Grayguns Introduces Drop-in Enhanced Trigger for SIG SAUER P320

Grayguns Introduces Drop-in Enhanced Trigger for SIG SAUER P320
Grayguns Introduces Drop-in Enhanced Trigger for SIG SAUER P320

grayguns-logoSpray, Ore.-( Grayguns, Inc. today announced the release of the Practical Enhanced Leverage Trigger for the SIG SAUER P320. The trigger is the first bar-stock trigger designed to enhance feel and reduce trigger pull weight, by 2 to 2.5 pounds. The kit includes a custom trigger bar spring and heavy-duty extended sear housing pin. The installation results in minimum over-travel, with a smoother take-up and release sensation. The design preserves all mechanical safety values of the original trigger, and is available in both a straight-face and curved-face design.

“Grayguns completed a 24-month research and development project prior to the launch of the drop-in kit,” said Bruce Gray, president of Grayguns. “We worked closely with more than 30 competitive shooters and industry experts to finalize and prove the design to ensure we released a simple-to-install kit that could be used for competition, carry and law enforcement duty applications.”

The curved trigger’s external dimensions are a factory-analog match to the stock design. As such, current owners of the P320 will be able to install the kit and shoot the gun in the United States Practical Shooting Association’s (USPSA) Production division.

“The stock P320 trigger is very good out of the box,” said Gray. “The design of the P320 is such that it is difficult to enhance the trigger pull for enhancement or competitive purposes while keeping the design as safe as the production model. We’re confident we have safe and reliable P320 solutions to meet the needs of every shooter who is looking to improve an already good trigger.”

The Practical Enhanced Leverage Trigger drop-in kit has a retail price of $99 and is available online at The package offers full compatibility within the P320 system in all calibers and sizes.

“Yesterday, SIG SAUER announced the military selected the P320 platform as their selection for the Modular Handgun System,” commented Gray. “From the first time I handled the pistol in 2014, I knew it was an innovative approach to a modular system, and I’m thrilled the military selected the P320. We’ll be gearing up for additional interest in our products in the near future.”

Along with releasing the drop-in kit, Grayguns announced two in-house options for P320 action work.

Grayguns P320 Carry Action Package

The carry action package for the P320 includes professional installation of the Practical Enhanced Leverage Trigger plus comprehensive micro-polishing of key internal components by Grayguns. The custom fitting removes any take-up roughness and stacking for a super-clean and smooth 2 pound reduction in trigger weight below factory stock. The trigger action work is appropriate for carry, law enforcement duty or competition shooting.

Grayguns P320 Competition Action Package

For those interested in shooting the P320 platform in competition, Grayguns offers their Competition Enhanced Leverage Trigger Service. Along with the components from the Practical Enhanced Leverage Trigger kit, Grayguns installs patent pending internal parts including a tool-steel, electrical discharge machining (EDM) cam sear and safety cam plate.

With the components installed, Grayguns gunsmiths are able to provide competitors with a very reliable 3.6 to 3.75 pound trigger that preserves the drop-safe design of the P320.

At this time, the competition action service with patent pending parts is restricted to in-house installations, as the kit benefits from a certain amount of tweaking and adjusting of the factory parts to optimize the trigger pull for competition use.

Additional information concerning the Grayguns in-house options for the P320 is available online at the Grayguns website.

About Grayguns & Bruce Gray

Located in Spray and Reedsport, Oregon, Grayguns is the leading custom gunsmith shop for SIG SAUER and HK pistols in the United States. Grayguns offers a variety of precision upgrade components for SIG SAUER firearms, and offers custom action work on a variety of pistols for law enforcement duty, carry and competition use.

Bruce Gray, president of Grayguns, has been an internationally respected pistol smith, professional shooter, writer and firearms consultant since 1976. Bruce is a California POST certified rangemaster-instructor, and is commissioned as a deputy sheriff in the State of Oregon. Bruce is the author of Operation Specific Training’s Practical Fundamentals course, which encapsulates the lessons learned during his career. Bruce’s competitive career includes holding the highest classifications in three action shooting disciplines, National Rifle Association (NRA) Action Pistol, USPSA and International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA). It also includes winning a number of state, regional, national as well as international titles while driving SIG SAUER, HK, 1911 and other pistol platforms.