PC Insanity, Ontario High School Suspends Boy For School Career Day Photo w/ Gun

Student Suspended After Posting School Picture With Gun
Student Suspended After Posting School Picture With Gun
Canadian Shooting Sports Association
Canadian Shooting Sports Association

Canada – -(Ammoland.com)- Grade 10 student, Brysen Evans, had his photo taken with Canadian Armed Forces members and their gear when they visited his high school in Hamilton, Ontario, for Career Day this past September.

As a young Canadian proud of his nation’s military, he was given the opportunity to hold a CAF member’s rifle and he posted a photo of himself holding that rifle on his Facebook page.

It all seems so innocent, right?

And it was until the nanny-state ninnies of Cathedral High School [the same school that brought the guns to class] got wind of Brysen’s Facebook photo. They ordered Brysen Evans to stay away from school. They suspended him without having the backbone to actually say those words.

Here are the facts that Cathedral High School administrators couldn’t be bothered to unearth:

  • Brysen Evans attended Cathedral High School’s “Career Day”.
  • He snapped a photo of himself holding a rifle brought to the school by the Canadian Armed Forces.
  • He posted that photo, taken on school grounds, to his Facebook page.

The horrified gasps of the politically correct could be heard as their wailing reverberated: “He’s holding an ASSAULT WEAPON! Expel him immediately!!!”

The only evidence required was that: a) it was indeed Brysen Evans in the photo; and b) he was holding a gun. Guilty. End of story.

There were no questions asked. None. Just a phone call to his mother to tell her that Brysen was no longer welcome at his school.

When the facts surrounding the incident eventually came to light, the bright lights in the educational establishment sheepishly murmured that Brysen could return to school. No apology. No admission that their actions were utterly asinine. No thought given as to how their silly knee-jerk rejection toward Brysen might affect this young man and his family.

The message by the Facebook photo police is clear: all that matters is that if a kid posts a photo of him or herself holding a politically incorrect firearm on Facebook, he/she will be suspended from school. And, of course, the implication is that Brysen – based on a photo alone – is a menace to society.

It matters not that owning firearms is legal. It matters not that millions of Canadians responsibly hunt and shoot every year without incident.

Remember that the next time you take your kid to the range and snap a few photos. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU.

Mr. Orwell just had the wrong year.

See the story: https://www.chch.com/student-suspended-after-posting-facebook-pic-with-gun/

The CSSA is the voice of the sport shooter and firearms enthusiast in Canada. Our national membership supports and promotes Canada’s firearms heritage, traditional target shooting competition, modern action shooting sports, hunting, and archery. We support and sponsor competitions and youth programs that promote these Canadian heritage activities. Website www.cdnshootingsports.org

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South Texas

Give up and move! I am proud to state that my nine year old son took a toy gun that was part of his Halloween costume to school last week (I forgot to tell him to leave it at home, scared of trouble due to all the stories I have read). I was pleased that not only was he allowed to keep it but he marched 6 blocks around town with it in the school parade of the elementary school. It was a true parade with local cops leading with sirens roaring, kids in costumes and the middle school band… Read more »


and the USA is soon to follow with the same draconian ways!


Don’t forget, kids, we’re leading the way in stupid here in the US. Anyone remember the pop-tart gun kid?



Coming to a country near you, or is it already here?

John Kirin

Its okay for transgender students. A boy can be a girl, and vice versa. They ,transgendered, can even choose the restroom they feel comfortable using. All types of sexual identity is to be tolerated. But the kid in the picture, with the gun, is expelled. The photo was taken on school property at a school sanctioned event. Anything to intimidate people over firearms. What about our rights. Screw the politically correct Duddly Do Rights.


How about a photo of the school superintendent getting horse whipped?


So if some fire fighters were at the Career Day and they had a fire hose and he held the fire hose (which is a tool of the trade for the presenters which he was visiting at the moment), would he have been suspended???

Liberal pantywaists can’t control their bladders whenever they see or think they see an “evil” gun. But let one of them get robbed and what’s the first thing they do? Call a good guy with a ……wait for it……..gun. Gasp!

Jeff Livaudais

And thanks to the school, Brysen gets his picture posted all over the internet. Millions more now will see his picture (which is pretty darn cool) other than those on his friend’s list. Thanks for posting Brysen, that rifle looks good on you!

Bob Noxious

With the election of Trudeau it will only get worse. Buckle up, Canucks. Your country will end up completely Socialist.

Bob Noxious

And with the election of Trudeau, it will only get worse. Buckle up, Canucks. Your country is about to go full blown Socialist.


The real reason he got suspended was for poor trigger control.