My Take on ‘Common Sense’ Laws – Make ‘Irresponsible Speech’ A Crime

By John Farnam

Common Sense in Our Grandfathers Time
Common Sense in Our Grandfathers Time
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( More “Common Sense?”

It is time to make “Irresponsible Speech” a crime!

In our time, laws and “rights” need updating, don’t you think? Our national Founders could have never envisioned an electronic age where lies and misinformation can be spread so freely, so rapidly.

What is the harm in requiring media people to submit their material to government censors for examination and approval before broadcast? Delays would not be more than a few minutes. Facts incorrectly reported, and other misinformation, will then be corrected before dissemination. Just imagine the problems that will solve, the human misery that will be thus alleviated!

After all, we don’t want the uneducated, the corrupt, nor the crude freely spreading their prevarication, do we?

These new restraints are only “common sense!”

And, it’s time we make “Toxic Association” a crime!

So many harmful conspiracies, so much violence, so much disorder and rioting, will be prevented when American citizens are required to get a “permit” before traveling, and when they finally give up this adolescent, ridiculous “expectation of privacy” when communicating, electronically or face-to-face.

After all, what are you trying to hide? Government has the right to know where you go, whom you’re associating with, communicating with, what you’re thinking, and what is being said, even in prayer. The government has the right to know who is talking with whom, and what about, without limitation. Doesn’t it?

Among other benefits, this will put the damper on cockeyed religions and other harmful groups and associations. They’ll just have to get licenses, and be “approved.” What’s the harm in that?

When strictly enforced, this new law will drive crime rates down to practically zero!

It’s just “common sense.” Isn’t it?

Finally, we’re going to need to build “internment camps” for “disloyal Americans,” even when the term,”disloyal,” is never precisely defined.

It’s all temporary, of course! It’s just a matter of a brief stay for “ re-education.” We all know it is going to be necessary for a few of the stiff-necked, who just can’t envision this wonderful new paradise we’re ushering in. They’ll “get it” after a while!

Again, it’s just “common sense”


God save us from “common sense!”

In this political season, listen carefully to what candidates are saying. Our Republic is in peril from aspiring crypto-dictators who can think only in terms of unlimited power for themselves and ever-diminishing rights for the rest of us, no matter how they try to cynically masquerade their true intentions!

“People who seemed cultured, restrained, law-abiding, and considerate of others have been converted into beasts, to the surprise of the civilized world, and, if the truth be known, to themselves…

It needs only one kind of circumstance to bring this deeply-rooted malady in human nature to the surface. That circumstance is the acquisition of power over others…

Nazi concentration camps were often administered by people who spent their spare time listening to classical music, or surrounding themselves with great works of art. But, any disappointment they may have felt in themselves seems to have been short-lived, as they took increasing delight in the infliction of pain and injury upon others.

When there are no restraints, human behavior invariably becomes evil and degraded…

Given power over their fellow men, most discover within themselves evil impulses, of which they had been previously unaware.” ~ Arthur Custance


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  • 8 thoughts on “My Take on ‘Common Sense’ Laws – Make ‘Irresponsible Speech’ A Crime

    1. If Scalia can write how government employees need to respect the Constitution and laws and be fair and impartial, he cites the death penalty , but not 2nd Amendment .Why is this not applied to 2nd Amendment cases , especially NY NJ CT CA MA Judges, Many of these Judges need to step the hell down. The 2nd Amendment was made to protect ones self , not to be removed for public safety. Judges are failing their own oath of office and need to go.

    2. Mr. Farnam, I advise extreme caution in publishing opinion pieces of this type; their effect may not be what you had in mind.

      At a gun show held at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds not long after the 1992 riots had devastated the city, I ironically suggested to an acquaintance that a waiting period on, and police approval of, news reports of violent crimes made far more sense than a waiting period on the purchase of firearms by people who already owned guns, because copycat crime was a verifiable phenomenon that could reasonably be expected to be reduced or eliminated by prohibiting the immediate and sensationalistic reporting of the original incident, whereas there was no logical reason to suppose that keeping gun owners from buying more guns would reduce crime in the slightest degree.

      It was instantly obvious that my “ironic” voice needed a lot of work, because, much to my dismay, several nearby individuals (“eavesdroppers” is such a harsh word) thought that my proposal should be vigorously pursued, and wanted to immediately organize a campaign to foist this blatantly unconstitutional concept on their fellow citizens using California’s initiative process.

      To this day, I clearly remember the sensation of the hair trying to stand up on the back of my neck as more and more people got involved in the conversation. Luckily, I was able to talk enough of them out of the idea to cause the budding movement to fall apart.

      Your writings reach a far larger audience than I had, and irony is not only more difficult to convey in print than in speech, but a concept completely foreign to most radicals. On top of that, things on the internet can achieve viral status and virtual immortality with astonishing rapidity.

      I found your piece entertaining, but can’t help but reflect that, if your words were to trigger the sort of unwanted response that I saw on that long-ago day, you may not be in a position to head off the consequences.

    3. Would they recommend that all males be chemically castrated because it will make women safer from rapists?

      If it stops just one rape is it worth it?

    4. I get nervous whenever I see “reasonable” or “common sense” slipped into a gun control discussion. It usually means someone trying to demonize me and restrict my Freedoms all while desperately trying to maintain the illusion of public safety.

    5. “Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”

      Thomas Jefferson
      Molon Labe

    6. There aren’t many absolutes in life, but there is one thing of which you can be absolutely certain: it is that any time some leftist/Socialist SOB tries to sell this “reasonable”, “modest”, or “common sense” legislation “to protect the public”, the ultimate goal is to completely control the lives of American citizens, leaving them to the mercy of criminals and the government (two things that frequently coincide).

    7. If I could add a little to your article. We should mandate 5 day waiting period’s for politician’s and new’s reporter’s. Also a 10 word limit, except in New York where it would be a 7 word limit.

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