Sara Price to Defend Terracross Championship in BitTorrent Sponsored UTV

Sara Price Terracross Win
Sara Price Terracross 2015 Win
Sara Price
Sara Price

USA – -( Decorated motocross and off-road racing champion Sara Price will return to Minneapolis, Minnesota, September 10-11 2016, in pursuit of another Terracross championship.

Last year Price took home the Terracross championship in the women’s class and was the first person in Terracross history to win all the main race events of the series. The pressure is on for her to defend her title.

Price has consistently broken down barriers in motorsports. She won over 17 national championships in motocross and medaled in the X-Games before making the switch to four wheels, winning several Off-Road and Time Attack racing championships.

In July, Price became the first woman to race a Stadium Super Truck and lead the pack for much of the race in Toronto.

Terracross combines rough, tough, and muddy tracks with identically prepared Polaris UTVs to produce thrilling and competitive short-course races.

“My season has been great so far and I’ve spent a lot of energy throwing myself into the SST series,” says Price. “Getting back into a UTV on dirt is like coming home for me, but I haven’t raced in one since February. The field is stacked with talented women and I’m going to jump back in full throttle.”

Price is supported by BitTorrent Inc., a media company dedicated to empowering radical voices in sports, music, film and more. Their global consumer media platform gives athletes and brands outside the mainstream exposure to over 200 million fans.

“Sara’s drive to break boundaries in racing is inspiring,” said Jeremy Johnson, co-CEO of BitTorrent. “We’re honored to support her and help bring her story to the world.”

Tune in to CBS Sports Network Sunday September 25 @10pm (EST) for coverage of the first Terracross Championship race.

Learn more about Sara Price at and follow her on Instagram @sarapricemx, Facebook @sarapricemx and Twitter.

BitTorrent Sponsored Sara Price
BitTorrent Sponsored Sara Price