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Shooting Bench
Shooting Bench
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USA –  -( Spring is a great time to tune up your existing Shooting bench or build some new ones from scratch. Need a project to support or donate to you local range? Sierra Bullets sent out a link to a great shooting bench plans.

“Looking to build a shooting bench to use this summer? Thomas Draper added some very handy notes to these plans he found online.” says Sierra Bullets

Firearms instructor Thomas Draper has expanded and improved on a cool shooting bench design and is now providing downloadable plans with all the details, including measurements, parts list and detailed build instructions.

Download Free Shooting Bench Plans Here by AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

About Thomas Draper:

For concealed carry or basic firearms instruction or classes in Illinois contact Thomas Draper at

About Sierra Bullets:

Founded in California, Sierra Bullets has been dedicated to manufacturing the most accurate bullets in the world since 1947. Since relocating to Sedalia, MO in 1990, Sierra has manufactured a very wide range of bullets for both rifles and pistols. Today, Sierra uses the highest level of precision in design, manufacturing, and quality control standards to produce bullets used for precision target shooting, hunting and defense purposes. Sierra Bullet lines include: BlitzKing, Varminter, GameKing, MatchKing, Tipped MatchKing, Pro-Hunter, Sports Master, and Tournament Master. Available calibers range from .204 through to .500.

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Why advertise that plans are available when they are not???


What are the measurements on the table layout on the very first image. I am having trouble setting it out.


You do not need to join anything to get the plans. The material list and plans on listed on the page by linking to “Download Free Shooting Bench Plans Here” in the original article.


Author: Ammoland
You can also download it directly here:

Direct download even better! Thank you!


Author: james
Sign up with a junk email and password, make one up like [email protected] and you get in and can d/l the pdf.”


Mr. Ree

It is possible to copy and paste the entire set of pictures and text, but it does require Snagit to copy that cutting outlay.

Mr. Ree

Boy, I wish you had supplied that earlier, it would have saved a lot of time and aggravation. Nonetheless, thanks.


Sign up with a junk email and password, make one up like [email protected] and you get in and can d/l the pdf.

Jim Macklin

A solid bench is necessary to get a good zero. More room on top is good if you have equipment such as spotting scopes, lead sled, mechanical shooting vise, or chronograph. Then spare ammo, and maybe multiple guns to test.
If you sink your posts and get them firmly in soil or concrete and then build teh bench level on the posts it can be better.

Making some seat overlays so height can be adjusted for different sized shooter so kids, teens and others can sit comfortably is a good idea.


Nice bench but I have no intent to join “SCRIBD” to get the “free plans”.

You see there is nothing free when you have to “sign up” for anything.


Hey Great gift! Looks like a great bench that won’t move even in a hurricane. Thanks for the free plans.
Anyone have any idea how much this thing weighs?


Dave It will depend on the moisture in the 2X6 and 6X6 lumber. Pressure treated lumber can be real “wet”. Some yards sell kiln dried PT at no extra cost and the weight isn’t too bad. It may be hard to find 6X6 “dry” but the 2X6 dry is pretty common. If it is wet the boards will dry out over a few months and the weight will drop considerably. Leave it outside and the weight WILL NEVER DROP and your back will never be the same. If you leave it out be sure to cover with a water resistant… Read more »


The weight of the bench that i built to spec, using all pressure treated below ground grade wood was a total weight of 348 lbs.


Several years ago I built a bench similar to this but I put 2×6 skids on it. I just hook it to the 4wheeler or car and move it to the distance I want to shoot from. Pretty handy!

Barry Wheeler

How does one download the shooting bench plans?

Mr. Ree

Still cannot be downloade. Suspect one must “Join” first.

Harold Smith

No link to plans?