Whitlock.
  • Friday, 10 am EST: Mike Parks and Randy Niswander from a very new and exciting gun company called Agency Arms.

Listeners and affiliates can listen to Lock-N-Load with Bill Frady; live on Genesis Communications Network, Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 10:00am (CST). Visit for more information or to live stream Lock-N-Load or any of GCN’s other programs.

Contact GCN Affiliate Relations at (877)996-4327 ext. 241, 148 or 123 for more information regarding Lock-N-Load with host Bill Frady.

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