NJ2AS UNDERCOVER Video Investigation Exposes Corruption & Discrimination in NJ

Battle New Jersey Gun Rights
NJ2AS UNDERCOVER Video Investigation Exposes Corruption & Discrimination in NJ

New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey -(Ammoland.com)- I took on the role as the president of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS) with the expectation I will be promoting the free exercise of the Second Amendment in New Jersey; I never in my wildest dreams expected to uncover and expose such levels of discrimination and corruption that you will only read about in history books.

On Monday morning the citizens of NJ will began to fight back and expose the corruption and discrimination that we have endured for years while politicians, judges, and police departments laughed in our faces.

We began this undercover investigation to document and expose the ridiculous delays and violations which occur in our firearm application process.

Instead we documented and exposed through video evidence the corruption, sexism, racism, ageism, ableism, et al., within New Jersey's firearm and conceal carry application process.

May this be a warning to the 49 other states in our country how hopelessly committed NJ is to creating a society of victims through arbitrary and discriminatory gun laws. With a legislature bent on destroying the 2nd Amendment whenever possible, and an indifferent governor, Christie, running for the highest office in our country, it is imperative that the country understands how expendable the state of NJ finds the life of its citizens.

The average citizen of NJ has absolutely no legal opportunity to protect themselves by bearing arms, particularly outside their doorstep. The state legislators, judges, and municipal police departments tacitly collude to ensure no one outside of law enforcement has the right to carry a firearm. Simultaneously, countless district and supreme court decisions have historically upheld that law enforcement has absolutely no duty to protect an individual citizen (see Warren v. DC 1981). Meanwhile, the same law-enforcement officials who enjoy the exclusive protection of firearms have complete omnipotence to deny every citizen the right to carry, pointing the finger at our tyrannical “justifiable need” laws passed by legislators, who in turn, enshrine the police with legal infallibility.

This is a vicious circle of corruption, and the sovereign citizen is the one left to dry, but even worse, sometimes to die.

Beyond even the discussion of concealed carry privileges which are already non-existent in NJ, the NJ2AS has discovered that police departments are now wantonly denying even simple possession permits, which are required in NJ to purchase firearms for home protection.

For years we have stated that New Jersey’s firearms application process is massively discriminatory and racist, and creates victimhood among regular citizens — and for years our concerns have been laughed at and disregarded by public officials — now we have solid, irrefutable video evidence of all forms of discrimination occurring in the process.

We have collected dozens of examples of practically every form of discrimination. We intend to shine a light on the tyrannical attitude of our state and municipal government until the legislators and Governor Christie correct this seriously discriminatory practice that has already quite literally cost the lives of NJ citizens. To deny a woman the ability to purchase a firearm because in the opinion of the police officer she is too small or because an applicant is too old does not put our society back decades; it puts us back centuries. NJ legislators and judges have passively created a true-to-life caste system in the Garden State.

New Jerseyans deserve better than a state where prosecutors joke with judges that they are the only people they know that have a concealed carry permit. We deserve better than politicians who defend laws that persistently disarm the sovereign, non-criminal public, yet run behind metal detectors and armed state troopers to pass their tyrannical bills in our statehouse while personally enjoying the benefits of a conceal carry permits. But perhaps most grossly, we certainly deserve better than law enforcement officials drunk on power that arbitrarily deny law-abiding citizens their unalienable second amendment rights. We will shed sunlight on the disgusting abuses of power in the Garden State until citizens are afforded the same abilities to protect themselves as those in virtually every other state in our nation. Otherwise, we demand our politicians in the Trenton statehouse, bureaucrats in every municipal building, and officer in every police department disarm themselves completely to experience what it feels like to be on a level playing field with NJ's ostensibly second-class citizens.

Our teaser video which we released on the 6-month anniversary of the senseless and preventable murder of Carol Bowne has already been covered by PBS, NJTV, Channel 12, NPR, and Channel 9 Chasing News. To date, the Orange Police Department has made NO comment on the footage, but that's only because they know the rest of the content we caught on tape.

To watch teaser video please click here:

On Monday morning 12/07/2015 in an other post we released a comprehensive, hidden camera video that exposes unfathomable forms of arbitrary discrimination. It will make you sick to your stomach. We are done having “conversations” or “debates” about our rights. Trenton doesn't care, Trenton isn't listening, and people are dying.

Now is the time for action. Now begins a journey to expose the corruption of power that has plagued our state until our second amendment rights are faithfully honored.


Alexander Roubian
NJ2AS President


New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit: www.nj2as.com

  • 12 thoughts on “NJ2AS UNDERCOVER Video Investigation Exposes Corruption & Discrimination in NJ

    1. DDW said:
      “The only persons who should be denied this right are convicted felons plain and simple.”

      Careful with that thought. With the expansion of crimes categorized as felonies you could easily (and likely unknowingly are) be guilty of several felonies. Our rights are inalienable by virtue of our humanity (or from God, if you prefer). This is probably not a popular opinion but it is the only way to protect everyone from the expansion of “prohibited persons”. Who would think a misdemeanor conviction would result in a loss of Second Amendment rights? Not me. But we do now have that. “Domestic abusers” are now prohibited persons. Talk to someone who has gone through a divorce about the games played by lawyers with protection orders, false claims of abuse, etc.

    2. Other then Chicago NJ is the most corrupt place in the US. Until & if the people wake up and vote those crooks out then it will go on & on. The governor isn’t much help so it is up to the people who are unfortunate enough to live in that sewer.

    3. After listening to this “judicator?” use his own biased OPINION, not the LAW, to deny this woman her Constitutional RIGHT to protect herself, HE SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH COMPLICITY IN HER DEATH.
      Welcome to the State of “MAY ISSUE” which also exhists in Maryland. The “Land of the FREE”. DemocRATs here, in Maryland, have consistantly denied the issue of concealed carry to LAW ABIDING Marylanders. Maryland’s Attorney General and his underlings, who were HIRED to DEFEND Marylanders, want to see ALL Marylanders’ RIGHT of self defense to be as a vapor of the past.

    4. It is well known that the “Peoples Republic of NJ” is a pit of corruption. Why doesn’t NJ2AS want to get involved with the SAPPA Rico lawsuit?

    5. That punk in this video is a disgrace to us all, and yes he needs to be charged with Carols death, what needs to start happening is We the people need to stop asking for permission to exercise constitutional rights, Blessings to us all.

    6. I would have expected an immediate announcement from the Justice Department had this been 10 years ago, but not today, as it is ran in favor of political correctness rather than justice.

    7. I just watched this video and this is why people shouldn’t decide or any one person. We have the 2nd Amendment so we should all be able to carry any way we want with no decider other than ourselves. The only persons who should be denied this right are convicted felons plain and simple.

    8. The piece of cr_p needs to be sued for accessory to wrongful death and tried for accessory to murder.
      Note: this is fat boy christie’s state and he heads the no gun cabal

    9. Living in NJ I can easily recognize that among other deficiencies, NJ gun laws permit far too much individual personal “discretion” in allowing officials to determine who is permitted to possess firearms. NJ has become, not a government of laws, but one of caprice and whim with no appeal from arbitrary “discretion”.

    10. I suppose this clown with the disheveled desk and white shirt calls himself a “detective” or some such rank. Who appointed him GOD and decided his word was law? He claims an 80 lb. “woman” presented a threat to the community by possessing a gun. I would suggest a frail, 80 lb. woman NEEDS a gun in a society which daily watches as “frail” people are assaulted as part of the evening news almost every night. I wonder whether he would deny his mother the ability to protect herself in a life threatening situation? When a 175-200+ lb. thug punches a frail, older citizen in an effort to remove their pocketbook, that punch can sometimes be fatal. Think about it; it is the equivalent of being “sucker punched” by a professional fighter. His fists are as lethal as any gun to that victim.

    11. After viewing the video I believe the woman’s family should file a wrongful death suit against the government that withheld her right to protection. If the families of criminals can file wrongful death suits against local government for being killed by police wile they them selves are armed, then why not a victim of a crime while waiting for a permit to carry a firearm? If I were an attorney I would be all over that…..And I would win…..

    12. New Jersey politicians and police are crooked? Surprise, surprise. Seems to me that “everyone” has known about the corruption and graft that has continually existed in NJ for decades. Only problem is, nobody seems to really care – because they continue to vote for the same or same types of lying politicians, collectively known as democrats. If NJ citizens really cared, a) they would vote for more honest people to the exclusion of democrats; b) they would move at the first opportunity from the “garden” state to anywhere except New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland and Californication. Hope you have multiple copies of your expose hidden in various places outside of NJ so a “mysterious” fire doesn’t destroy your video evidence.

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