Sipsey Street Irregulars Blog Closes Operations

By David Codrea

Happier times in photo taken in October, 2008 at Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot: Although we’d “known” each other for years via emails and phone calls, this was the first time I'd met my friends, firearm designer Len Savage and liberty advocate Mike Vanderboegh, in person. A month later, Mike would launch Sipsey Street Irregulars, introducing gun owners to the “Three Percent” concept, and two years later being the first blog to tie the death of a Border Patrol agent in with ATF-sanctioned “gunwalking.”

USA – -( “I'm spiking the guns here on Sipsey Street Irregulars,” Matt Vanderboegh wrote Wednesday, closing down a blog that’s been a source of patriot leadership and no small amount of independent investigative journalism since November, 2008. “A couple of days ago, I received some news that ended up shaking me to my very core. After a great deal of consideration, I have decided to close the doors of the Sipsey Street Irregulars. Effective immediately, this blog [will] not be updated or monitored.”

What “news”? That’s personal, and his wish to keep his reasons private unless or until he decides to share more is something his friends will support – and those who aren’t his friends don’t matter.

Matt’s announcement was sad, but not unexpected. Without going into details I am not at liberty to share, while we once had high hopes he would continue and expand on his father’s work, there was a lot of wishful thinking behind that expectation. I fully support him in his decision to pull the plug.

That holds a special sadness, as I was not only there for the birth of the blog, I'm the one who badgered Mike Vanderboegh into starting it. It allowed us to collaborate closely throughout its run on stories and developments that only time will tell if a real difference was made.

For the present, the archive should remain.  Some have asked about mirroring the site elsewhere. I wouldn't do anything without first consulting Matt and Mike’s wife Rosey, as the intellectual property is theirs to disposition.  Also, some of it is already captured over at the Wayback Machine.

Unsurprisingly, I've seen a few asses gloating, and telling whoever will listen it's due to Matt being afraid to buck the brass.  That's not the case and it did not even enter into the personal reasons Matt approached me and a few other trusted advisers with.

I’ll even prove that on an individual basis to any challenger who would like to put money on it. It won’t be gambling because it won’t be a game of chance, and all proceeds will go to the Vanderboegh family. Anyone who wants to keep yapping without taking me up on that might as well just admit up front to being ignorant, malicious and all mouth.

Speaking of useless noisemakers, it figures the Southern Poverty Law Center would celebrate this in its “Hate Watch” section, characterizing a blog promoting the Constitution as “anti-government,” and a blog opposing the Klan and Nazis as one promoting hate. Projection has always been big with the totalitarian lobby.

I’ve seen comments on social media where some have speculated on me to taking over the site.


First off, Mike knew better than to ask. SSI was his calling not mine, and besides, I don’t have his unique knowledge, perspective and ways of sharing observations. I have my own work and priorities, and anyone suggesting I take on more needs to understand how much has to go on behind the scenes to make that work happen.

Also, candidly I saw firsthand how few of Mike's readers came through with concrete support despite multiple appeals for gratitude offerings based on value received. Obviously, either not enough people thought they received value, or they did but figured no one would notice if they let others carry the load  — which perhaps about 3% of his regular readers stepped up to help with.

The closing of Sipsey Street Irregulars marks the end of an era. My opinion is Mike did great work there that deserves a place in the national memory as long as the nation exists to remember. That should be enough.

In any case, it will have to be. I wish Matt the best and am ready with some others to stand by him when he needs us.

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About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 17 thoughts on “Sipsey Street Irregulars Blog Closes Operations

    1. My concern is whether or not this info that has “shaken Matt to his core” is something that will affect the rest of us? I’ve heard very cryptic rumblings lately that we should expect “something” to happen around April or later. Is this related?

    2. The end of SSI was sad, but not a surprise. Nobody can fault Matt for doing so. This was his father’s endeavor, not his. From experience, I know the bond between fathers and sons are strong, and while the apple may not fall far from the tree, no pairing has the same blueprint for life. I wouldn’t want my son emulating me, and I’m proud that he’s blazed his own path, the trajectory of which Will be higher than mine. That is what every father should want for their boy. SSI gave Mike all he could handle and he did a fine job. I prefer to remember it, and him, that way. I wish Matt and his family the best.

      Niceties aside, would have preferred he left the “keep it legal” out of the sign-off. Legalities are merely rules made by politicians, which no free man is ever obligated to obey. Our obligation is to live or lives by not infringing on the lesson or property of others, it is not doing what some politician declares is legal. We all follow our own consciences. When we start worrying about what is “legal”, we all become sheep and they are numerous. What is needed is a shepherd, because the wolves are nearer than ever.

    3. “It allowed us to collaborate closely throughout its run on stories and developments that only time will tell if a real difference was made.”

      That is crazy talk. You and mike already had a huge impact – putting holder and obama on defense over the fast and furious stuff bought us all enough time to survive the obama admin gun control attempts. They had to waste plenty of time and energy covering that up, fighting the various investigations, dealing with foxnews and cbs, etc. That was time they could have been using to come after gun rights – it also scared them away from attempting something similar again.

    4. If he’s anything like his father, I doubt this will be the last we hear from Matt. I salute him for carrying his father’s torch in regards to the blog, as opposed to just closing the doors when Mike passed. Those were some pretty big shoes to fill and he performed admirably. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that the family will bring Mike’s opus “Absolved” to fruition in some form. I know I’m not the only one.

    5. So very sorry to hear that SSI is closing, but so grateful for all of the work and patriotism and info. This movement back towards our Constitution is a very, very hard nut to crack, but with tremendous patriots such as all of you guys, we are making inroads into the quest for restored Liberty. Thank you for sharing this news. I’ll look for you guys individually in other endeavors.

    6. Best wishes to Matt.. Whatever his reasons are for ending Sipsey Street, he has a right to do what he believes is in his best interest. I respect his decision, and I won’t engage in idle speculation. Blogs come and go all the time, Sipsey Street Irregulars is one worth remembering.

    7. Good luck to Matt in his future endeavors, and best to you David. I don’t blame him for ‘spiking the rifles’ after reading the last installment, with the chest thumping blowhards. Who’s got time for that.

    8. Whatever Matt’s reasons are I pray that they may be soon resolved and that no harm comes to him or his family. Shutting down SSI most assuredly was not a spur of the moment decision made without due consideration. I’m going to miss seeing the Vanderboegh slant on things, but I do have the memories and they all are good. David, thanks for your thoughts and for being Mike’s and Matt’s friend.

    9. I’m hoping Matt will tell US sooner rather than later why he walked away from the SSI blog if for no other reason so our minds won’t wonder and we can get back to expanding freedom and liberty in our land as Mike Vanderboegh worked so hard to do when he was alive.

      I do respect Matt’s decision and his father’s work and your work as well David.

      I wonder who Mike would vote for this November were he still among the living?

    10. He receieved news that threatened him to his core?!?!?!? I hope he doesn’t have cancer like his dad. Or is someone threatening his family? He seemed all in to the blog, so it was something big.

        1. My mistake. I read that differently than I am sure he intended under the context you supplied. Just surprised given how enthusiastic he was about the blog and how cryptic that resignation post was, but he does not owe us an explanation at all. I was saying that more out of concern for him anyway – I know exactly the kind of evil bastards you and his father have been taking on for years.

    11. Well said, sir, and well done.
      I wish I had the understanding of the backstory that you do, for my own curiosity’s sake, but that’s all it is, and I am bound to honor Matt’s decision, if only out of respect for both him, and his father’s august memory.

      I wish him, and you, all the best.

    12. “We’re not anti-government, we’re anti-corrupt government”.
      The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution carry a remedy to that.
      My standard response.
      And this current gov. is the worst in America’s entire history.

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