VCDL Members Overflow Anti-Gun ACAC Email Inbox


Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

USA -( I had lots of emails from VCDL members saying that the ACAC Fitness email inbox was full!

Hopefully with all the input from gun owners, they will reconsider their position on banning guns.

If you wish to try another way of contact them, they have a webmail (thanks to member Bill Cary for the link):

Click here to contact them.

Suggested subject: Please continue allowing concealed carry!


Suggested message:

Please continue the policy of allowing customers to carry concealed handguns at your facility.

ACAC doesn’t need to encourage or discourage concealed carry, just let Virginia law control the issue. Your company can then focus on what it does best: physical fitness, without getting caught up in the politics of gun control.


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