Kinetic Industries Launches Line of .338 Lapua Brass

.338 Lapua
.338 Lapua Brass
Kinetic Industries
Kinetic Industries

USA –-( The popularity of the .338 Lapua continues to surge, as more and more long-range shooters and hunters discover the superior capabilities of this extraordinary round.

To service this increasing demand, Kinetic Industries offers match-grade .338 Lapua brass, Made in the USA, at prices most of our competitors can’t touch.

For top performance, all ammunition components must be of very high quality. Of course! But it all starts with the brass casing, the one component that holds together all the others.

High-quality casings must have consistent shoulder length, case wall thickness, primer pocket tension, and neck concentricity, to name but a few factors. You get this consistency and more with our .338 Lapua casings.

Kinetic Industries .338 Lapua Specs:

  • Primer Pocket Diameter: .2085 – .0003
  • Head diameter: .583 – .005
  • Head Thickness: .0545 – .0055
  • Overall Length: 2.714 – .005
  • Length to Shoulder- 2.2515- .0035

Kinetic Industries doesn’t simply offer match grade, Made in USA brass. It also offers many programs to support startups and small to mid-sized companies. By investing in rising talent through collaborative efforts, we can ensure our solutions are being executed and that our clients’ and partners’ success is sustained.

If you are producing ammunition in 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win., or .338 Lapua, you owe it to yourself and your customers to call Kinetic Industries today and discover how we can help your business and your business plan move forward.

Visit the Kinetic Industries Booth #NS-6 at Industry Day at SHOT Show on Monday January 15th, 2017!

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ABOUT:  Founded in 2011, Kinetic Industries is a brass casing manufacturer located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, offering an ample line of high quality, private label, match grade brass at very competitive prices—and it’s all Made in the USA. Currently, Kinetic Industries offers brass casings in 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win., or .338 Lapua, with several more calibers available in the very near future. We employ lean manufacturing principals and flexible production processes, to provide customized solutions that create long-term partnerships with its clients.  See what we’re all about at and like us on Facebook.  Contact: Paula Jansen [email protected]

For Retail Orders and Distribution, contact:
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For OEM or Wholesale Orders, contact: 
Paula Jansen
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