California Governor Jerry Brown Guns Down the Constitution

Governor Jerry Brown signs 6, vetoes 4 gun control bills that were passed by the California Legislature yesterday.

California Governor Jerry Brown
California Governor Jerry Brown Guns Down the Constitution
Firearms Policy Coalition
Firearms Policy Coalition

SACRAMENTO –-( This morning, four-term Governor Jerry Brown conspired with other members of the State’s corrupt one-party majority to make it easier for criminals and terrorists to kill innocent people, said civil rights advocacy organization Firearms Policy Coalition.

Brown signed six and vetoed four of the eleven anti-gun, pro-terror bills that were passed by the Legislature yesterday.

The “Gunpocalypse” legislation signed by the Governor today will create new criminal liabilities affecting millions of law-abiding people, cost the state tens of millions of dollars in new fees and fines, and eviscerate fundamental, individual rights.

“These are constitutionally-illegitimate laws passed by a patently illegitimate government that had the audacity to attack and criminalize millions of its own people in Stalin-esque fashion,” said Firearms Policy Coalition President Brandon Combs.

“We expect mass non-compliance with these laws and encourage good, peaceful Californians to carefully consider the risks of voluntarily identifying their firearms, magazines, and ammunition to law enforcement officials, especially the California Department of Justice.”

The Legislature suspended nearly every procedural rule to rush these anti-gun, ISIS-enabling bills through to Brown before he left for Europe, a place that may have served as the model for his unconstitutional firearm policies.

Now that the first phase of their year-long campaign to support violent criminals and terrorists is complete, the members of the Legislature who passed the bills have left Sacramento for a month-long, taxpayer-funded vacation.

“The Legislature ignored every rule in the book to fast-track their civilian disarmament agenda and herd the people into a state-wide gun-free-zone,” said Craig DeLuz, the director of public and legislative affairs for Firearms Policy Coalition.

Continued DeLuz, “There are still a dozen anti-gun bills pending in the Legislature, and while Governor Brown’s actions today were disturbing, Firearms Policy Coalition and our members will continue to fight to defend and restore the Second Amendment in California.”

With Senate Bill 1446¾ a statewide, confiscatory ban on lawfully-possessed “large-capacity” magazines law enforcement interests once again cut shady deals to exempt their retired members from the long reach of the new gun control laws.

Earlier this year, Firearms Policy Coalition, two other civil rights groups, and a number of individuals filed a federal civil rights lawsuit–captioned Garcia v. Attorney General Kamala Harris–that challenges California’s gun law exemptions for retired law enforcement officers on Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection grounds.

“Jerry Brown and the California Legislature have openly declared war on gun owners and the Bill of Rights,” continued Combs. “By signing the bills that he did, Governor Brown showed us that he has no respect for the rule of law, reason, or law-abiding people. I submit that he and his ilk deserve the same contempt in return.”

“The government would be wise to remember that there are more California residents with guns than there are government officials to take them away. To coin a phrase, ‘come and take it’,” Combs concluded.

The Governor signed the following bills today:

  • · AB 1135 (Levine): Bans common and constitutionally-protected firearms that have magazine locking devices.
  • · AB 1511 (Santiago): Criminalizes loaning of firearms between personally known, law-abiding adults, including family members, sportspersons, and competitors.
  • · AB 1695 (Bonta): Makes a non-violent misdemeanor a prohibiting offense.
  • · SB 880 (Hall): Bans common and constitutionally-protected firearms that have magazine locking devices.
  • · SB 1235 (de Leon): New restrictions on ammunition purchases; creates a DOJ database of ammunition owners.
  • · SB 1446 (Hancock): Statewide confiscatory ban on all lawfully-possessed standard-capacity ammunition feeding devices that hold more than 10 round; exemption for retired police

The Governor vetoed the following bills today:

  • · AB 1673 (Gipson): Would have redefined “firearms” to include objects that are not firearms
  • · AB 1674 (Santiago): Would have banned buying more than one firearm of any type within a 30-day period
  • · AB 2607 (Ting): Would have dramatically expanded the reach of secret “Gun Violence Restraining Orders”
  • · SB 894 (Jackson): Would have re-victimized victims of theft by criminalizing the failure to report lost and stolen firearms

AB 857 (Cooper), which would require that serial numbers be placed on un-serialized firearms manufactured going back 50 years and on all new home-built firearms, is still pending.

Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) is a grassroots, nonprofit public benefit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. More information about FPC can be found at

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WHEN is someone going to start charging these aholes with treason and sedition. The act of voting for these BLATANTLY unconstitutional bills is a crime in it’s self. Aside from the fact the constitution states that ANY law passed that is in conflict with the constitution IS NO LAW AT ALL. Grow a spine America these fascists are in the wrong and CAN be put out.


People it’s past time to do something about all this . You had better stop crying about what was done and stand together as one and take back whats being stolen from you . Your goverment in California is infested with back bitting liers and they will only do more if you let them. And that’s what they are banking on give you people a dog and pony show and take what they want in return .


Traitors all of them put them in jail for Violating there Othe to the Constitution .

Jim Macklin

Their coath.

Jim Macklin

Their oath, sorry for the typo

David C. Telliho

I wonder. How many of those Californians will willingly obey the Governor. Will they line up like the wimpy – poo`s of Conn. ? Or Hawaii ? Or will they resist ? I encourage the gun owners of Calif. and the rest of the country`s gun owners to resist by whatever means are dictated by these Governors. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Are we men ? Did our Founders pledge their lives and fortunes for this ? I`d even suggest we “open carry” to fourth of July celebrations, this year, leave the ammo at home. Nation wide. Be proud… Read more »


Can’t ban guns? Ban ammo. Or make the guns useless! Make everyone defenseless against CA criminals and terrorists! These laws are flagrantly unconstitutional. Who gave these people the right to play God with other peoples lives? CA Homosexual David Chiu authored these laws. Did this fool not see what happened in Orlando when there was nobody to shoot back? Idiot!

William Carrell

You Did !! Buy let them get in to Office. 4 Term Gov


The SFB got in under a loop hole they LEFT in the term limit law, just for this occasion. Just wait until the idiots vote in Newsom, deLeon or that wanna be messykin corrupt mayor Villaraigosa, his real name is Villar. He wanted to sound more messykin so he took his wife’s maiden name.


Moron Moonbeam Brown was a low life, Low intelligence the FIRST time he was ever elected to office. He managed to SPEND an EIGHT ( 8 ) BILLION dollar state surplus in the banks all the way down to a deficit so big they almost had to issue IOU’s for income tax refunds to the taxpayers. Among his other Stupidities: 1. Refused to live in the Governor’s mansion; So, The state HAD to hire TWO COUPLES to live in it and maintain it, the STATE ALSO had to RENT an apartment (LUXURY TYPE be sure) for him to live in.… Read more »

Thom Paine

Not even part of the United States anymore. And it hasn’t been for quite some time. I REFUSE to support any California based business . Same for N.Y. C.T. N.J. etc etc etc al.


AB 1135 – So come January 1, if you own a semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine, you have one year to register it before you are guilty of a felony. I see that they made the penalty of up to one year in a county jail, rather than a state prison. That is so you don’t get released early due to over-crowding, which is what happens to most non-violent offenders. But registration first, then will come confiscation. Hawaii has you register your guns now too. If you want to exercise your free speech right to speak out about this… Read more »

Witold Pilecki

Welcome to The Armed Civil Disobedience of Non-Compliance. Give the tyrants one giant middle finger and DO NOT COMPLY. Follow the six principles of: DEFY-DECEIVE-EVADE-RESIST-SMUGGLE-DEFEND That last one….DEFEND….means when the jack-booted thugs come to confiscate your guns at zero-dark-thirty, kick in your door, shoot your dog(s), and have your family face down and cuffed…YOU VOW TO KILL THEM! Then you kill their masters, just make sure you have the list of names and addresses of the treasonous tyrants first. Here in Kommiecticut, there is presently a stalemate, because the tyrants are actually scared shitless. It remains their move. Google “Thoughts… Read more »

J Wells

Governor ” Moonbeam ” is an idiot!!!

J. Wells

Governor ” Moonbeam ” is a complete idiot!!!

Jim Macklin

It will be Independence Day in 2 days. Maybe ALL the honest, oppressed gun owners and tax payers in LaLa Land should declare their independence by moving out of the Police State known as California.
Arizona and New Mexico would welcome solid citizens.
But they will have to swear a pledge to not vote Democratic or press for any California style “daddy and mommy government.”

Matt in Oklahoma

Those great citizens you wanna relocate are how it got that way


True enough. Funny thing is, the ones who left because of the assault on their rights, and the high fiscal cost of living and/or doing business in that state are also the ones who had been paying the most taxes. Their absense means the ones left behind will simply run out of all the Other People’s Money that much sooner. The imminent collapse of that state just got more imminent.


Matt,you’re right ! Their voting in Kali proves we don’t want them voting in free states !


Yeah great except the ones like me who do vote AGAINST the bastard lawyers who are crapping on California but we cant get jobs in other states so we can leave because of guys like you blabbering this nonsense.Heck i grew up in Missouri and cant even get an interview. Oh by the way i am an experienced engineer if you are hiring in a functional state.


That blabbering nonsense is the truth ! They keep electing this scum over and over.

Matt in Oklahoma

I’m gonna help you then blast you. When you go in say “the company has me based in Kalifornia but I’m from Missouri” so you distance yourself.
Now you greedy dream chaser don’t you dare blame your professional inadequacy on us for moving to queerafornia the land of milk n honey where illegal law breaking thugs run the show. This didn’t just happen. Vote with your feet was for years ago it’s too dang late now. Stay and reap the whirlwind.


California wake up! Even the “rare-air breather’s” in Colorado realized they needed to clean out their septic tank, and they did so by recalling two Demoncats who pushed anti-constitutional gun control measures! Those poor losers lost their jobs, but still enjoy the protection of what still remains of our Constitution! If you so love the state, and truly enjoy living under the repressive regime that controls you; then by all means “Live With IT”. But if you are tired of the BS, then get rid of the pond scum, and recover your dignity as citizens of the United States.

Jacob M. Opperman

Well people of California fired the idiots or impeach them some how and put some one in office who will get rid of every one of these things that they have enacted. Unless you all are ready to do this then those who vote for them or just plain don’t vote have no case to bitch about what they do.


These people lie, what vote? They make their own laws, to justify their own Evilll….

Matt in Oklahoma

Where’s all the Kali Molon Labe at? Ahhhs yes still drinking beer on the couch in the AC watching grown men play sports


Noy all of were doing that, there were a great many that were out protesting these pro terrorist bills. I for one have spent time out there protesting against these anti American bills, I have found that many people are all talk and so many people staued home when they could have helped knock these things down.


MOVE if you can ! … … Repeat; get the flock out of California ! Gov. Brown has been out in the noon day sun too much without a hat, thats the only reason he has lost his mind ( the old brain has been fried) ….I could not DRIVE fast enough across the boarder.
I wonder if Hollywood is exempt from the High cap. magazine thing too ?


Lets ban all tax money going to California.


Yes, stop paying your taxes.


I did I quit working.

Jim Macklin

Who is John Galt?


Who’s the smiling stooge standing behind Gov. Moonbeam?


I think that’s Gavin Newsome, the fool who used to be the Mayor of San Francisco. He wants to be the next governor of Kommiefornia and is even more LIberal than Governor Idiot.
Plus if you want to see what kind of a dip this guy really is, check out Kimberley Guilfoyle who is his ex-wife.


The two men behind the governor are Darrell Steinberg, mayor Sacramento and Mark Leno, state senator from the 11th district in California.

aaron wilkins

Kimberley Guilfoyle, is a hell of a lot smarter than you’re lame ass!


It’s obvious that you’re having a bit of difficulty with your grammar. You’re a sorry little hippy, that has no clue of the laws broken by, Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown by signing an executive fiat, outlawing the second amendment. Quit huffing the jenkum, you’re a shithead!


The two men behind the governor are Darrell Steinberg, mayor Sacramento and Mark Leno, state senator from the 11th district in California.


Darrell Steinberg, Kevin de Leon and Leland Yee have been among the most strident anti-gun senators in California. Leland Yee was convicted for accepting bribes for political favors and trafficking illegal weapons including conspiracy to smuggle assault rifles into California. The now disgraced, corrupt, hypocritical former senator Leland Yee is a felon serving his sentence at federal prison at Fort Worth as convict #19629-111.