Lead Ban Hearing at State Office Building on Wednesday at 2:45 pm, Can You Join Us?

Lead Ban Hearing at State Office Building on Wednesday at 2:45 pm, Can You Join Us?
Lead Ban Hearing at State Office Building on Wednesday at 2:45 pm, Can You Join Us?
Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus
Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus

Saint Paul, MN -(AmmoLand.com)- I need your help tomorrow.

A few months ago, the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, along with our friends at the National Rifle Association (NRA), led the charge in getting gun owners and sportsmen to contact the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to put a stop to their agenda to ban lead ammunition in Minnesota.

Despite receiving feedback from thousands of individuals who actively use public land for hunting and the shooting sports, the DNR has been using pseudo-scientific claims and anecdotes to force through their lead-ban agenda.

Last week, as I attended the public forum held by DNR, it became clear to me that they are dead set on forcing their agenda through in the coming weeks.

In response, I’ve been working with Representative Tom Hackbarth, other pro-hunting allies in the state legislature, and other like-minded organizations, to stop the DNR’s bureaucratic attempt to add costly hurdles to hunting and the shooting sports with no measurable impact on the environment.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 16th, Representative Hackbarth will introduce a bill in the Minnesota House that will stop this agenda dead in its tracks by prohibiting the DNR from implementing any rule that bans the use of lead shot in Minnesota.

We need a large presence of gun owners and hunters at this meeting to show our support for the bill.

Check in with a Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus volunteer at the entrance to the committee room to receive a sticker or button to wear showing your support for Rep. Hackbarth’s bill.

WHAT: Mining & Outdoor Recreation Committee Meeting

WHERE: Minnesota State Office Building, Room 10

WHEN: Wednesday, March 16th, at 2:45pm

WHAT TO WEAR: If you plan to testify, please dress appropriately in professional or business casual attire.

If you can make it, it’s important that you plan to come to the capitol for this hearing. Plan to arrive early (between 2:15 and 2:30pm) to show your support for keeping hunting and the shooting sports within reach of all Minnesotans – and to put a stop to the DNR’s rulemaking process.

I can’t make it but still want to support this effort:

  • Contact the committee members: first via phone, then follow-up with a brief email. Ask them to support Rep. Hackbarth’s bill putting a stop to the DNR’s ban on lead ammunition. You can access the committee roster with phone numbers and email addresses here.

I’ll keep you updated as this, and other legislation, advances in Saint Paul.

About Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus:

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus is a non-partisan, single-issue Minnesota nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to the full restoration of firearms freedoms in Minnesota. The Caucus is a IRS recognized 501(c)(4) organization.

Learn more at http://gunowners.mn.