Net Competitor Kick-Off League Final 2016 Results

Net Competitor Kick-Off League
Net Competitor Kick-Off League
Net Competitor, Inc.
Net Competitor, Inc.

USA -( Score entry is closed, the challenge period has ended, and the results of The 2016 Net Competitor Kick-Off League are in!

The first annual Kick-Off League, sponsored by Gun Girls, Inc. and SportExcel, featured 8 disciplines and was held across 16 states and 3 countries!

This was the first in a series of matches we’ll be running every year, beginning with Monthly Matches this December and The Winter Games on Jan. 30th.

After 5 exciting weeks of shooting, here are the highlights of the conclusion of this year’s Kick-Off League:


Free Pistol:

Dan Brown won first place with a total score of 1356, averaging 271 points a week! Trent Hering took second with a score of 1263, and Susan Brown had third, scoring 1253. This was an exciting match to watch. Great shooting in such a challenging discipline!


Precision (Bullseye) Pistol:

Fletcher White definitively held first place with a total score of 1471, ending very strong with an very impressive 297 for his week 5 score! Dan Brown had second place with 1461 and Trent Hering was third, scoring 1424.

Trent came back strong in week 5 with his best score of the match to take that third spot, topping Ben King by just two points!


.22 Rifle Prone:

Of the 2000 possible points, Roger McRoberts missed only 14 of them, scoring 1986. He finished a solid performance all month where he started, in first place!

Not far off that mark, Jeffrey Walters with 1979 points and Hap Rocketto with 1975 have claimed the second and third place spots, respectively.


.22 Rifle Prone Rookie Division:

Rachel Biscoe held her spot on top with a total score of 661. Robert Biscoe claimed second place shooting a 616, followed by Caroline Gallagher for third place shooting her best score yet, 57 points higher than week 4!


10 Meter Air Pistol:

In a tight race, Dan Brown has stayed on top of the pack! He wrapped up the month with a 1411 score. Christopher Alto, who was trailing Susan Brown by 3 points last week, claimed second place for the finish!

His 1407 was just three points over Susan who took third. That’s right, just 7 points between third and first. Wow!


.22 3P Rifle:

With the highest score shot all month by anyone, a 298, Dwayne Fund firmly gripped that number one spot wrapping up the month with a score of 1451! Craig Speirs had second place with a solid 1402 score, and hello Wesley Shumaker! He has stepped it up in week 5 to leapfrog into to third place!


3P Air Rifle:

Aaron McCommon hung on to claim the first place prize with a score of 1325! Josie Clark, who has been right there with Aaron claimed second place with 1321, and Wesley Smith was third with 1315. With only 10 points between those three, this had us on the edge of our seats to the end!



Following last week’s perfect 25 score Ken Kessler inched up to first place with a score of 113, beating out Louis Dash who also shot a 113 but missed his second to last bird! Just one point back, Doug Bottcher grabbed third place. He just barely beat out Randy Poelstra for that spot who’s 111 was just 1 miss shy.


For a complete listing of results visit the league website.

Participants of this competition received 40 awards, stickers and 16 product prizes donated from our sponsors, along with a 30 percent discount offer on “Mind vs. Target” by Bob Palmer to everyone through the end of the year!

Thank you Gun Girls, Inc. and SportExcel for partnering with us for the first of our quarterly leagues!


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Summer Games – Jul 31 – Sep 10
Kick-Off League – Oct 30 – Dec 3


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Look for Trap and Free Pistol to return along with additional disciplines in pistol, rifle, shotgun and archery in our upcoming monthly matches and quarterly leagues!

Hope to see you all in the Winter Games!


Individual Winners:

.22 Free Pistol
1. 1356 18x Dan Brown
2. 1263 11x Trent Hering
3. 1253 5x Susan Brown

.22 Precision Pistol
1. 1471 52x Fletcher White
2. 1461 39x Dan Brown
3. 1424 28x Trent Hering

.22 Rifle Prone
1. 1986 146x Roger McRoberts
2. 1979 104x Jeffrey Walters
3. 1975 124x Hap Rocketto

.22 Rifle Prone – Rookie
1. 661 Rachel Biscoe
2. 616 Robert Biscoe
3. 334 Caroline Gallagher

10 Meter Air Pistol
1. 1411 Dan Brown
2. 1407 Christopher Alto
3. 1404 Susan Brown

3P .22 Rifle
1. 1451 76x Dwayne Fund
2. 1402 60x Craig Speirs
3. 1375 24x Wesley Shumaker

3P Air Rifle
1. 1325 38x Aaron McCommon
2. 1321 44x Josie Clark
3. 1315 26x Wesley Smith

1. 113 Ken Kessler
2. 113 Louis Dash
3. 112 Doug Bottcher

Team Winners:

.22 Precision Pistol

1. 5657 19x – Team A
Portland Rifle & Pistol Club

2. 5456 17x – Team B
Portland Rifle & Pistol Club

3. 4987 12x – Team C
Portland Rifle & Pistol Club


3P .22 Rifle

1. 5435 36x – Team #1
Troy-Deary Gun Club

2. 4310 0x – Jr. Rifle Gold
Sandpoint Rifle Club


3P Air Rifle

1. 5093 38x – Flowing Wells
Flowing Wells JROTC

2. 4819 13x – Flowing Wells #2
Flowing Wells JROTC

3. 4509 16x – Team #1
Colville Valley Sharp Shooters 4H



1. 517 – SGC #1
Sandpoint Gun Club

2. 507 – Thompson Trap
Thompson Falls Trap Club

3. 504 – SGC #1
Sandpoint Gun Club