G2 Urban Carry Holster : Review, Skinny Jean Test

By John Crump
John puts the G2 Urban Carry Holster to the deep concealment test.

G2 Urban Carry Holster
G2 Urban Carry Holster : Review
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- I have always wanted to appendix carry my firearm, but I have never found a holster that was comfortable enough to make appendix carrying a viable option for me.

The closest holster for this has been the Rekkr Custom Kydex Geisa Holster, but even that wasn’t comfortable enough to carry every day. My search continued and it eventually led me to the G2 Urban Carry Holster .

G2 Urban Carry Holster

The G2 Urban Carry Holster is not an inside the waistband holster, and it is not an outside the waistband holster. The G2 is a below the waistband holster. The holster clips onto your belt. Then you put the slide of your gun in a little pocket of the leather piece that goes inside your pants and it will hang below your waistline. When you need it you pull up on the leather flap that covers the metal clip and the gun sides up enabling you to draw it.

When I received my package, the G2 Urban Carry Holster, came in a nice sack made out of the same material bags for sunglasses come in. I inspected the stitching and leather work and found them to be near flawless. The metal clip was strong. The magnets that do all the work were strong as well.

Urban Carry claims that their holsters are ready to go right out of the packaging, but they do recommend that you condition the leather. Since they say it can be used right away I decided to take them up on it and put it to use. A lot of companies claim no break in period, but few actually deliver.

I inserted my Glock 43 into the pouch at the bottom of the leather piece that goes in my pants. The gun stayed put thanks to an ultra strong magnet built into the G2 Urban Carry Holster. The retention from the magnet was strong enough to prevent the gun from falling out, but not strong enough to prevent the gun from being drawn. It felt like the retention on a good quality kydex holster.

This also leads to one of the few shortcomings. The retention can not be adjusted. This shouldn’t be an issue since the retention should be fine for most people.

Right out of the packages the G2 Urban Carry Holster felt comfortable. I was able to easily walk and sit with the holster. The printing was that noticeable from the holster resembles carrying a wallet or other object in your front pocket. Also it prints in an area and a way you would not expect a gun to print leading most people not to notice it.

The metal clip is covered by a leather flap with a magnet which holds the cover over the clip. This makes it look like you are carrying a cell phone and in no way looking like a gun. This means you can carry your gun with a shirt tucked in and no one would be any wiser. This is the very definition of hiding in plain sight. This flap is also how you draw the gun. By pulling up on the flap, the gun comes to you.

Urban Carry G2 Holster
Urban Carry G2 Holster

Drawing the gun takes some getting used to. I kept reaching down with my right hand to pull up on the flap. I had to make a conscious effort to use my left hand to pull up on the flap freeing my right hand to draw the weapon. Once I got that down [training = muscle memory] It was easy to pull my weapon and get on target.

Even though I could pull my weapon easily I was a lot slower than a standard IWB holster. This could be because I have only been using the holster for a week and I have been using the standard IWB holsters for years. I am curious to see what more practice will do to my times.

I decided to put The G2 Urban Carry to the ultimate test. I put on a pair of hipster skinny jeans to see how the holster would work in a “confined area”. It did print a little more, but nothing that wasn’t manageable. It was still relatively comfortable which was a surprise. When pulling the weapon I did have to reach down with my right hand and pull the waistband out in order to draw the weapon. This did slow down my time, but since I don’t usually wear skinny jeans and most hipsters don’t carry guns this should not be a problem.

G2 Urban Carry Holster Skinny Jean Test
G2 Urban Carry Holster Skinny Jean Test

My next test was to draw the Glock sitting down. This was considerably harder to do. I had to straighten out my right leg, lean back, pull my waistband forward, pull the flap releasing the gun, and then draw the weapon. This didn’t take as long as it seems like it would take, but it is still a lot to do under stress. I would suggest anyone who uses this holster to practice pulling your gun from a seated position until it becomes muscle memory.

The one drawback that I wish could be fixed, ease of reholstering. Now this isn’t a big deal if you are dry firing at home, but can be a pain at the range. It isn’t impossible to reholster the gun, but it takes time and practice to reholster correctly and efficiently with the G2 Urban Carry. I got a lot of funny looks on the range while reholstering my firearm.

Overall I am quite impressed with the innovation and design of the G2 Urban Carry Holster. It is a very comfortable holster and has gotten even more comfortable over time as the leather softens.

I plan to add this holster to my rotation since I can appendix carry with it comfortably. It will be interesting to see if I can get my draw speed up and if the other guys at the range will stop looking at me as I am reholstering.

The G2 Urban Carry Holster can be found at https://urbancarryholsters.com

The G2 Urban Carry Holster Score

  • Quality 4.5/5
  • Look 4/5
  • Comfort 5/5
  • Value 4/5

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnews. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and The Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on the history of the patriot movement and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss or at www.crumpy.com.

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jay jones

I bought this travisty! Maybe if you didn’t have balls, this autrocity might work. Only uniques can wear this contraption.


Learn to spell, you undereducated twit!

The Stove

Hey John, I wondering what your thoughts are on it now that you’ve had some time to use it. Also I’m confused as to what advantage it offers over a typical IWB holster. I assume you need to have enough space between you and your belt to slide the holster and gun up and out. But if you leave that inch or more, assuming you carry a double stack pistol, what keeps your pants from falling down? Also, I have had a hard time finding pants that offer enough room in the thighs, seems everything is going skinny these days,… Read more »


Some folks don’t find a standard IWB holster practical unless you can always wear loose fitting shirts that don’t have to be tucked in or jackets, etc. that can cover the firearm. Or, some folks have a little more “muffin top” to their build and don’t like their firearm constantly digging into them throughout the day. What if it’s warm out and you are an urban professional who wears dress shirts or polos tucked in all the time? Then a standard IWB won’t be practical. You want something that is ultra-concealable. That is where this comes in. They come in… Read more »


Anyone who has any experience carrying knows that this holster is a horrible design and completely impractical. Good luck on your draw with this.


You’re talking from personal experience with carrying and with using this holster, of course?

Ricardo Sarquis

First off than you Mr. Crump for the review, it has really helped me make the choice into buying this holster. I have a Glock 43 and was not able to find a review as detailed as yours. What size of hostler did you buy? the website recommends the lieutenant size but I am not sure if they are accurate. Thank you once again for the great review and appreciate any tips you could give me. I am relatively new to owning a gun and as of now I go practice daily to the range to be able to get… Read more »

John Crump

That is the size I got. It is important that you get the right size. Reply back about how you like it. Good luck on you CHL!

Mark G Simpson

Honestly? One commenter here says it won’t work with a Ruger 357 LCR. That seems to contradict the statement it will work with a S&W air weight. Any thoughts? Thanks, Mark

John Crump

I honestly see no reason why it wouldn’t


If you are in ANY sitting or in a slightly bent at the hip situation, OR have an overhanging belly… You are DEAD… PERIOD !

John Crump

It is possible to draw sitting. It takes practice. I am getting better, but still not enough to trust myself.


… and I suppose you are speaking from experience… Kinda a rough statement to make with nothing following it to explain, just sounds like tough guy bullsh*t. Have you tried one of these holsters? I use Nexbelt Tactical Series gun belts, they don’t make any noise when opening them. I’m pretty sure the gun would come out fast, as I also wear pants a couple of sizes bigger due to IWB for a long time. I have a little overhang myself. As for reholstering, it would be the same as a Safariland, If you have a GLOCK you should have… Read more »


How well would this work for a Ruger 38 special LCR revolver

John Crump

I have used it for my Smith & Wesson Airweight and it has worked and is a similar size.


I have a Ruger LCR .357 Magnum. I bought the Urban Carry G-2 because I thought it would work for it.. It is the least comfortable holster I have ever worn and unless you have a 32 inch waist and you wear very loose pants, it won’t work for an LCR. I cannot draw the weapon past my belt even with loose jeans. It just won’t come out. And the new magnetic strip rubs on your leg when you walk. Big fail.


John, what are your thoughts of the open sides, with something possibly catching the trigger? Appendix carry has always concerned me with the Femoral artery right there, so I really like something with a good trigger guard on the holster. But i do like the deep conceal idea.

John Crump

The trigger was covered with my Glock 43. The magnet is also right there. I also rocked a S&W Airweight and it’seems trigger was also covered


I played the video and replayed this claim 3 times to be sure I heard it correctly, “Still, probably, made in america”

John Crump

I can’t comment on where it is made. I was only doing a review of how well it worked.


At 2:10 –“The G2 Urban Carry is still PROUDLY MADE IN AMERICA. You need a hearing test.”


Comment from a range safety officer: No responsible public-use range will allow appendix carry, or cross-draw, or shoulder rig, or “s-o-b” holster, because of muzzle safety issues. No probbo if you fire on your own land – your property, your rules.

John Crump

My organization has a private range.