We Interview The Three Percenters’ Leaders on Bogus ALT Right Claims

By John Crump

Kaleb Hill and Dominic Chappell
he Three Percenters’ Kaleb Hill (left) and Dominic Chappell
John Crump
John Crump

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- With the explosion of Patriot groups during the Obama administration comes with attacks from the left that these groups are part of the so called “Alt Right” which has been used to describe everyone from Milo Yiannopoulos, a very openly gay conservative, to the openly racist National Policy Institute.

In the past I have sat down with the leader of III% United Patriots and spoken with him at length and I couldn’t find anything nefarious about them. Maybe they were the exception and other Patriots groups fell into the “alt right.”

I decided to speak to another Patriot group and see what they do and what they think. I approached the leaders of The Three Percenters’ Kaleb Hill and Dominic Chappell to see if they would be willing to talk to me about who they are and what they do.

More importantly by speaking with them I would now have interviewed to the two biggest 3% groups in the country.

This will allow me to see if the 3% movement as a whole is part of the left’s definition of the alt right or not.

John Crump: Hello Kaleb. Hello Dom. Thank you for taking time out of your lives to speak with us.

Kaleb Hill: No problem

Dominic Chappell: It is our pleasure.

John Crump: Tell me a little about yourselves

Kaleb Hill: I am Kaleb Hill. I live in Mississippi, and I am an infantry combat veteran. I served 6 years in the Army National Guard as an 11 Bravo. While I was in I did one combat tour in Iraq from 2009 to 2010. I am also a certified firearms instructor in Mississippi. I teach the enhanced concealed carry class as well as a bunch of other fun courses such as main battle rifle courses and AR15 courses. I really have a love for our country and the Constitution. I really want to provide them a better future and watch them grow up in a free country.

I started a three percenters page and met Dom a year into it. It morphed into something more than just a Facebook page. On the Internet side we have forums and a webpage where you can find information on us. We have a good set of by-laws, train, and meet regularly.

Dominic Chappell: I work as a systems engineer doing datacenter operations. I have three girls and live in Fredericksburg, VA, which is the heart of the civil war area. Being a huge fan of history it is cool to live where I do. I am a veteran of the Marine Corp. I served from 2000 to 2005. I was stationed at Quantico. I was a crew chief for the executive flight detachment which is for the aircraft that moves the president. That helped me see what goes on behind the scenes with the movement of the President. I got to see what the secret service does and the cost behind it.

Around the time of Sandy Hook I was looking into getting my first AR and Sandy Hook ruined that deal for me. From there I started paying attention to things that were going on in the world. I hooked up with Kaleb and we started to talk about how to do more as three percenters. You can share a lot of good information on a Facebook page, but we knew we needed to become more.

John Crump: Why were The Percenters founded?

Kaleb Hill: I looked up patriots groups and really liked the ideas behind the 3%. I first I started The Three Percenters Mississippi page. I thought “I should take this national so I deleted the Mississippi part and made it our national page. This was in 2011.

We wanted to bring like-minded induvial patriots together to start to network together and start to train together. That was the original idea behind it. It started out as a Facebook page and then developed into more.

John Crump: The term “alt right” is getting thrown around a lot. Would The Three Percenters be considered part of the “alt right”?

Kaleb Hill: I actually had to look up the definition today since I kept seeing it and apparently the alt right sounds like a bunch of white supremacist groups to me.

That is definitely not us. We welcome all races and religions as long as they abide by the Constitution. We don’t put up with racism. That is one reason we have a vetting process everyone has to go through.

We have leaders of other races in our group. Racism will be dealt with quickly with a boot.

John Crump: How many members do you currently have?

Dominic Chappell: We currently have 20,000 active members nationwide. We are rapidly expanding. We have members in every state.

Kaleb Hill: We are growing a rapid rate so it is hard to give an exact number, but Dom is right. We have around 20,000 people.

John Crump: What do you think the biggest challenge to the Patriot Movement?

Kaleb Hill: Differences in opinion. That’s been the biggest threat to our organization. Our own selves.

Dominic Chappell: For me, I see a few major problems. First is a lack of professionalism among patriotic people. This is a major driving factor in disunity, which is the second problem. The third is a lack of understanding of the intent of liberty and freedom. Too many people want to pick and choose those when they are convenient and use them as weapons when they aren’t.

John Crump: Where do you see the country going?

Dominic Chappell: I think the country has too many hidden powers at work. It’s difficult to see where we will end up. But there’s definitely a division that is being fueled and driven towards civil unrest. It will be interesting and concerning to see how those forces play out. As III percenters, we need to remain vigilant and stay focused on preserving liberty and the Constitution. Our necessity hasn’t gone away or reduced because of the election. We are just as responsible now as with the previous administrations.

John Crump: How does one go about joining The Three Percenters?

Kaleb Hill: The first thing to do is go to our website and read about us. Then they would join our Facebook and the forums. From there we have a vetting process where we talk to them and ask a series of questions to make sure that we are a good for fit them and they are a good fit for us.

Dominic Chappell: Everyone gets vetted with those questions. We want to make sure everyone is a good fit. Sometimes they can be good people, but they just don’t fit.

John Crump: Thank you Dom and Kaleb.

Dominic Chappell: Thank you.

Kaleb Hill: Thank you.

The Three Percenters can be found at www.thethreepercenters.org

The Three Percenters
The Three Percenters

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnews. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and The Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on the history of the patriot movement and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss or at www.crumpy.com

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Mr Crump, have you personally done any research into what the true meaning of “III%” is? Here is a digest but you would do well to follow the link in my earlier posting (assuming you even allow it to see the light of day) and read the article to which I supplied a URL. Three Percent Catechism. These four principles — moral strength, physical readiness, no first use of force and no targeting of innocents — are the hallmarks of the Three Percent ideal. Anyone who cannot accept them as a self-imposed discipline in the fight to restore the Founders’… Read more »

Chris Baisey

Bill, maybe you should research Mr. Crump. I think you will find he understands the true meaning of |||%.
He has written many articles and holds a podcast every Thursday evening.
Personally, I have seen Mr. Crump as a valuable member of the community.


John Crump

Thanks Chris. I have been researching the 3% for two years and putting it into book form. I am still trying to reach Gayle Nyberg though if anyone can help


Since you’ve been researching them, what do they have to say about our current president who has been found to have colluded with a foreign adversary to rig our election, and just got caught for trying to bribe a leader of a foreign government for his own political gain? I haven’t heard a peep from them since this grifter has been in charge, not like when Obama was president oh lord the apocalypse was upon us.. cowards.. all of em. And traitors .


You mean, the fact that none of that crap has been proven even though it’s been gone over with a fine tooth comb? You’re an idiot, you know that? You’re also a basement-dwelling pansy that needs to lay off the showers with your dad.


A army is by nature is a group of personalities some are well rounded and some are crack pots. Some men when they don camo and bare a weapon mystically morph into real jerks. Any group that is not held to accountably by a code of military conduct that supports stiff punishment for disobeying the code will by human nature “get into trouble”. I think small in clandestine local groups, accountable and very familiar with one another and strict adherence to the code is better than a huge uncontrolled group of people where untested and unfamiliar men operate with out… Read more »

Wild Bill

@philly, An army is a group that has been trained to give up that individual personality crap and act as a team. If there were only two privates left, there would be a chain of command. And What is your point, anyway?

Donnie balogh

The 3 percenters are a fantasy of wantabes that have watched too many movies. Their very idea of the group is a fantasy,. The revolutionary war was not fought nor won by militia,. It was fought and won by Continental army regulars under command of professional soilders like General George Washington and others,. And the Continental army was financed by the contential Congress. General Washington did write about the militias many times,. And said they were useless and unreliable,. Just like today


Not to mention, do these clowns think that they could fight off the American army with all its drones and DARPA warfare??? And they sitting around gettin drunk and shooting at abandoned cars in the desert on the weekends.. give me a break with these guys lol


Ah, excuse me but do any of you folks recognize the place name, Pinson Alabama? If you do, then you SHOULD know that there IS NO national organization of III%-ers. Any who do NOT recognize the name should at least follow the link just below this paragraph and read the piece – yes I know it it long but some thangs cannot be encapsulated in a soundbyte – and if you cannot abide by what it says then you are not, truly, a III%-er. http://sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com/2014/06/a-brief-three-percent-catechism.html III% is not an organization or even a movement. It is an idea; an IDEAL.… Read more »

John Crump

Bill I have spoken to Mike before his passing so I am well aware the III% is not an organization, but The Three Percenters are. The Three Percenters are apart of the larger III% much like III% United Patriots or regional organizations like III% of Idaho. You could argue Oath Keepers are apart of the III%. I know it can get confusing.

Much like Anonymous is a movement but Lulsec was an organization within the movement, or even BLM757 is part of Black Lives Matter. There are the overarching movement and organizations

John Crump

The Three Percenters is an organization founded on the ideas of the III%. The Three Percenters is a group of 3%’ers that came together and train. There is no national organization over the movement, but there is nothing to say a bunch of like minded individuals can not come together under the ideas of Mike Vanderboegh and band together. I sat down with Dominic Chappell awhile ago and we actually discussed these ideas. Someone came to him and was wondering why everyone doesn’t form under one banner. He explained that no one person has the right of the III%. Mike… Read more »


Why all the sniping and bickering? Look into a Man or Woman’s heart, observe their actions, is there Passion for our country, our freedoms, our constitution? Will this person lay their lives on the line for our Republic, the citizens living within our Republic be they for us or not, for ALL our children? The immaturity of what name, who was first, what color your patch is and etc. is foolish. If any of you have ever been “down range” I can assure you the brother or sister to the right or left of you better be your focus and… Read more »

John Crump

No idea, man

Reinald A Vallejo

Sound like a glorified hunting club. Do they have any important ideas of changing America to speak of? MAGA

John Crump

Sure. Visit their page at threepercenters.org. I believe it is all in their bylaws/

jack poland

It’s much easier to just bitch and moan about things we don’t know about. Researching and investigating for ourselves is too much like work.

Matt in Oklahoma

There is no “joining” the 3%ers. Any clown can buy a tattoo, swag and wholla they are it. Same thing with calling this guy a “leader”. Who made him leader? I ask 10 of the 3%ers I know and none will know who he is.
Therein lies the issue

John Crump

There is no joining the 3% which is true, but there are 3% organizations. The Three Percenters is one of the biggest. Some of the others are III% United Patriots, The Three Percenters Club, and 3%’ers of Idaho. 3UP, The Three Percenters, and The 3 Percenters club are the biggest. Kaleb is very well known and respected in the community along with other people like Mike Morris and the late Mike Vanderboegh.

Shawn McFatter

Great interview. Thanks for helping to get the real information out there. By the first few comments here, It’s easy to see we have a long way to go. To some of the readers out there… When you remark in condescension, it shows you lack the willingness to broaden your horizon. That is flawed navigation, reducing the ability to learn and move forward. III% is not a militia. I speak only for myself. If I am wrong, Mr. Hill and Mr. Morris, I apologize. Thanks again.

John Crump



You are right, they are a domestic, terrorist organization that needs to be wiped out like Osama bin Laden .


Let’s start with you, you worthless sack of dung. You’re in the wrong neighborhood, kid.


Just a moral question here:
Where were you when they shot Lavoy Finicum ?
That stain on militias will not be wiped anytime soon.
You failed the very core of our country – ranchers & farmers.


They were talking tough and posturing.

Dave Eckart

Gil, again, you posting non-sense. Here is a link to what the III%er’s official statement was. I decided to do a quick Internet search for it after reading your ignorant post. You would be amazed at how easy it is to research and learn things by using the Internet as a learning and fact-finding tool, instead of just a means of showing your ignorance.



Thanks for proving what I just wrote.

Dave Eckart

I gather by your reply that you didn’t bother reading their statement.


They released a “that sucked” tract as opposed to going there to help them out.

Dave Eckart

So, Gil, you seemingly have read their statement and have posted a reply contrary to your original flippant post. Their statement makes it clear why they were not there.

John Crump

Most organizations didn’t support the taking over of the wildlife refuge and believed that it did more harm than good. I don’t believe any organization supported the occupation. This explains why they were not there during the shooting. I am not saying the shooting was justified, but just explaining why there were no organizations there.