TriggerTech Introduces The Zero Creep AR-15 Trigger

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TriggerTech Introduces The Zero Creep AR-15 Trigger
TriggerTech Introduces The Zero Creep AR-15 Trigger


Etobicoke, ON, Canada – -( TriggerTech, a manufacturer of high-end firearm and crossbow trigger systems is proud to introduce their AR-15 Trigger.

TriggerTech provides Frictionless Release Technology, a patented free floating roller that sits between the sear and the trigger.

The roller eliminates sliding friction that causes creep and heavy pull-weights. FRT increases your accuracy by providing an instant zero-creep release.It is also highly resistant to contamination and wear. It is ready for the most rugged conditions, all while maintaining its premium performance and safety.

The TT-AR-15 triggers are available to purchase through select dealers and directly from their website at TriggerTech. With an MSRP of $199.99, the TriggerTech trigger will soon become popular for not only OEM’s, home builders, three gunners, first time and even the most discriminating of shooters.

“We are very excited to introduce our new TT-AR-15 trigger,” says Frank Gairdner, TriggerTech CEO. “We have spent over a year developing this product and testing it to insure its quality and reliability. We feel we have one of the best triggers on the market today, the trigger scans show this and the initial feedback supports it.”

TriggerTech AR-15 trigger specs include:

  • 1911 Single-Action.
  • Zero Creep Release provided by our Frictionless Release Technology.
  • Adjustable from 2 to 5 lbs with a patent pending design.
  • Enhanced Reset Control™ with sub .030” reset – one of the shortest on the market.
  • Hammer, Sear and Trigger are all Stainless Steel and all other components are corrosion resistant.

For more information, please visit

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Before people start screeching like Shawn (above) did, this trigger uses a 1911 type take up, that is, a small amount of free take up until it engages the sear. Then press and bang.

Shawn Shahan

I just received my triggertech trigger on Wednesday. The trigger looks beautiful and I couldn’t wait to install it. I pulled my CMMG trigger and dropped this in. I can tell you now I was not impressed. I ordered the set 3.5 lb pull and it registers at 4 1/4 average which is still not bad. The biggest issue I have is the amount of play or slop at the beginning of the pull. It moves about 1/16 of an inch before it engages at all. I would not buy this again.


DID YOU NOT READ that the trigger is a 1911 style? Split take ups.
Your post exposes you noob lack of knowledge.

HMLA-167 Warrior

As I look at these specs, are you sure you are going full auto or are you bump firing? A reset of 0.030″ with a 2.5# trigger pull could easily bump fire.

gordon newton

can you contact me at ( 678-859-2922 ) this will be georgia ,u.s. eastern time reference to your ar15 triggers.i sent you a email , but no response yet.our ar15 rifles are going fully auto when the trigger was at 2.5 lb me so i can discuss this with you. thanks, gordon newton.

Wild Bill

gordon, Hey! How much do you want for those poor old defective rifles that are nothing but a burden to you!?

HMLA-167 Warrior

Uh, Gordon… Posting online that you have just manufactured a full auto weapon is rather stupid. And yes, you _have_ “manufactured a machine gun” as far as the law is concerned. Now posting your phone number just makes it that much easier for the lawmen to find you and throw your arse in jail. Great job!