Best Archery Rests Picks – Review ~ Video

My 5 Best Archery Rests picks.

My Best Archery Rest
Best Archery Rest Picks – Review

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New York -( Arrow rests, everyone has their own preference.

Some people I know love drop-away archery rests, others like fully enclosed stationary archery rest. One friend of mine still hunts with the classic fork prongs.

Each archery rests has its benefit. Keeping all those caveats in mind, here are my top five recommendable “Best Archery Rests”.

Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX Archery Rests :

Quality Archery Designs Ultra-archery rest HDX
Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX

The Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX is a simple, well-machined drop away archery rests which features a curved containment bar, unlike the older model I’ve shot. The small thumbwheel provides a simple way to secure the launcher quietly. Even when aiming at steep angles, the arrow stays on the felt covered launcher for consistency down range.

And don’t worry about the archery rests bouncing back, the Lock Down Technology which locks the launcher in the drop-away position provides total arrow clearance.

Downrange accuracy with the Ultra rest is fantastic and helped me improve my confidence for long western shots. Smooth and simple and can take a beating in the mountains.

Product Description
This top of the line Ultra-Rest from Quality Archery Design has all of the featueres of the Ultra-Rest HD, with an extreme edge for the die hard Hunter! The modern design and sleek styling of the Ultra-Rest HDX offers extreme campatiblity and versatility. If you are the archer that demands nothing but the top of the line, with all the bells and whistles, then the Ultra-Rest HDX is for you! This rest has Harmonic Dampener Technology the injection molded rubber thumbwheel is designed to force peak vibration amplitude to a minimum. Patented cam/brake feature eliminates arrow rest bounce back and allows for increased spring tension for faster launcher drop away. VDT patented feature that allows the rest to fall away only when your bow is fired. Precision machined aluminum components, internal silicone bumpers, or cam/brake design, and laser cut felt offer superior noise reduction. Mossy Oak Infinity.

The UltraRest also comes in custom colors and logos for the major bow brands and even an American flag.

Trophy Ridge Sure Shot Pro Whisker Biscuit Archery Rests:

Trophy Ridge Sure Shot Pro Whisker Biscuit Arrow archery rests
Trophy Ridge Sure Shot Pro Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rests

Unwavering, completely containing the arrow, the Trophy Ridge Sure Shot Pro Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest has become the pinnacle of simplicity. Regardless of your skill level in archery, the classic Whisker Biscuit is encased in aluminum and provides windage and elevation adjustments.

Look, everything can go wrong in the woods at crunch time. The more moving parts you have the more problems there could be.

Having completely stationary archery rests takes some of the variation out of the equation.

Product Description
Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Sure Shot Pro Arrow Rests. Solid, simple, quiet and hard-hitting accurate! The aluminum-encased Sure Shot Pro may be lightweight and compact, but its got a rock-solid, dual-bolt mount and a simple design that offers quick and easy set-up. Simply attach it to your riser mounting holes and it lines up automatically, ready to put a hurtin’ on Mr. Mossy Horns. Aluminum-encased biscuit, light and strong; Micro windage and elevation adjustment with nylon bushings to ease adjustments and prevent binding over time from dust and dirt; Laser-engraved reference marks; Custom rubber boots silence arrow loading; Available in right or left hand.; State Right or Left Hand and Size. Nab yours now! Trophy Ridge Sure Shot Pro Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest, Black.

I highly recommend this archery rests, especially for beginning archers and those whose maximum shot is a simple 30-yard treestand shot. No fuss, just shoot.

Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro Archery Rests:

Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro archery rest
Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro Rests

Reviews from customers reveal a love and trust for the Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro Rest. This drop away system can be either limb or cable driven and features “Stainless steel launcher and axle that pivot inside super smooth dual bearings” which is a feature hardcore bowhunters can love as it increases the durability against the elements. An all metal construction provides hunters confidence as their rest is one less thing they need to worry about in the field.

Product Description
The SmackDown Pro Rest features a fast-action fall-away rest. The stainless steel launcher and axle pivot on super-smooth bearings. Quick attachment and easily adjustable, the advanced clasp and activation cord can be configured to attach to the upper or lower limb. The full-containment ring offers a side-loading, bristle-guard slot and built-in launcher dampeners for complete silence. Quick-and-easy cord-length adjustments. All-metal construction. Lifetime warranty. Right hand only.

Strong and smooth accurately depicts the Smackdown Pro, and don’t worry about arrow containment, the rest is built with a rubber over-molded ring complete which included launcher dampeners which makes this rest a competing force for the quietest archery rests on the market.

New Archery Products Quiktune QT 360-Degree Capture Archery Rests:

Quiktune QT 360-Degree Capture Arrow archery rest
Quiktune QT 360-Degree Capture Arrow Rest

Are you a lightweight gear freak? Tough to blame you if you are. Every ounce counts right? Even if you are just hunting your favorite stand behind the house. The NAP Quiktune QT 360-Degree Capture Arrow Rest weighs a scant 2.5 ounces and provides an unmoving archery rests option. But unlike the Sure Shot Pro, the Quicktune 360 bristles do not come in contact with the vanes, which helps preserve their lifespan and causes less arrow drag.

Product Description
QT 360, LOST CAMO-MATTHEWS LH. New and improved and better than ever. Our new capture brushes allow you to shoot with no vane contact and at any angle – even upside down. No vane contact means no loss of speed, no drag and no possible damage to your fletching. This also means increased accuracy. There is no need to use de-icing products in cold, wet weather. Wind will not disturb your arrow as it archery rests securely on the 360Degree CaptureRest. Weight 2.5 oz.

I’ve seen these archery rests in the Eastern woods and they are another great option, especially for the treestand hunter. However, after a few years the bristles can wear down. Keep an eye on your bristles as you shoot.

Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro V Archery Rests :

Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro V Arrow archery rest
Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro V Arrow Rests

The Bowhunting World Reader’s Choice GOLD Award for 2014 for arrow rests was the Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro V Arrow Rest . Hence the name, the rest is limb driven which prevents any mistakes which can happen with cable driven drop away archery rests. Customers say the Pro-V keeps the arrow at a level position longer through the shot while still obtaining full arrow clearance. A simple rest loved by its customers, and feared by the targets down range.

Product Description
Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro V Arrow Rest delivers superior range and zero contact! A fully-contained, limb-driven Arrow Rest. The Pro V features limb-driven pullaway speed, cradling your arrow until the last possible second for topnotch accuracy. Free floating launcher blade at full draw allows initial arrow shock to be absorbed, resulting in truer arrow flight and more accuracy. State Right-hand or Left-hand. Order yours today! Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro V Arrow Rest.

When it comes to choosing archery rests, choose what makes you feel most comfortable for your situation, price range and bow.


Jason Reid is a writer and business professional from upstate New York. After deciding to pursue his dream of becoming an outdoor writer, Jason started a blog from his dorm room at Houghton College, growing it and working hard to earn opportunities. While bowhunting big game is his ultimate passion, Jason welcomes all outdoor challenges which force him to push his limits. Jason’s work can be viewed on his website

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Harry Garrett

Totally agree with the Whisker Biscuit and HXD!
Whisker Biscuit was my best low price choice ever. With around 20 bucks the value it brought is beyond what one can expect.
I don’t see you mention the New Archery Apache here. This one is currently my rest right now and it is fairly solid and extremely easy to install.