Utility of the CoyoteLight Predator CL1 Hunting Light

by Dennis L Johnson, MD, PhD, CAPT, USN, MC (ret) and Carolyn L Johnson, RN
CoyoteLight Predator CL1 Hunting Light test and review.

CoyoteLight Predator CL1 Hunting Light
CoyoteLight Predator CL1 Hunting Light

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United States -(AmmoLand.com)- We saw an impressive illumination device at this year’s SHOT SHOW that caught our attention because of its potential for ranch life.

The CoyoteLight Predator CL1 Hunting Light ( https://www.coyotelight.com )

It is a high performance LED light with easily adjustable intensity and focus. It is light weight (10 oz), compact (7×2.25″), portable, and gun-mountable on an integrated Picatinny rail. The rechargeable Lithium battery lasts hours at full intensity. It is designed, engineered and is manufactured in the USA with a 5-year warranty on its electronics.

Our property in Tennessee has expansive open, high-grass pastures bordered by dense timber and a centrally located pond; perfect for testing the utility of this illumination device.

The major advantage of the Predator is its excellent range, well beyond confident shooting distances. It effectively lights-up wildlife eyes but the red wavelength doesn’t stimulate the animals escape response. One can closely approach animals not possible with a more intrusive white light.

We were able to test the CoyoteLight Predator CL1 Hunting Light for over a month. The light was designed to bag coyotes but in this part of the U.S. stray dogs have outcompeted the coyote. Abandoned canines readily form small packs and quickly become feral indiscriminant livestock killers. They are most active in the early morning and can gain entry into any but the most secure enclosures. We mounted the light on a Mini-14 rifle with great success in exposing and dispatching these relentless intruders. Once located with the CoyoteLight Predator CL1 Hunting Light, we used a side-by-side 4-wheeler to approach closer to the packs. The light proved its utility in the chase.

We also mounted the light on an air rifle producing an efficient extermination system for the greedy disease-vectoring rodents infesting the seed bins in our barn. The unobtrusive red hue of the Predator CL1 light readily revealed the vermin’s sleuth activities.

As a research biologist, I routinely survey the wildlife on our ranch environs. The light was very handy for identifying and counting our local game in the dark of the night when wildlife is most active. We localized several sitting turkey hens allowing us to prevent our pets from disturbing these vulnerable birds. Deer fawn remained still and approachable when spotted by the CoyoteLight Predator CL1 Hunting Light.

We continue to discover uses of the light for exploring local nocturnal fauna. It is a valuable tool to keeping our property safe from nightly predators while enabling us to tract beneficent critters and pinpoint any overpopulation problems. The utility of the CoyoteLight Predator CL1 Hunting Light is limited only by the user’s ingenuity and imagination. This pragmatic and convenient light source has become indispensable on our night surveillances.

CoyoteLight Predator CL1 Hunting Light Specifications:

  • LED Color: RED
  • Weight: 10 oz lbs
  • Dimensions: Length: 7″ Diameter: 2 1/4″
  • Adjustable Focus – With variable focus, the Predator CL1 Light can be adjusted to be a wide or tight (long range) light beam.
  • Adjustable Brightness – The brightness is fully controlled from zero to 100% power with an adjustment knob on the back of the light.
  • Long Battery Life – The Light runs on a high performance lithium-ion 26650 battery and will run up to 4 hours on full power and up to 32 hours at about 25% power.
  • Optics Mount – Includes mounting hardware for 1″ riflescopes. It can be on top of the scope or at a 45o or 90o angle to avoid the turrets.
  • The housing is made from precision machined high grade 6061 aluminum.
  • Red LED Emitter – Rated at 65,000 hours of use
  • Range – Up to 500* yards under ideal conditions. *Ambient light (moon phase), scope quality & power setting, background foliage, rain, snow, and size and color of target species will all affect range.
  • Made in the USA, by CoyoteLight Inc.
  • Warranty – Each light comes with a limited lifetime warranty for defects in materials and workmanship. Electronic components have a five (5) year warranty. The warranty does not cover batteries.
  • MSRP: $299
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This appears to be the latest iteration of the light, more compact and considerably less expensive than the previous models. Unfortunately, the company web site coyotelite.com has, of a minute ago, not been updated to show this new product. The links in the article will take you to Amazon, and show a green light version that is “not available at this time”.