Emil Praslick Joins the Berger Bullets Team

Emil Praslick
Emil Praslick
Berger Bullets
Berger Bullets

Fullerton, CA -(AmmoLand.com)- Berger Bullets announces the addition of Emil Praslick SFC (retired) to the team as their new Sponsorship Director.

Emil will be working directly with their sponsored shooters and teams, as well as managing their match sponsorships and gun writer efforts. Having someone as experienced as Emil on their team will assist them in establishing and maintaining their sponsorship program in a fresh and new approach.

Emil’s past experiences include serving as the Head Coach of the US National Long Range Rifle Team and Head Coach of the United States Army Marksmanship Unit for several years. He currently holds the most team wins of any coach in US Military history and holds a total of 20 (18 National & 2 World) shooting records. He has 33 Inter-Service Rifle Championships to his name. These are just a few of his many accolades.

Emil’s experience as a coach will directly translate to his role at Berger. For numerous years, he worked tirelessly to ensure that his teams and shooters performed to the best of their abilities. Now, he will be doing the same for Berger’s sponsored shooters and teams.

“My passion is coaching and working with shooters, so this is an incredible opportunity for me to help develop Team Berger by providing them with the support they need to perform at the highest level,” says Emil.

His connections and skills will make a great asset to the Berger team. With the knowledge and experience he brings to the table, this addition only makes their future brighter.

“I am thrilled that Emil has joined Berger. His experience and exceptional ability, both on and off the range, are certain to be impactful,” says Berger Bullets President, Eric Stecker.

About Berger Bullets:

Founded in 1955 by Bench Rest Hall of Fame member Walt Berger, Berger originally focused on bullets for one of the highest precision oriented disciplines. Berger has since broadened its offerings to match grade rifle bullets for Varmint, Target, Hunting and Tactical applications.

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