Luxury Knives “The Leopard Brothers”

Luxury engravings – up to 700 hand-engraved points per mm²

Trompeter & Ritchi
Trompeter & Ritchi – Luxury Knives “The Leopard Brothers”
Trompeter & Ritchi
Trompeter & Ritchi

United States -( “To sharpen a graver and engrave a line is as if you learn the alphabet. My engravings however are poems, they tell stories,” says Ritchi Maier owner of Trompeter & Ritchi about his work.

He created his own and worldwide unique style of engraving. Ritchi Maier’s engravings enjoy world renown and can be found in international collections.

Luxury and Elegance

  • Trompeter & Ritchi designs are implemented by various specialists.
  • All knives are manufactured entirely by hand.
  • Damascus blade smith, knife maker, and engraver form a perfect union in this process.

Art and Emotions

  • Rudi Kohl is one of leading wildlife artists in Europe.

For his oil paintings he uses a special glaze coating technique which consists of many thin transparent layers of paint. As a result light travels through the glaze and is reflected back off of the opaque layer below. It increases a painting’s drama, brightness and depth.

Luxury Display Cases

  • The Trompeter & Ritchi luxury display cases stand for unique knife presentation.
  • Each case project is characterized by an individual theme, bespoke designs with handcrafted materials and customized specials.
  • “The Leopard Brothers” – Lamborghini black and stingray leather
  • The unique box lacquering based on systems for luxury cars like Lamborghini, Mercedes and Porsche.
  • The Trompeter & Ritchi logo is made in special metal foil effect technique.

About Trompeter & Ritchi:

Atelier Trompeter & Ritchi stands worldwide for luxury engravings and the finest handcrafted knives.

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