How Being Different Makes A Difference

While we understand Prois does not typically follow the rules...we realize how being different makes all the difference!
While we understand Prois does not typically follow the rules…we realize how being different makes all the difference!
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USA-( Prois is solidly in its 9th year of business and we have been proud to represent the cornerstone of technical, functional women’s hunting and shooting gear during these years. I am often asked what sets Prois apart from our competitors. Well…a lot of things, really.

Product. From the beginning we focused on the fact that our products had to be the best in market for fit and function. We spend endless hours choosing fabrics. Working on fit. Working on features that enhance the field experience. We focus on what a serious hunter needs and create around those needs. Our design team works closely to create THE best possible products. We will not settle for substandard products. In fact, it literally took us two years to nail down our Galleann rain system until we had the exact product we wanted. We have endeavored to not lose focus on what our customers need and deserve. We continue to look forward to introducing new products as well as improving (or even canablizing!) our older products. All I can say is, “Stay tuned!”

We take great pride in building a platform for female hunters, shooters and outdoor enthusiasts to connect, learn and express themselves. I am personally extremely proud of the fact that we have found a way to bring women together in a non-threatening and fun way. Many of these ladies have forged lifelong friendships with each other. I love the fact that some of these ladies will connect regionally to get together and adventure. Some ladies will travel long distances to get together. We introduce several ladies-only hunts each year and it is here too where we literally form lifelong friendships. We recently introduced Facebook groups that are state specific for ladies only. It has been a fantastic way to share information, get advice and even form state get togethers. Recently, the ladies in South Carolina gathered the ladies up for some great fun and shenanigans. We are working on this for Colorado and other states are doing the same. While these efforts do indeed help provide grassroots exposure for Prois, the true purpose is to get ladies together to network and support.

We foster a positive and supportive environment for hunters and women. Occasionally I will stumble past a social media cat fight between women or hunters. I am always shocked and disappointed. We do not tolerate drama, spiteful comments or competitive nature. Women are awesome and often get a bum rap for being ‘catty’, when in fact most of us are not. I am constantly impressed as to how the ladies who surround this company constantly hold each other up, make each other laugh and truly bring out the best in each other.

Humor. Anyone who follows us knows by now that humor is paramount. Appropriate or inappropriate…we don’t care! We do offer a few disclaimers…if you bring a child in our offices we cannot be held liable for any psychological damages incurred. (With that, you should probably not allow your children to open any cabinets here. Just saying) Your mom is not your actual mom…it is a metaphorical mom. We promise. If you have a phobia and you are careless enough to share that…we shall torment you endlessly. We enjoy recess here. Everyone should. We may have a beer cooler in the office. Don’t judge. We name inanimate objects and create voices for the office pets. Never gets old.

We work very hard to get to the grassroots – this is where our customers are. We learned long ago that a business like ours cannot sustain itself by being a nameless, faceless product. We have to get out there and work hard to bring our product and our company to hunters all across the country. We are also learning the value of having our staff step out and help represent the product and the brand. Who better to sell us then…well…us!

At the end of the day, Prois puts ladies first. While economic sustainability is my ultimate goal, we truly love women (not in a creepy way) and have found that taking the personal approach is the way to grow a women’s hunting company where traditional means of marketing are essentially ineffective. To the ladies…thank you for your continued support and humor!

Carpe Diem!