Construction Begins At FWC Shooting Sports Park In Palm Beach County FL

New park will offer Olympic shooting sports, hunter safety classes and other recreational opportunities.

Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park
Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Florida – -( Officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and Palm Beach County gathered to officially break ground for the Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park.

Representatives from the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD), the Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida, and the National Rifle Association (NRA) also participated in the ceremonial groundbreaking event. Phase 1 of this world-class facility – rifle and pistol ranges – is expected to open in 2017.

Nearly 900,000 Floridians participate in target shooting, and the new Palm Beach County facilities will meet this growing demand.

With five rifle and pistol ranges; five Olympic trap fields, six American trap fields, nine skeet fields, and a 12-station sporting clays course, the Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park will be one of the largest shooting sports facilities in Florida. It will provide opportunities for people to participate in shooting disciplines safely, allow practice for Olympic-style shooting events, and host hunter safety courses.

“This new facility will provide an opportunity for the entire community to participate in safe shooting sports activities, some of which are featured in the Olympics,” said Nick Wiley, executive director of FWC. “The shooting sports industry is important to Florida’s economy and our wildlife conservation efforts, and we are glad to help provide a place for people to enjoy these recreational activities safely.”

Phase I of the project was supported through funding from the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Program, which brings funding from the shooting sports industry and hunting and shooting sports participants directly back to Florida for these kinds of projects.

Additional support and funding are provided by Palm Beach County, NRA, Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida, and SFWMD. Phase 2 of this 150-acre complex, constructing the sporting clays range, is expected to go out for bid in early 2017.

The new park is located on Seminole Pratt Whitney Road – towards the main entrance to J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area and Everglades Youth Conservation Center Camp.

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  • 28 thoughts on “Construction Begins At FWC Shooting Sports Park In Palm Beach County FL

    1. We submitted for our Bathroom building permit 1-31-18 and still do not have it.
      As soon as we can build a bathroom, the range will open.

      Best Regards

      Sean L. Edwards
      Leisure Construction, Inc.
      3442 Tampa Rd
      Suite B
      Palm Harbor, FL 34684
      Wk (727) 242-5121
      Fax (727) 584-3700

      1. 7 mos for a permit for a bathroom for a state park….. that’s rediculous. Liberal county officials maybe.

    2. I just called and supposedly it’s Fall 2018 for opening…. Hurricane, permits, blah,blah, blah. Just get it done and open already!

      1. The longest rifle range at this point is 300 Yards. I would not expect competition shooting as this is a state sponsored shooting range and am not sure how many of them allow competitions.

    3. Glad to hear we are getting a great range closer to home. I think it would be better for the site to spell “sighting” instead of “citing” importance to local community

    4. We here at North County Tactical (515 Northlake Blvd. North Palm Beach FL) are very excited about this new range. As a thirty year resident of Northern Palm Beach county I have been waiting for a range like this for a long time. We are looking forward to being able to use the range for training our students and testing new firearms and our personal enjoyment.

    5. This will probably be a good range for yuppies, inexperienced urban gun owners and skeet and trap shooters but I guarantee you it will be so rigidly regulated that shooters used to finding a wide-open space out in the woods for informal plinking at beer cans or whatever will NOT enjoy it.

      When Florida’s population was below 10 million it was a wonderful place to live, but the infestation of northern vermin has driven population now to upwards of 20 million and rendered the Sunshine State unfit for human habitation.

      1. Sounds like you should move Fox! I on the other hand, will enjoy our new shooting park. The Sheriff range is just not open enough.

        1. Yes back under his rock. Egats! Hateful people with guns, not a good combination. I for one am looking forward to shooting with my son and my husband despite being northeast “vermin” we both are thrilled to have something closer to home.

    6. Terrific! Looks like a great place for me to get the whole family shooting. My kids could sure use a facility like this to develop their familiarity, safety and skill set with a variety of firearms.

    7. The site is cleared and ready to start concrete work for shooting sheds and baffle line.
      Check out www, I will up load some aerials tomorrow.

      1. Wayne, like you I can’t wait for this Park to open. We have needed this for a long time. I hope they have competitions like they do in Broward County.

        1. I HEAR YOU Erika! For me going to Markham Park Shooting Range is ridiculously too far from my house in Palm Beach County! CANNOT WAIT wait till 2018 for phase 3 completion… so I can do some skeet shooting near by!

    8. South Florida lacks suitable outdoor public ranges that dont restrict the shooter to one shot every 10 seconds, that do permit holster draws, that doesnt limit range time, that does allow human form targets, etc. Back in the 70’s we had plenty of rockpits and open spaces to spend a day shooting at anything you brought, without a regimental ordeal or fees. It was safe, free, and fun. Today all open spaces are fenced and posted, much of it state or county owned lands. The folks up north have it made compared to the urban jungle of South Florida. While this facility is clearly needed, i bet they are as restructive as the county run ranges in Dade and Broward.

    9. About time. We have been waiting for years for this to finally begin.
      Considering the number of shooters in this county. The lack of places to shoot specifically long guns has been deplorable.

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