Submitting Anonymous Tips to ATF

Submitting Anonymous Tips to ATF
Submitting Anonymous Tips to ATF
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ( ATF )
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ( ATF )

USA –-( The fight to protect our communities is not just up to law enforcement. It’s a partnership between communities and law enforcement.

We look to you who live in these communities we protect to provide us with information about gun violence.

In an effort to make your communities safer, ATF is launching a new way to collect your tips involving firearms or to provide leads to help us prevent violent crimes from happening.

Using your phone, tablet or computer, you will be able to tell us instantly and anonymously about crimes that may be happening in your communities that involve firearms, explosives, violent crime, or arson.

ATF values your privacy and is offering this service through reportit (link is external)®, a mobile app that allows you to remain anonymous. With reportit® concerned citizens can report suspicious or unusual activities in real time while having the assurance that your identity will remain anonymous and confidential. reportit® makes it easy to create and submit a tip, and attach a photo or video, with confidence that the information is forwarded to us real time. With the time and location of the incident, we can better respond and provide the necessary resources quickly and efficiently.  You will have the option to provide your personal information, but this will not be required to submit your tip. You can visit the reportit (link is external)® website for more infomation on their service.

Our desire is to have a significant impact in keeping your communities safe, without violating your privacy.

We need your help in our efforts to remove crime from your streets.


Question: How anonymous is it?

Answer: reportit® is not designed to track users of the system. If you choose to use the system to submit a tip, we are unable to track your device, track your location or track your identity in any other manner. ATF has chosen to use this system so that you can submit tips to us while respecting your need for privacy or anonymity.

For more questions and answers about your privacy and security, visit our webpage that will provide details on this external service.

About ATF

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is a highly specialized agency within the Department of Justice whose main goal is preventing, interrupting and removing violent crime from American communities. ATF investigates and prosecutes crimes involving arson, explosives, alcohol and tobacco diversion and the illegal possession, use and trade of firearms. The Denver Field Division works with local, state and federal law enforcement and public safety organizations to combat violent crime in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Utah. For more information about ATF, visit

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joe budd

To f***ing hell with the ATF.


Actually, the ATF has never had a mission that involved reducing violent crime. They were formed under the Treasury department with the sole purpose of enforcing tax laws imposed on Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (including the special “tax stamp fees” on short barreled rifles and shotguns, sound suppressors, automatic weapons, etc. All their rhetoric about other missions is BS, and an effort to expand their own power.


So, as a Texas CHL holder with the right to carry openly will I be harassed by the ATF because somebody observed me legally carrying a handgun or with my legally carried AR15 in my truck? I see this as another attempt by our government and anti-gun establishment to track and harass legal gun owners. Why are we considered guilty until proven innocent? As a veteran and a career state employee in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice with no criminal record I only see this having a negative impact on legal gun owners.


Firearms background checks & registration information aren’t stored indefinitely – wink wink.

Reportit® is not designed to track users of the system. If you choose to use the system to submit a tip, we are unable to track your device, track your location or track your identity in any other manner. – WINK WINK.

Remember the quote from War Games: “The only winning move is not to play.”

2nd Amender

Exactly as we all agree… our “gun dumb, patriotically numb” neighbors can make ‘accusations’ about us to “a federal law enforcement agency”.

Paul Markel

Dafuq? This is the same agency creating law via memorandum and independent “rulings”. Shameful.


Oh Big brother is alive and well. Report your neighbor for some sugar and butter. That’s what they do in Cuba. Screw the ATF. They are not here to protect me. This is just conditioning. The FBI follows up on basically zero tips. Why would I think the ATF is any better? They are nothing but a bunch of lawless thugs with guns and badges.

Jim in Conroe

The scope for harassment of law abiding gun owners by anti gun organizations is staggering. And if someone phones in an anonymous tip that you are planning to commit a crime with a weapon you own, it won’t be a polite patrolman, who shows up at your door to ask a couple of questions. Expect the full on SWAT experience.

Mike Murray

Great, another “snitch on someone you don’t like” program. What could go wrong with that? Not being confronted by your accuser, relying on manufactured probable cause, more agency witch hunts, selective targeted prosecution, make-work for agents… more of what we have now.


Gee, Mike. You sound like an American Indian. I’m surprised that people don’t trust the government, just because they are proven liars, cheats and thieves. They are here to help you. I also have bridges for sale.


And whats wrong with being Indian??? where are your bridges???and how much are you asking??


Kinda reminds you of Hitler or Stalin, if my memory serves me correctly.

Every day shows us another trend leading that way.


Here is a great tip for you, get rid of all the bureaucrats who know next to nothing about firearms and replace them with knowledgeable agents who will actually go after criminals.


Here is a tip for you, how about getting rid of the useless bureaucrats and hiring some knowledgeable agents who will go after criminals instead of harassing legitimate shops and citizens.


Here is a tip for you, dump the loser bureaucrats that don’t know dick about firearms and get some knowledgeable agents who will prosecute criminals instead of harassing legitimate shops and gun owners.

D. Murphy

I wonder if this is a smoke screen for progressives to report to BATF on those who have guns so they can be harassed by the government once Hillary is elected?


BATF – Aren’t they the ones that create overly burdensome reporting requirements on law-abiding gun dealers that serves no purpose in the prevention and resolution of crime? Wasn’t it the BATF who tried to sneak in new definitions that would have a negative effect on law-abiding gun owners? Wasn’t it the BATF that let participated in the illegal gun running to Mexico and its drug dealers? Wink, wink – give them an anonymous phone call so they can help prevent crime. Just like the trash in the White House, its most difficult to tell when/if they are telling the truth.… Read more »