Battle Rifle Company TRIDENT Rifle Giveaway, One Lucky Subscriber Will Win This Gun

UPDATE: The contest is now closed and the winner is Raymond Czech of Henderson, NV!

Battle Rifle Company TRIDENT Rifle Winner Raymond Czech of Henderson, NV
Battle Rifle Company TRIDENT Rifle Winner Raymond Czech of Henderson, NV

Battle Rifle Company TRIDENT Rifle Giveaway, One Lucky Subscriber Will Win This Gun
Battle Rifle Company TRIDENT Rifle Giveaway, One Lucky Subscriber Will Win This Gun
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( New and existing subscribers to the AmmoLand Shooting Sports Newswire emails will all be eligible to win an exciting Battle Rifle Company BR4 Trident Rifle. One Lucky AmmoLand Subscriber Will Win This Gun!

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News and Battle Rifle Company are giving away a $1600.00+ Battle Rifle Company BR4 Trident Rifle to one lucky email subscriber and that could be you!

1 Lucky AmmoLand Subscriber Will Win a Battle Rifle Company BR4 Trident Rifle

The BR4 Trident is the first rifle specifically designed for MARSEC (Maritime Security) operations and shipboard usage. Built and constructed for long lasting life in extreme weather conditions, the BR4 Trident is unlike any other rifle and suited perfectly for marine environments.

Watch the Battle Rifle Company BR4 Trident Rifle Soak in Saltwater fro 30 Days

To demonstrate the Battle Rifle Company BR4 Trident Rifle’s tough marine resistant design we are sinking the Trident rifle in tank of saltwater, direct from Galveston bay, for 30 days. Then Battle Rifle Co will take this gun from the tank direct to the range and shoot it, to prove how tough their 416S Stainless Steel Hi-Temp Cerakote finish & Marine resistant design is.

Battle Rifle Company BR4 Trident Rifle MODEL SPECIFICATIONS:

  • Cryogenically treated barrel.
  • Stainless Steel Fire control group.
  • Nickel Boron M16 profile bolt carrier group.
  • Stainless steel pins and lower parts.
  • Nano Technology coated components.
  • Stainless steel springs.
  • Quad rail narrowed with comfort grip.
  • “F” type Front sight.
  • 416S Stainless Steel barrel, bead blasted and
    High Temp Cerakote finished, 1:7 twist in 11.5 or
    16 inch length.

You will not find a better rifle built with quality components, providing the best performance at a better value than with Battle Rifle Company. You can be assured of Battle Rifle Company using the best components and the best practices with each rifle they build.

Battle Rifle Company BR4 Trident Rifle
Battle Rifle Company BR4 Trident Rifle
Battle Rifle Company BR4 Trident Rifle
Battle Rifle Company BR4 Trident Rifle

To find out more about the components and procedures used with every Battle Rifle visit the quality and value page.

But you can’t win it if your not in it!

How Do I Enter?

  • The giveaway enter dates runs from November 10th 2015 to December 10th, 2015 with the winner drawn on December 11th 2015.
  • Everyone who signs up, or is an existing subscriber, to the AmmoLand Shooting Sports News daily & monthly emails is eligible to win.
  • Eligible Winners, must be 18 years of age, a legal resident of the United States and be lawfully eligible under local, state and federal rules to accept the transfer of firearms through a licensed Federal Firearms License. NOTE: Residents DC, CT, IL (Cook County only) and NY may not be eligible to win. Take your complaints up with your local anti gun lawmakers.
  • No monetary compensation or substitution for ineligible winners. You are just out of luck.
  • Do you get our daily email? Then your already entered. Do you need to sign up? Then you can do so at the link/box that follows : Sign up for Ammoland in your Inbox!

Battle Rifle Company
Battle Rifle Company

About Battle Rifle Company

Battle Rifle Company was started in April of 2010. Our mission is to make the finest, most functional tactical rifles and we work hard every day to make sure our quality is never compromised. We bring added value to every rifle we build. You can count on the reliability, functionality and performance that a BATTLE RIFLE gives you, wherever you might have to end up. The feature packed Battle Rifle has evolved from over 20 years of experience to bring it all into one precision package for use under any condition. We make a better BATTLE RIFLE, one that you can count on.

For more information, please visit

About – Shooting Sports News is the web’s leading Shooting Sports News Service for the Ammunition, Firearms, Shooting, Hunting and Conservation communities. AmmoLand has a FREE Shooting Sports News Service that is seen by 10,000’s of Ammunition, Shooting and Pro Firearms enthusiast every day. Visit them at

Don’t delay! Be sure and Sign Up at the link above.

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I dont need another ar but this one sure is nice. I didn’t sign up so as to let the folks with a legitimate need to have a shot at it.

Jose Velazquez

The closer and closer we get to dangerous times in our own land, the more I feel a great need to protect my family, and a win here would be a great start.


Excellent looking firearm. I’m subscribed.


Signed up! Here is Hoping I win. Thanks


Awesome weapon! Would be great to own!


Being an right arm up to the elbow amputee it would be much easier to hold and shoot this weapon with my NEW arm and hand cant hold my regular hunting rifle very well so do not feel as safe and quit shooting and large came hunting for safety reasons. So A BIG THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! A BIG THANKS FOR OUR FELLOW BROTHERS AND SISTERS ON THE FRONT LINES!! KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON MAY GOD BLESS ALL!!!


that is so close to my birthday 12-10 it aint funny and it would be the best gift ever,,,lol





Wow! Very impressive weapon. It never ceases to amaze me, the pure genius, creativity of the gunsmiths of today. Bravo !!! Now if I wasn’t disabled, so I could afford one. Lol. Hell! I’d be happy with a cheap AR for self defense than no AR at all. Lol. I love reading about new innovation. Before I became disabled, I was involved in a ton of industrial innovation. I loved every minute of enjoying the freedom to research and develop new innovations for a career. Ive had a blessed life, and even though disabled I have no regrets in life… Read more »


im new to this site. but anyone who gives back to their customers like this earns my business.


We would love to win this…money is so tight,and with what is coming down, if we had one, we could protect our family..and yours! Please consider us.
The Posts

Gary W. Roseberry

It would be extremely rewarding to win such a accurate and
we’ll built rifle.

Jose Velazquez

A perfect birthday gift for me to celebrate the day after Thanksgiving.


I’ve never won a darned thing in these giveaways. Maybe this will be my day!

Tracy Widner

I would love to win this for my husband, he is my hero and MY veteran. He and I would love something this nice as he is disabled and this costs as much as Social Security pays us. Please let me show him my love this time, we have been married for 33 years!

Tracy Widner

I became a proud military wife when I was 18 years old and left for hiss duty station in Germany. I have always been proud of the way that I have been taught to handle guns by my husband and the fact that that our sons, now grown, were initially taught respect of all guns, even though they were initially shooting BB guns at the range. He is a disabled veteran and we have been fighting the system to get his meager 10% increased that was given to him 28 years ago. I am disabled but we only have his… Read more »



joshua rys

Chance for more guns? Hell yes! Good luck to all who entered! And if you win plz show it off a little and shoot some stuff! Lol

Roger W Hollister

A fantastic rifle !

Jose Velazquez

A fine peace of Art, that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Jack Lawrence

Great contest! Thanks for having it! Count me in!


“NOTE: Residents DC, CT, IL (Cook County only) and NY may not be eligible to win.”
It’ll be someone in one of these places that “win”. Lol


Great looking rifle for competition shooting!!!! enter me


Awesome rifle. It’s nice to have a chance to win a rifle outside my price range.

Jose Velazquez

OUTSTANDING Giveaway!!! Just what I need in order to help combat any fools who try any terrorists acts in my town, or the next. We all need to be prepared for the worst. Better to have and not need, then to need and not have.


I would be a lucky lady to win this. 🙂

brett brooks

Can they also ingrave ( God, guns and guts ) the american way of life on it if I win. To be donated to one lucky veteran returning from war. They definitely earned it.

Douglas Stump

I do not want a flood of additional emails the way AMAZON & SAM’S CLUB has done me in the past please, a few are ok but do not flood me. If you do, I will stop you immediately. Another AR would be a fine addition to my arsenal, hope I win.


I just got my NRA certificate. Now, I need a gun. I need this one.


cool gun, but don’t see where to enter for contest drawing.


I’m a old vet and looks like we are going to have to have one if it keeps getting worse, hope i win.


So it’s my birthday at the end of the month and Christmas is coming up too…I’d settle for this and call it even for both. 😛

Tri Bui

Being in California, where LA politics have banned normal capacity magazines. We the people have to stop them from encroaching on our freedom. What will be banned next? Don’t let them take your rifles…

Chad Gray

Me likey


Who can’t use another gun?


This looks like the ultimate AR-platform rifle.


Awesome looking rifle!


I must have this!


Great opportunity to win a great rifle.

Danny Gholson

count me in!!! please


Defend your rights as a citizen of the United States of America or just sit on your as* and watch the main stream media and the liberals take them away.

Gary miller

It is an awesome ar to have a chance to win

Rob Cunningham

This would make a fine addition to my gun collection

Dave Cannon

Have NEVER owned such a quality firearm before. I would LOVE to have just the chance to try it out,but owning it,,,,,,,,,,, well thats just a dream. Thanks for the chance.

Kenneth Walker


clifford dennis

good site


Signed up! Hope I win. Thanks for the opportunity.

Arthur Evans

Been looking for the opportunity for an AR and this may be the way to go. Thanks for the chance. My last issued arm was an M-2 carbine, a fun gun.



Glenn Miller

Thank You for making this awesome Veteran’s Day giveaway possible and thanks to Mike’s Wood Art for making it known and sponsoring. Best part I can travel to Manasqûan to get it if a winner.