CCW Holder Wrongly Convicted in 5 Minutes, for Defending His Life from BLM Thugs

By Mark Walters
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Mike Strickland Arrested for Defending his life from BLM mob.
Mike Strickland Arrested for Defending his life from BLM mob.
Mark Walters
Mark Walters

USA – -( Mike Strickland. Do you recognize the name?

You should, but you’ll get a pass if you don’t. Like every other “major” story that isn’t, the “mainstream” media is failing to cover this man’s plight.

There’s an old saying, (it’s old to me only because I’ve been saying it for years) but it goes like this, “you’re only famous if someone knows who you are.”

Makes sense, right? Something or someone needs attention on a broad scale to gain notoriety, and if left unattended, it ain’t gonna happen. Poof, the nation remains ignorant to the deserved story because it doesn’t fit a political agenda. Or does it?

Unfortunately, on our side of the fence over here as gun rights supporters, advocates, activists, writers, talk show hosts, podcasters, etc., we see this all too often.

A story of self-defense, so compelling that the nation needs to see and hear it, yet it is blatantly and intentionally neglected by the “dominant” and failing “mainstream” media.

Another saying I’ll take credit for is this, “It isn’t the stories they cover or how they cover them that make the media so biased against us, more importantly, it’s the stories they don’t cover that make them so dangerous.” This is one of those stories.

Keep in mind that I’m aware that many of us here on these pages might very well know about Mike Strickland but understand that it isn’t you I’m talking about. It’s the hundreds of millions of American’s who do NOT read these pages. Look, we’re plugged in over here, I get that and so do you, so do the advertisers, and anyone else who cares to read the great information presented here at AmmoLand News, but let’s be real for a moment, shall we?

There are hundreds of millions of Americans who never see this stuff, and have never heard of Mike Strickland and, well dammit, they should. Mike Strickland should be in every living room, computer screen, tablet, phone, internet site and evening cable and broadcast news program in America. But he won’t be unless we do something about it.

In a nutshell for those of you may not be aware of Mike and his plight, here’s the “crib notes” version. Mike is an independent journalist/videographer who was covering a progressive anarchist “demonstration” in Portland, Oregon when he became surrounded by a mob of radical, anarchists. You know the types, the one in masks that throw bottles and break things, otherwise known as peaceful Democrat “protestors” supported by the former president “What's His Face.

As the mob continued to surround and outflank him, they chanted “get him” and other nasty garbage. Mike did what any expert would teach any student to do; he retreated as best he could before being surrounded and overwhelmed by the ever growing mob. Realizing he was now nearly surrounded and in fear for his life, Mike drew his lawfully concealed firearm and used it to keep the crowd at bay. He never fired a shot, and in fact, his finger never touched the trigger.

Law enforcement finally arrived, and after some investigation, Mike was charged (wrongly in my opinion) with misdemeanor menacing. Here’s some information from talk radio host, Victoria Taft:

“A witness in court testified there had been a conspiracy by anarchists to assault him and toss him out of the rally. Strickland was questioned and released the night of his attack and he was ordered to court on a misdemeanor count of menacing. When it was discovered who prosecutors had–the hated Laughing at Liberals guy–the 1 (sic) charge turned into 21 (sic) and the 1 (sic) misdemeanor turned into multiple felonies.”

The leftist political machine in Portland had their guy and they weren’t going to let go. When jury selection began, it was found that the jury pool was tainted as a few members of the pool had actually been part of the anarchist protest that day. Mike opted for a bench trial. As Victoria tells it:

“Strickland’s bail blew up to $250,000. The charges included 10 counts of unlawful use of a weapon, 10 counts of menacing and one count of disorderly conduct.

Court watchers told me that after fewer than five minutes of reflection, on Friday, February 10, 2017, Judge Thomas Ryan announced his verdict: guilty on all 21 counts.

By now you may have read the various posts about this case. Maybe you’ve seen the video of the mob going after Strickland.

Here’s what you don’t know.

Ever since Strickland was formally charged, his own video of what happened that day has been under seal. It saw daylight only to be shown in court the day the judge convicted him. The judge said the attack by the mob should have NO bearing on Strickland’s actions that day.

But there’s more.

Strickland has been ordered not to do what he did for a living. He can’t work.

  • He can’t blog or write.
  • He can’t go near any protest.
  • He can’t video any protest.

The institutional left in Portland has silenced a contrary political voice. Moreover, the institutional left in Portland has done so to a journalist.

Mike Strickland now faces fifty years in an Oregon penitentiary for drawing his lawfully concealed weapons to defend himself from an advancing mob of progressive, anarchist, Obama/Clinton Democrats while trying to retreat to safety.

Think this can’t happen to you because Trump got elected? Think again. Now we need to act like winners and part of winning is letting the other side know that this ain’t over until we say it’s over. You can help by visiting to donate and help this man.

Remember, he could have been you.

About Mark Walters

Mark Walters is the host of two nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio's Daily Defense with Mark Walters. He is the Second Amendment Foundations 2015 Gun Rights Defender of the Year award recipient and co-author of two books, Lessons from Armed America with Kathy Jackson (Whitefeather Press) and Lessons from UnArmed America with Rob Pincus (Whitefeather Press)

262 thoughts on “CCW Holder Wrongly Convicted in 5 Minutes, for Defending His Life from BLM Thugs

    1. Oregon is as fouled up as New Jersey. You could’nt even pump ypurvown gas in your car last time I was in Oregon.

  1. It is ILLEGAL to defend yourself against “BLM Thugs” – Whites are required to be “thankful to have survived” victims . . . (if you survive) – The point of BLM, as supported by radical progressive democrats is to INTIMIDATE AND INSTILL FEAR in police and white America. If it was legal to shoot them in self defense, it would ruin “the plan”. Usually, when communist takeovers of a country rile up violent mobs in the streets to FORCE THEIR AGENDA – citizens are UNARMED – in America, they have not succeeded in disarming us YET (Though they work RELENTLESSLY to achieve that goal) Low capacity magazines do not work so well against a riotous mob, but I digress. So being that they did not disarm us yet – THEY TAKE ALL LEGAL RIGHT TO USE A FIREARM IN SELF DEFENSE – YOU HAVE A GUN BUT YOU ARE EFFECTIVELY DISARMED! They’ll make an example outta this guy! Bastard white guys with guns!

  2. I have no reason and zero interest in ever going to Portland or that state. If I was an armed citizen in Portland and a terrorist began to randomly kill innocent people I would just walk away. In any sensible state I would do my best to try and stop an active shooter. Let all those people who favor the socialist agaenda move to Portland and be happily isolated there. They can march and protest all they want. Just keep them there so their diseased political agenda doesn’t spread more sickness throughout America. Nothing personal. Generally, their depraved condition becomes self-correcting over time when they only have themselves to preach to. No one will listen any more and they will be marginalized and humiliating by having to go to work and become productive. Social engineers will never defeat the free thinking and acting person.

    1. I used to live in Vancouver, WA next door to Portland. Over the past several decades, as people from Kalifornia moved to Portland, Portlanders began moving to Vancouver, polluting both sides of the Columbia River with liberalism. Portland copied the slogan “Keep Portland weird”. I printed my own bumper sticker that said “Keep the Weird in Portland”.

    2. Portland is gross, but Oregon outside of it is absolutely beautiful. Don’t be dissuaded because of Portland, check out Oregon anyway, the hiking is incredible.

  3. His mistake was pointing at people. What he should have done was pulled and held it at his side ready to use.
    Pointing a gun, a BB guns, or a bar of soap shaped like a gun will get you convicted. However as long as you dont point it at someone you have the right to have it in your hand.

  4. So I guess all you fruits on the left expect that he should of done nothing at all and allowed all of you radical violent fools to attack him and beat him within an inch of his life? Well, “F” that you waste of life bunch. You on the Left are really going to regret continuing to push and push and push and think those of us on the Right are not going to do anything, sadly mistaken.

    1. I strongly concur with you Eric!!!. When is enough, enough ?!!!. I am so sick of the communist liberal Party punks it’s unbelievable who in the hell do these people think they are just because I/we don’t believe in there way of life style they have to force it on to us. I sorry I am not going to take it any longer. I am a conservative and a strong one at that . I won’t force my views on to them and they won’t force there view on to me and we will get along just fine.

  5. Right on, Wild Bill. Years ago, I thought I would help people by being a social worker. However, that became a NIGHTMARE. In my five years with a county government, 99% of the “clients” were black. Most were anti-white, lazy, expecting, demanding, lying leeches, robbing the “assistance” (handout) programs – paid for by working taxpayers. At that time, the AFDC (Aid to Families With Dependent Children) program was still operating. Black women would have more babies – by different fathers – to get more money. It was one of many horrible abuses to the programs. Blacks should be very grateful to be in America, and they should be friendly, peaceful, working, and self-sufficient, instead of anti-white, demanding, violent, and criminal. Understandably, anti-blackism is increasing, just like anti-Latinism and anti-illegal alienism. All illegal aliens should be deported. We should also deport all felons and those who defraud government programs, instead of wasting our money on them in prisons. Let’s tell our president, senators, and representatives to support these things.

  6. Some of LBJ’s thoughts about negating black people as an effective economic and political group by addicting them to federal government handouts have leaked out. He cleverly called it his war on poverty.

  7. There are many reasons why blacks changed from being largely friendly and harmonious in the 1950’s and 1960’s to their anti-white, pompous, expecting, demanding, violent, crime-committing ways today. You can study history and learn them all. It’s angering that our “leaders” (not) just LET ALL THIS HELL HAPPEN. Mike Strickland knew that this would be a dangerous event, and he took his legal gun. When he was threatened, he had the right to defend himself with his gun. Amazingly, he had the maturity and patience not to fire. People should be very grateful for that. As blacks became increasingly pompous, expecting, demanding, breeding like animals, leeching from government “assistance” (handout) programs, violent, and criminal, they MADE whites racists.

  8. Saddletramp, Where did you get that truism? There is lots more you can do (call DivArty, call your close air support, hide in place and pick of officers, NCOs, anybody waiving their arms around like they are giving orders, execute your break contact drill). It all depends upon your: plan, to include: mission, friendly and enemy, time, and terrain). Unless your comment contemplates only the civilian world. If your comment is about the civilian word, then the law of self defense governs. No need to temporarily evade if the statute in your state does not require it. I think that we all need to read our own state’s statute.

  9. It is a given that one should not engage a far superior force under two conditions:
    1 ) Temporary evasion or retreat is possible
    2 ) Your additional forces are under way or close by
    This reporter violated both conditions. He had a clear route of retreat. His life was not in danger. It is not any wonder that he was found guilty of brandishing a weapon. He could have been charged with more than brandishing

  10. ALCON,

    Unfortunately, this story confirms several things for me:

    1. Don’t go NEAR any crowds voluntarily.
    2. Do NOT pull your weapon unless you plan to use it and use it upon draw.
    3. The cops ARE NOT to be respected or obeyed.
    4. Hang every bastard who wears a .gov black robe.
    5. Hang every DA and ADA.

    I could write more. But, the “journalist” violated 1 and 2 above.

    Prepare for bloodshed coming to a town near you. POTUS Trump is being attacked as are all of us. Prepare to defend yourself.

    1. @Dan III, Yes, crowds or any crowded place is also known as the kill zone. And now that the Soros machine has lost the election, it plans to frame president Trump for impeachment. I think that we will have to work harder to keep him president, than we did to elect him president.

  11. This is a clear cut case of selective enforcement of the laws, and it keeps getting proven over and over again with video like this that the law enforcement and courts are selectively enforcing the laws against only those who are in the same category and class as Strickland.

    Here is some case law that prohibits selective enforcement of the laws: “The unlawful administration by state officers of a state statute fair on its face, resulting in its unequal application to those who are entitled to be treated alike, is not a denial of equal protection unless there is shown to be present in it an element of intentional or purposeful discrimination.” “Snowden v. Hughes”, 321 U.S. 1, 8 (1944).

    Strickland ABSOLUTELY HAS TO BE RELEASED and completely exonerated.

  12. Guys, this should scare you half to death. If the SCOTUS doesn’t come around and the upper courts as well, the animals win. Your ability to defend yourself is gone.

  13. Unbelievable!!!. All the man was doing was protecting himself!!!. Unbelievable if I was in his shoes I would have drawn my weapon but I would have not holstered it until I was in the presence of law enforcement. Then I would have told the cops what just happened. Look the truth is in the video he was definitely in the mindset that his life was in danger. And there was no reason what so ever why those individuals should be following him if he was trying to leave the area. Unbelievable what our justice system has come to this man should NOT be in jail. And my question is why didn’t the cops arrest those individuals that was threatening the man why didn’t they go to jail for intimidation or for bullying a he man until he had no chance but to draw his weapon. In the video the man said put a cap in there ass if the point a weapon at you did he not say that ?. All this man did was defend himself. That’s it.

  14. @JoeThePimpernel – When Jesse Jackson said “Increase The Peace” a lot of his ‘fans’ thought that meant buy a bigger gun.

  15. No matter if he was a newsman, he was legally carrying and his life was threatened. Drawing his firearm was his right for fear of his like under the law. He needs to take this to higher courts and all the way to the supreme court if he has to, as his rights were violated and the riff raft rights upheld. He also needs to sue the state of Oregon, which is just an extension of socialist CA. His rights were violated and standing laws ignored.

    1. Chuck,

      People like you have NO freakin’ clue what it means to sue or take it to a higher court. You love spending other people’s money. Where is this man to get the money he needs to do as you advocate ? Certainly, you haven’t and will not give the accused a dime of your money. But, you’ll gladly advocate for him to fight on his few dimes, correct ?

      I’ve been the plaintiff in fedgov court. It cost me 4 years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars to win a jury verdict only to have the Klinton appointed judge overturn the jury. You have NO EFFING IDEA what it costs to even attempt to have a case before SCOTUS. Then, not only is there little chance they’ll hear the case there is slim chance they’ll rule in the plaintiff’s favor.

      STFU or stroke a check for $10,000.00 to the journalist. That would only pay for the retainer. Then you can keyboard kommando your horse dung all you want.

  16. Dude,
    Your assessment of this incident is totally wrong. First of all there were no black panthers. Second of all your friend panicked for what ever reason. He was wrong pulling his gun, he was not in danger. If you listen to the black man that was following him he was trying to get him to put the gun away. He states I got you man. This means that he will ensure that no danger comes of him. He is actually attempting to diffuse the situation. The African American man is wrong to tell the crowd to pull a gun and use it, but pulling out a gun in public and pointing it at a crowd is against the law. He actually put his own life in danger including everyone else. He is also very lucky that he is a Caucasian man, if he were a African American man pulling a gun and pointing it at the crowd… well, I will let you finish the story. What do you believe the outcome would be? Right! Hmmmm So, what you are saying is that it is OK for a Caucasian man to pull out a gun and point it at a crowd and not be punished, but for an African American man to use the words should go to jail. Both should go to jail. African American man, should have his hand slapped and released, the Caucasian nan, release on bail and should see the court of law. BLM is a peaceful movement that consist of all nationalities. I hope your friend good will, but if he can’t handle the pressures of journalism maybe he should think about another business. Guilty! Brandishing a deadly weapon in a public place. There was no reason to fear for his life and next time please show the total scene. Some people are smarter than you think. One love.

    1. @BMW, The law of self defense is, generally, based upon the perception of the one who engages in self defense, not the perception of the mob, not the media, not cell phone by standards. Everything that you write after “Your assessment…” is uneducated, presumptuous, and incorrect.

    2. Did your parents have any children that lived? you’re obviously brain dead…
      here’s a scenario for you, you and your significant other come out of a restaurant and somehow get pulled into a rather heated protest outside, you begin to be surrounded because they see you as a threat, or whatever the reason, are you going to wait for shit to go wrong, or are you going to maintain a safe distance from the perceived threat? there in lies the problem, he couldn’t maintain a safe distance because he was being pursued, and threatened, the world isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, good things don’t always happen to good people, once you feel your life is in danger you have the right to defend yourself by whatever means you have at your disposal… your hands, feet, a stick, a chair or in this case a gun, once they escalated the situation by trying to surround him and get physical, he had every right to draw his weapon and diffuse or end it…some guy in a crowd telling you he’s got you, and it’s going to be ok as himself, and a mob try to surround him or you or anyone isn’t grounds for you to start feeling safe and all warm and fuzzy inside… you are kidding yourself if you think you would be safe… wake up!
      I carry a gun because police officers are to heavy.

  17. What this verdict says to me is that, if the penalty for defending yourself from grievous bodily harm by your enemy is essentially no different than mass murdering that enemy, you MIGHT AS WELL take a fully automatic machine gun (hell, take a minigun mounted atop a suburban like this: ) down to the protest and wipe out every one of those anti-white communist scumbags. Might as well. Your life cannot be ruined any worse, can it? Go for it. Your life is forfeit either way.

  18. This will be overturned on Appeal.

    Oregon use of Force Law:

    161.200 Choice of evils. (1) Unless inconsistent with other provisions of chapter 743, Oregon Laws 1971, defining justifiable use of physical force, or with some other provision of law, conduct which would otherwise constitute an offense is justifiable and not criminal when:

    (a) That conduct is necessary as an emergency measure to avoid an imminent public or private injury; and

    (b) The threatened injury is of such gravity that, according to ordinary standards of intelligence and morality, the desirability and urgency of avoiding the injury clearly outweigh the desirability of avoiding the injury sought to be prevented by the statute defining the offense in issue.

    (2) The necessity and justifiability of conduct under subsection (1) of this section shall not rest upon considerations pertaining only to the morality and advisability of the statute, either in its general application or with respect to its application to a particular class of cases arising thereunder. [1971 c.743 §20]

  19. Editorial Note: This was “Don’t Shoot PDX” not BLM. It is a very broad coalition of anti-police (unnecessary and/or excessive) violence. BLM is part of this coalition, but as you can see plainly in the video it is a very broad coalition. Also, one thing to keep in mind about Portland (and increasingly other major metros as well) are these groups of anarchist punks that take advantage of rallies. These Black Bloc style punks are never part of the actual protest and will literally show up to any gathering large enough to mask them sufficiently.

  20. For me, Stickland pretty much blew up his own imminent danger defense when he stayed around and gave interviews. I’m sorry, but anybody in fear of harm is going to hightail away from the danger ASAP. I think Stickland blew it and is indeed guilty under the law. However, I would be in favor of a light sentence with no jail. I am sure the court will allow whatever sentence he gets to run concurrently effectively making it the same as getting one charge.

  21. @Coach I wont go into a long diatribe don’t want to bore everyone. Tipically the dead were tightly wrapped and placed on an elevated platform. They were provided with everything they would need to hunt in the next life. American Indians were very religious these sites were considered sacred ground.

  22. @old coach It was a forced march, as wild bill said the soldiers could have , or could have allowed it, but forced the march on. Its all history if you can find anything about it any more.

  23. Please hear this (everyone) … until you read the court transcripts and view the evidence that was entered/omitted, any comments/postings about the actual occurrence, arrest and convictions are pretty-much unfounded. As far as being able to legally ccw, or whatever it is called there, once your legal to carry, you carry everywhere, all the time; or do not carry at all. There is no half-stepping.with this.

    1. Fraize,

      And I think you should finance Strickland’s lawsuit that you suggest he undertake. How much are you going to give Strickland ? $10k to start would help.

  24. This is the most insane thing i ever heard – how do we start a petition to get this man free – the judge and everyone on the jury that voted against him should be in jail – the crazies have taken over the asylum

  25. @ TS: At least your people were valuable enough to be bought and sold. Ever hear of the Trail of Tears? My mothers people were marched from Georgia/Florida to a reservation in Oklahoma because the white man wanted their land. If they died along the way they were just kicked off of the trail and left to rot. Look it up its fact.

      1. @The Old Coach, Native peoples did not dig graves, and the Trail of Tears death march weather conditions and lack of food precluded such efforts. The soldiers could have buried the dead, I supposed, but they did not. I guess that our people did not have the decency, either.

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