Shooters – We Are Better Than This!

U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)
U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)

USA –-( It’s not too much to ask that shooters clean up at public shooting ranges.

Very often new shooters say they don’t get into the sport because they don’t have a place to shoot.

Our failure to maintain our public shooting ranges is one of the reasons we don’t have many public shooting ranges.

When you go to a public range, treat it as you would a stay at a public campground: take away everything you brought in.

If you see some trash, pick it up. We should never let our ranges get this bad.

Remember…it’s a shooting range, not a dump. Please clean up after yourself.

Kevin Michalowski

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One of the largest and longest operating public range in Western Alberta has been permanently closed this week due to this exact same thing. I disagree though that the “experienced shooters” are free from blame. I’ve watched, more times than I can count, “experienced Shooters”, long term hunters,and generally people who should KNOW better, go out there, hang up targets, haul cases of empty bottles, soda cans, old appliances, etc. out there, shoot the crap out of everything they can, and just drive away. I quit using that range years ago; I got tired of driving an hour, spending two… Read more »


You forget the idiots that shoot street signs , and posted signs. Then disregard or tear down signs.

BoreSmith Gun Cleaning

Well said sir! Our BLM land in the California desert looks like this as well. Nailed it with “This is why we can’t have nice things!”


We may not have any way to educate the ignorant, not only before they go to a public range, but they may just be slobs who don’t pick up after themselves forever. If we want to keep our ranges open, what that means is that we must ALL pick up after those slobs when we find the range trashed out. In WA there was a lot of public clamor to close some ranges and popular shooting areas in state and national parks because of the trash left there full of bullet holes. It doesn’t really matter if YOU aren’t the… Read more »


Looked like there was a lot of erosion in the backstop too.


Unfortunately this entry is preaching to the choir. It is NOT the experienced shooters doing these types of stupid things it is the very low occasion shooter and folks with little knowledge. They shoot up bottles, TVs, propane tanks and junk on these ranges. 99.8% are not evil, they just (seriously) don’t know any better. And they also do not know the safety rules. Then of course their are the vandals–but we get them everywhere. The problem is how to educate the ignorant ones –how can we reach and teach them before they go to a range? I have no… Read more »