Ground-breaking Free Smartphone App Gives Gun Buyers Latest Deals


Mandeville, LA -( Using the latest in geolocation technology, GunDealio, a new smartphone app from GUNTALK Media, alerts shoppers to hot deals when they step into a gun store.

The free app also has listings of the latest discounts, as well as news from manufacturers, podcasts, and videos.

“GunDealio not only lists the latest discounts and promotions,” said Ryan Gresham, V.P. of Sales and Marketing for GUNTALK Media, creators of national radio and television programs about firearms, “but shoppers get specific alerts for their areas, or even for a particular store. Shooters will save money with GunDealio.”

Available for both Android and iOS smartphones, GunDealio also has lists of local and national events, exclusive deals available only to those with the app, podcasts of “Tom Gresham’s GUNTALK,” a nationally-syndicated radio talk show, and hundreds of videos produced by GUNTALK Media.

“We actually started working on a way to reach gun enthusiasts while they are in a gun store more than three years ago,” said Gresham. “We wanted to create a way for gun consumers to get the most up-to-date and relevant information to help in their shopping experience. Now gun enthusiasts can search for the most recent deals on GunDealio, as well as receive notifications on current manufacturer deals when they enter a gun store — right on their phones!”

“We like to say that buyers can ‘Trigger The Deals’ with GunDealio.”

GunDealio is available at the App Store and Google Play, or through

About GUNTALK Media

GUNTALK Media is a multi-media company which produces “Tom Gresham’s GUNTALK,” a nationally-syndicated radio talk show carried on more than 200 stations; “GUNTALK” and “Guns & Gear” television series, which air on three networks; “First Person Defender,” a digital video series in its third year; and various firearms instructional DVDs.

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I’m not sure I need an app to tell me there are guns I want to buy in the gun store when I am already there.
But I may get it anyway just for grins. What I need is an app that says “PSSST! That same gun is $50 cheaper 10 miles down the road!” and “.22LR bricks in stock at [store] no limit!”