CCW Holder Wrongly Convicted in 5 Minutes, for Defending His Life from BLM Thugs

By Mark Walters
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Mike Strickland Arrested for Defending his life from BLM mob.
Mike Strickland Arrested for Defending his life from BLM mob.
Mark Walters
Mark Walters

USA – -( Mike Strickland. Do you recognize the name?

You should, but you’ll get a pass if you don’t. Like every other “major” story that isn’t, the “mainstream” media is failing to cover this man’s plight.

There’s an old saying, (it’s old to me only because I’ve been saying it for years) but it goes like this, “you’re only famous if someone knows who you are.”

Makes sense, right? Something or someone needs attention on a broad scale to gain notoriety, and if left unattended, it ain’t gonna happen. Poof, the nation remains ignorant to the deserved story because it doesn’t fit a political agenda. Or does it?

Unfortunately, on our side of the fence over here as gun rights supporters, advocates, activists, writers, talk show hosts, podcasters, etc., we see this all too often.

A story of self-defense, so compelling that the nation needs to see and hear it, yet it is blatantly and intentionally neglected by the “dominant” and failing “mainstream” media.

Another saying I’ll take credit for is this, “It isn’t the stories they cover or how they cover them that make the media so biased against us, more importantly, it’s the stories they don’t cover that make them so dangerous.” This is one of those stories.

Keep in mind that I’m aware that many of us here on these pages might very well know about Mike Strickland but understand that it isn’t you I’m talking about. It’s the hundreds of millions of American’s who do NOT read these pages. Look, we’re plugged in over here, I get that and so do you, so do the advertisers, and anyone else who cares to read the great information presented here at AmmoLand News, but let’s be real for a moment, shall we?

There are hundreds of millions of Americans who never see this stuff, and have never heard of Mike Strickland and, well dammit, they should. Mike Strickland should be in every living room, computer screen, tablet, phone, internet site and evening cable and broadcast news program in America. But he won’t be unless we do something about it.

In a nutshell for those of you may not be aware of Mike and his plight, here’s the “crib notes” version. Mike is an independent journalist/videographer who was covering a progressive anarchist “demonstration” in Portland, Oregon when he became surrounded by a mob of radical, anarchists. You know the types, the one in masks that throw bottles and break things, otherwise known as peaceful Democrat “protestors” supported by the former president “What's His Face.

As the mob continued to surround and outflank him, they chanted “get him” and other nasty garbage. Mike did what any expert would teach any student to do; he retreated as best he could before being surrounded and overwhelmed by the ever growing mob. Realizing he was now nearly surrounded and in fear for his life, Mike drew his lawfully concealed firearm and used it to keep the crowd at bay. He never fired a shot, and in fact, his finger never touched the trigger.

Law enforcement finally arrived, and after some investigation, Mike was charged (wrongly in my opinion) with misdemeanor menacing. Here’s some information from talk radio host, Victoria Taft:

“A witness in court testified there had been a conspiracy by anarchists to assault him and toss him out of the rally. Strickland was questioned and released the night of his attack and he was ordered to court on a misdemeanor count of menacing. When it was discovered who prosecutors had–the hated Laughing at Liberals guy–the 1 (sic) charge turned into 21 (sic) and the 1 (sic) misdemeanor turned into multiple felonies.”

The leftist political machine in Portland had their guy and they weren’t going to let go. When jury selection began, it was found that the jury pool was tainted as a few members of the pool had actually been part of the anarchist protest that day. Mike opted for a bench trial. As Victoria tells it:

“Strickland’s bail blew up to $250,000. The charges included 10 counts of unlawful use of a weapon, 10 counts of menacing and one count of disorderly conduct.

Court watchers told me that after fewer than five minutes of reflection, on Friday, February 10, 2017, Judge Thomas Ryan announced his verdict: guilty on all 21 counts.

By now you may have read the various posts about this case. Maybe you’ve seen the video of the mob going after Strickland.

Here’s what you don’t know.

Ever since Strickland was formally charged, his own video of what happened that day has been under seal. It saw daylight only to be shown in court the day the judge convicted him. The judge said the attack by the mob should have NO bearing on Strickland’s actions that day.

But there’s more.

Strickland has been ordered not to do what he did for a living. He can’t work.

  • He can’t blog or write.
  • He can’t go near any protest.
  • He can’t video any protest.

The institutional left in Portland has silenced a contrary political voice. Moreover, the institutional left in Portland has done so to a journalist.

Mike Strickland now faces fifty years in an Oregon penitentiary for drawing his lawfully concealed weapons to defend himself from an advancing mob of progressive, anarchist, Obama/Clinton Democrats while trying to retreat to safety.

Think this can’t happen to you because Trump got elected? Think again. Now we need to act like winners and part of winning is letting the other side know that this ain’t over until we say it’s over. You can help by visiting to donate and help this man.

Remember, he could have been you.

About Mark Walters

Mark Walters is the host of two nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio's Daily Defense with Mark Walters. He is the Second Amendment Foundations 2015 Gun Rights Defender of the Year award recipient and co-author of two books, Lessons from Armed America with Kathy Jackson (Whitefeather Press) and Lessons from UnArmed America with Rob Pincus (Whitefeather Press)

  • 260 thoughts on “CCW Holder Wrongly Convicted in 5 Minutes, for Defending His Life from BLM Thugs

    1. He is clearly scared of black ppl. If you are that scared then don’t cover the story. You have kids and women out there. What an idiot!!! But the sentence is too harsh but hey its the law. Shame on you for pulling out a gun so recklessly!!

      1. Lmao, what a Cuck. “Pulling out a gun so recklessly!!”. Get real. If a mob of white people surrounded me I’d do the same thing, lol. Nice try race baiting there friend.

        1. Lol nope. You don’t get to go to a protest then say you were scared because there was a group of people and pull a gun on them. Why was he carrying so much ammo? Also, seems strange that marchers would single out one “journalist” for no reason. Plus just go watch the whole actual video. This isn’t someone you want to back, he’s clearly an idiot. What journalist comes strapped to document a march? I guess we’re just bypassing those questions.

          1. Its people like you that were surrounding him BECAUSE he was white at a BLM rally you fruitcup. If white folks surrounded you at a klan rally you’d wonder why huh?

            1. No Sir, I wouldn’t be at either one. I will say one thing, at least you know where the KKK stands!, the BLM movement is just that, a BOWEL movement!

            2. There were whites at this gathering…you can clearly see them in the video.

              Her’s my problem with this. The video “evidence” is snipets of the entire event. Cherry picked parts to support one side rather than any explanation from the other side of the situation. Journalism is supposed to be fair minded but it doesn’t seem that is in play here.

              I’m a strong supporter of gun rights. I carry daily. I do not believe in “permits”, it is a right and my “permission” comes from within, not from a government. But from what I saw in the video Mike failed at both situational awareness and avoidance. There is also the aspect of targets. He may well have had a legitimate cause to feel threatened but he was also in a terrible position to even think about firing. There were several hundred people there and just a handful getting stupid with him. And yeah, those people were equally at fault here. There is no cause to threaten someone at one of these events. But still, pulling a gun was a mistake. Just leave. Walk away. Let them shout. The best way to win a gunfight is to avoid a gunfight.

            3. Did you watch the video? Looks like more whites than blacks to me.

              He had every opportunity to leave. He had a few in the crowd running interference from the less civil among them. The videos go on for minutes, minutes in which he could have left. Why in the world would anyone stay in a placed they felt threatened when egress was so openly available? At several points he approached those he claimed were a threat to him. Just how dumb is that?

              Nope, he screwed up. It’s easy to see and for me, impossible to defend.

          2. @Journalist, Yes you do. You get to go to any public place. You get to defend yourself from any crowd that surrounds you or individual that singles you out because of the color of your skin and threatens you.
            In determining the appropriate level of force, you get to consider the threat to you, your own health condition and disparity of force, if any. Can any of you legal beagles out there come up with the Oregon statute on self defense?
            I think that writing, ” This is not someone that you want to back…” is a cheap attempt at manipulation.

          3. I dunno, I remember a march/protest I joined a couple years back… about two thousand of us visibly armed.
            that “one journalist” was not singled out at random or for no reason.
            when the gang of protestors begin to circle and close in, leaving no escape, what was he supposed to do? Play Zimmerman and let the ghutpunks smash his skull on the sidewalk and throw molotof cocktails at him?

          4. Regardless of why he was there, if he was placed in the position where he was concerned about his life and was legally carrying a concealed weapon, he had every right to draw it to defend himself.

            1. This will become an expensive lesson for him to educate the liberals on the Constitution. The liberal judge on the other hand, needs to be held accountable by being removed and disciplined.

          5. How dare a journalist using his first also use his second!

            Your not to bright are you?

            Also he was surrounded numb nuts, they attacked him.

            Cucks like you are the reason for the pussification of America.

            1. the video I watched shows that he wasn’t “surrounded”, or else he wouldn’t have been able to back up away from the on-coming crowd…I wasn’t there so I don’t know all of the events leading up to this particular situation. However he was clearly in fear for his own safety and therefore pulled out his gun…I think a little prematurely…but that’s just my thought…also he had ample opportunity to leave, but chose to stay…hmmm…almost enticing the crowd to pursue him wouldn’t you think. Yes, he was there to film the event/protest…but after what he had just done, I think I would have left…common sense to me.

          6. Why was he carrying so much ammo? There is no point to arguing with idiots, I guess, but how much ammo do police carry? And what journalist comes strapped to document a march? Wow, you sound like a person who really knows their way around the gun world. Strapped. I am surprised you didn’t haul out the term lock and load. What you all forget is that, number one, self defense is a right of a free people. Heard that before, I bet. And number two, if you are covering a protest and are threatened, you of course have reason to consider yourself in danger. To say that he should not cover that protest, is like saying that the protesters should not have been there. You do know that the first amendment that protects the right to assemble peacefully ALSO includes the freedom of the press. I know, truth and facts confuse so many of the haters on the left, that is why they avoid them.

            1. he has the leagal right to carry as much ammo as he wants there is no law saying you can only carry a certain amount of ammo

            2. Two things here. One, how much ammo one opts to carry is of no importance. Me, one magazine or full cylinder is enough, others see it differently. Personal freedom in motion.

              Second, what is wrong with carrying AND reporting? Is the carry legal? Yes it was. Is the reporting legal? Yes it was.

          7. Why are they singling out anyone? Why are a mob of protesters advancing against anyone and pushing them into a corner? Who is really doing the menacing here? This isn’t going to withstand an appeal for one second. He has nothing to worry about. Any state with the castle doctoring and reciprocity would completely exonerate him, and even award him a counter suit and damages. This is going nowhere. The judges days are numbered though.

          8. You are correct. His gun should have been locked up in a briefcase with a gun lock on the trigger and have just one bullet in his top shirt pocket. We can call him Barney Fife. How is that for dumb (aka liberal). A concealed weapon is for self defense. The level of threat is determined not by the CCW holder but rather by the threatening individual(s). Because of this, you need to be prepared for all levels of threats. The BLM protest have clearly been very violent, they encourage violence, and violate others constitutional rights of movement, etc. If he needed to cover this as a reporter, to be concerned about what could take place based on prior experience of BLM “protests” and to take proper precautions as a result of this knowledge, is not unreasonable to the average person. The law states that a CCW permit holder is allowed to use deadly force when serious injury or death to himself or others is imminent. Ever individual has their own perception of what imminent could be or is reasonable to them. This must be judged in a manner which fairly determines whether this individual was reasonable in having a fear of imminent injury or death. Just because you may assess the situation differently does not mean this individual was wrong in his assessment of the situation. I believe this judge erred in his ruling and the conviction should be overturned. Additional support to my conclusion is that this reported had been seriously injured in another assault and the prosecutors/police would not even go after the perpetrator in that case. That left this reporter with the belief that he must protect himself since he could not rely on the police or the courts to protect him. These are all mitigating factors that must be taken into account.

          9. Your screen name is a total lie and your spew shows you are totally ignorant. Now BACK to the Liberal Gun Owners forum and their idiocy.

          10. I really don’t see how much ammo he was carrying has a damn thing to do with it. What if he was the good guy in Orlando, Florida where 50 were killed & 53 were injured? Don’t you think if you were the good guy in that crowd, with a concealed carry, trying to shoot the bad guy’s that you would want plenty of ammo? It’s not our business how many rounds a person, cop or civilian, carries – unless they’re the premeditated shooter at a mass shooting scene. And, even then, who the f*ck should care about that, really? The damage is done, period. Focus on the fact that something bad happened and deal with “THAT”. I, personally, wouldn’t give a shit how many beers a guy had before he drove drunk and “was at fault”. He was under the influence period. So, why should it matter if the driver was white or black? Why should it matter that he was “Barely” over .08 or blew a 3.0? The drinking & driving should be the FOCUS, period. What if the driver was a person that was “truly unaffected” by the drinks it took to get to a .08? As an ex-drinker I can tell you that, just like pills, the longer you do the habit the MORE you need cause of tolerance. What if this same driver past all of his roadside, rubber necking, tests with “FLYING” colors but looked down at the radio for a second or two & that caused the death, not the beer?
            I carry a gun everyday, my reasons are that I did a lot of undercover work – which isn’t anyone’s business anyway, and sometimes carry an extra mag – again not important. I would love to be the good guy that stopped a mass shooting, from being mass, and saved lives. I don’t worry about the stupid a*s folks with their heads up their a*s that would ask “Why did you have to kill the bad guy? or Did he deserve to die? Who makes you judge and jury? “Someone” is always gonna think outside the box and come up with shit that doesn’t matter. Have I drawn my concealed carry on someone yet? NO, but I will when I think the time is right. All we need to know here is that everyone is different. Everyone has something to say or think. That makes us people, I think. It’s NONE of your\our business to defend or agree that he did or didn’t do the right thing “IN OUR OPINION”. All we should question is why “he” did it and if “he” thought it was best or not? Did “HE” really think and feel threatened? This should be more about his drive, his choice. “NOT” your\our OPINION. What do we always hear in life? “People Are different from one another”. That’s the deal, period. If you think you would’ve handled it in a different way then that’s fine cause it’s what “YOU” felt or did. My point is that this should be about him and his thoughts, reason’s AND feelings – not about us, collectively. I mean, for frick sake, he didn’t discharge it and fire a round in the air. That could’ve had the power to kill in that part of town with all it’s populous and turned this into a totally different outcome.
            I, for one, would’ve made better time getting out of there if I felt threatened – and I use crutches and would’ve made it further given the same amount of time. He looked to have made “POOR” distance per minute away from issues. But, again, that brings someone “Else’s” thoughts, feelings, fears & decisions into play – Not his. I don’t think this was the right judge, maybe they should’ve recused themselves if they couldn’t be fair? What are their personal thoughts on guns, on concealed carry, do they carry? I don’t agree with the outcome & I think it a little to stern? Give the guy group “community service” in North & NE Portland? Have\make him take some courses for concealed carry and also see how he shoots? Get him involved in activities with a race or type of people that he fears or has discomfort with? There are a sh*t load ton of folks to ready to play the RACE card. It’s a little hard to not want to play the race card when you have all the typical stereo typical crap being presented. I mean SH*T, I use to work for a property management company & we had 80 houses\apartments in N & NE Portland, I was uncomfortable for awhile. There are folks down in that area that aren’t very receptive to say the least. There’s also folks that would give you the shirt off their back ( Cause they just stole that mutha fuc*ka a minute ago – just kidding ). There were a lot of folks in the video that were all different skin color. Did he have an issue(s) with 1 type\color of folk?
            These are just my thoughts and I can have them right a long with or without you. Maybe some of this will create a different thought or feeling for you – which is ok no matter which way you fall. I think we have an old book signed by some old guys years ago & it gives us the right to free speech, right to bare arms & other stuff.
            Take care out there, be safe, treat with respect & GIVE it, pay it forward,
            Jonesyofvanc, twitter.

          11. Had it been me, I would have shot. I carry wherever I go with extra mags. These whiny ass liberals are what is wrong with this country. Start shooting and they won’t riot anymore. You come towards me, you WILL be shot.

            1. Then I’d say you are in poor grasp of self-defense laws and would be in prison.

              Like them or not, protestors have a right to protest, same Bill of Rights that allows us all to keep and bear. This guy had ample space to retreat from the threat….which really didn’t seem a threat, but hey, what do I know right? Given that not only did he fail to avail himself of an easy way out…walk the phuck away…but at several points he actually approached those he claimed were a threat to him.

              Your BS bravado gives carriers a bad name. Also, I’m wondering, since you claim you’d have fired, how would you have handled the overpenetrations, errant shots and unintended impacts?

              it’s quite obvious you have nearly zero skills and gathered your techniques from Hollywood.

            2. @Eric S, There is no “Right to Protest”. There is, however, a Right to Peacefully Assemble. Neither peaceful assembly nor protest give them the Right to harm or even touch any other bystander, watcher, reporter, photo journalist, person or animal. Please see Amendment I
              And you must not forget that the analysis of the need to defend one’s self begins in the mind of the person feeling threatened not the intent in the mind the attacker or in this case attackers.

        2. You must be Brain dead if you have not seen how the Soros Funded Anti Trump Anarchists have been attacking and beating Trump supporters unconscious.

          First of all it’s against the Law to assault people. Thus Stricklin had a Legal right to defend himself from Bodily harm.
          90 times out of 100 you can stop an attack or Crime just buy showing a Fire Arm not actually firing it.

          Having a web site called Laughing at Liberals means the Liberals in Portland will crucify you if they get a chance Defending yourself from an Angry Mob that is ready to beat you up is not Race Baiting .. It’s amazing how Brain Dead and Immoral Libtards are ..

          1. Mr. Hayward,

            It is indeed against the law to assault people. Every state has its laws and statues addressing these matters. The very same thing exists for the LAWFULL use of a firearm and what permissives must be met in order for a firearm to be lawfully used.
            With the premise that deadly force used by CIVILIANS is only a last resort in MOST cases, it simply was not the case here.

            I remind everyone that there is a reason why carrying a firearm concealed is a immense responsibility. Mr. Strickland committed assault when he drew his weapon, even though he didn’t pull the trigger. It also seemed that there were a few who didn’t believe he would pull the trigger either.

            He could have simply left the scene. It was his defense in court that was deficient. The choice of a jury or judge lies with the defendant.

            This was Mr. Strickland’s case to loose. He lost.

            1. You sir are either illiterate or stupid. He TRIED TO RETREAT BUT WAS NOT ALLOWED TO BY THE MOB SURROUNDING HIM. If he had not pulled his weapon he would have been severally assaulted or even killed. By drawing his weapon he got the mobs attention and avoided further escalation. Only an idiot would advance on an armed individual with a side arm pointed at him or her. He clearly used restraint and diffused the situation. If he is convicted Trump must pardon him and expunge his record. Furthermore 20 feet is too close for a hostile mob surrounding you, they can be on you quicker than you can even draw your firearm and inside of three feet your dead.

            2. This is a ludicrous statement. This man was undoubtedly threatened and assaulted. People in the crowd were chanting get him. Really, Why should their opinion be correct. This is libtard logic at its best. You only have the right to protest if you agree with them. You all need a safe place, companion pets, and pacifiers. Wake up, Grow up.
              I defend your right to free speech. Why do you not respect mine.

            3. Mr. Wilson – He didn’t “use” his firearm, he showed it. He didn’t use “deadly force” either. That would require him to fire the weapon. The liberal judges in our country are violating their positions by ruling according to their ideology rather than what the law requires. Look at the federal judges that are blocking President Trumps temporary travel bans, which exceeds their authority and violates the President’s Constitutional authority.

            4. I would have done the same think. what is being left out is that these blm a’holes kept going after him even after he pulled his weapon told them to back up and was trying to leave. most people when having a weapon pointed at them would stop and let that person leave unless the where going to beat the piss out of him or worse. I think that if he wouldn’t have pulled his weapon the would have cornered him and stomped the piss out of him. What the sad part is that these events are happening all over the country and When the the violence and other acts of stuipaty like flag burning, looting and chanting terroristic sh*t happen for the most part all the people of the same mind set dont own up to the reality that it is not freedom of speech any more its acts of what i call chicken shitisum. they dont see anything wrong with it as long as it feeds their cause. but when some one tries to protect them selfs or disagrees with it these acts are justified and swept under the rug sort of speek. these people no matter what skin type and position in our society should be punished to the harshest extent of are law and if in a place of power in this case the judge should be removed from such. remember their job is to put their views aside and fairily determine an out come or solution for the case at hand.

            5. @A Wilson, Your analysis can not begin at “With the premise that deadly force used by CIVILIANS is only a last resort in MOST cases,…” because that is a false premise. As a general proposition of law the proper premise is that one (civilian, soldier, policeman or any other category of human being) can only use deadly force to meet deadly force.

          1. You are correct on both observations Hank. Given the climate today, there 2 sets of rules. The rules for cupcakes/snowflakes, and the rules US which don’t apply. Their former community organizer chief has pussified them. Sad, sad, sad.

        3. Mae is obviously a wacko. It is the logical reaction of sane people. If Mae was being threatened she would do the same.. To assume he was “afraid ” of black people is racist to start with. Mae hasn’t been in fear for her life at any time so she is talking from ignorance. The left don’t get it until crime is visited on them. Crawl back in your cave.

        4. That’s not race baiting. He is right. The law is clear, he had a way out by simply leaving the area post haste. I would have charged him also. CCW holders know that you don’t draw unless there is imminent harm about to come to you and THERE IS NO OTHER WAY to defend yourself except to use deadly force. Carrying a firearm is a privilege. If abused this has extreme consequences. Race had NOTHING to do with this. Shame on you for saying if the races were reversed you would have done the same thing. You are wrong to say that. I am a proud BLACK man, well aware of the rule of law and the consequences if the proper application of the law is NOT utilized. Stop using race as a crutch for an excuse. If this individual thought like that, LOOK WHERE IT GOT HIM, charged and facing a prison term. Think about it a little more objectively. An incident that happens involving a firearm is not the end, it’s a beginning to possibly you losing a lot more than your freedom.

      2. I would be scared of any mob advancing on me. Who cares what color your attacker is? Bodily harm feels the same no matter who does it.

        The right to defend yourself isn’t dependant upon who you defend against. I’m sure he would have done the same if the mob looked like him.

      3. A crowd that commits arson, vandalism, and assault isn’t a protest – it’s a violent mob.

        A violent mob is a violent mob, regardless of race.

        1. sure – but that is not what is happening here. I can’t side with Stickland on this one. He had more than time to simply walk away.

          1. But when he was in a lawful place, doing something legal, he has no duty to walk away, especially when doing the job of a journalist covering the event. Why is it that people on the left want all of the rights that they can get as guaranteed by the constitution, for themselves, but they don’t think that anyone with an opinion different than theirs should have them? Or that someone simply reporting on what was going on should also not have any freedom. Tell me again how tolerant the left is.

          2. JIM: “time to simply walk away.”

            When we walk away….WE LOSE THE COUNTRY.

            You, keep coming, and pushing….Then there are no options…CAN YOU GUESS WHAT HAPPENS?

      4. We have the right to bear arms. It is not reckless behavior for the individual to keep pursuing the ccw holder after being asked to step back out of his personal space. It looked to me that the ccw holder(Mike Strickland) returned his gun to the guns holster, when asked to put his gun away from a on looker trying to keep things from escalating. While a gentlemen from the crowd still continued to pursue the ccw holder (Mike Strickland) after being asked to step back. What about Mike Strickland’s right’s? Not to feel like he is being targeted for trying to get a story, it’s OK that people are allowed to demonstrate their rights and freedom of speech while trying to attack and allow an individual to feel his life is in danger when asked to back up? Mike Strickland only was defending his right to protect him self. If anything Mike Strickland a ccw holder should be rewarded for self control. Not convicted of his constitutional rights while feeling his life is in danger.

        1. I had some pretty darn good stuff up above. I thought it out. When I think it’s about 3 sides that I look at, kinda like his side, her side and the truth. Like I said up above, the judge in this case was full of bullshit and way To Hard on the guy. The judge could’ve ruled over the jury and not take their recommendation, RIGHT? It’s not on us to judge if we don’t know what he felt, “HE FELT”. If he felt threatened then he did the right thing. He didn’t “recklessly” discharge in the air – which would’ve been bad in that part of town AND he did holster it. NO HARM to anyone. Protests aren’t just protests anymore, they’re ways for asses to fight, destroy, cause harm, fight, burn and more. Maybe they needed to know he was armed. A lot of folks think the only thing that makes a cop a cop is a GUN & badge. They have theirs in the open, we concealed carry folks have to hide ours – he just showed his poker hand. And as I said earlier, I use crutches and I could’ve made better time leaving the scene, I don’t think that makes him bad or right or wrong. To many folks are thinking to much and putting to much into it. No harm came to anyone but he probably saved harm coming to him????? ALL THESE ARE THOUGHTS & they’re mine. I think you all have the right to have an opinion but that’s what they are, not law & they don’t belong in the court room. Facts do, nobody got shot. Maybe we all would be better off if someone would’ve gotten shot, then these protesting pricks might settle down for fear of being checked and put in their place. Aren’t crime levels down in known areas of high concealed carry states, cities, areas???? ANYWAY, THOUGHTS.. And what is this distance stuff? How many of you know how fast a grizzly can charge\run? It takes a second to close space and then it’s to late to draw and you could get shot in a scuffle with your own gun.

      5. This IDIOT got what he deserved!!!! Even the video shows “This FOOL” is not surrounded. The only race baiters here are the stupid sites like this one. Yes, I am for the 2nd Amendment but not for FOOLS like this guy.

        You also have undercover in this video, what the hell are you and this crackhead blogger not see??

        Ignorant people on this thread, please go and get a life JUSTICE was SERVED!!!!! Too bad get over it and get a life.


        1. Your gun should be a last resort not to just be pulled cuz some one twenty feet away is arguing with u plus he could had walked away but then again u probably feel trayvon deserve to die too cuz anybody who make u feel uncomfortable should b shot right? BLACK LIVES MATTER REAL TALK

          1. Enough of the fing BLM already. All lives matter. Black guns matter. Go sign a petition to ban black targets. Real talk. Keep it one hunned. Stay woke. Throwing shade. & all that other stupid bullsh*t. 2 fingers. No actually 1 finger

          2. Twenty feet away means the threat can be on top of you in less than two seconds. Couple that with verbal threats, and a sane and prudent man WOULD display his firearm.

            What’s really criminal here is that the prosecutor has thrown the book at the guy for political reasons, pure and simple.

            1. Old Coach. You are obviously someone familiar with firearms and the rights to self defense and how they are legally applied. You need to stop talking sense here, many of these people on the left, who pretend that they are all for the 2nd amendment, only mean that they are all for the 2nd amendment for the elite, not the regular people, like you and me.

          3. Enough with all the BLM crap and that thug trayvon (if i had a son he definitely would not look like that fool). The BLM fools out there protesting will turn violent in a second and god forbid if you are just an innocent white person that happens to be in the area. He had a right to carry and if he felt his life was threatened then pull the damn gun cause those fools will run like scared little rabbits. All talk and no guts when a gun is pulled on the fools. The biggest mistake Strickland made is living in a liberal cesspool like Portland.

          4. It takes a man 1.5 seconds to run 21 feet (Tueller Drill). That doesn’t leave much time to pull your shirt up, unholster your weapon, and bring it on target. You need to accept the truth Chris. BLM is a racist and violent group, funded by the likes of the communist George Soros. Causing violence in masses, burning and looting independent businesses, and throwing bottles and bricks at cops, is NOT a protest; it is a riot!

            1. Here is the truth from someone who might be considered on the ultra – right. Watch the video again. This journalist had plenty of room behind him to withdraw and leave the area if he felt endangered. Only a fool will stand and fight if he can retreat when he is greatly outnumbered. He who retreats may live to fight another day. Those with a CCW permit are aware that brandishing can vary from state to state. It may be a misdemeanor or it may be a felony. BTW, brandishing as defined is displaying a weapon in a threatening manner regardless of the situation

        2. Mae, you are a moron and a racist ahole. This guy had every right to display his firearm. EVERYONE knows what a scumbag organization BLM is and how violent they are. This guy’s case will be appealed and he will win!

        3. So what you’re saying is that since his choice of self defense methods kept the violent mob from continuing to advance on him and attack him he was a fool. Rather than someone for whom this self defense method was effective.

          What would have made him a non-fool in your eyes? Having his camera smashed? Allowing blows with fists? With metal poles? Kicks? Knives? At what point in that chain of events would he have qualified to signal and defend a safe space around him?

          I am a woman, and words like yours chill me to the marrow because they are the same thing I was told in Sweden when I visited there last year. “Keep them at arm’s length.” How? HOW?

        4. nice to see what an idiot and total moron you are OGDROID; now back to your safe space outhouse toilet hole and your brown playdoh. You have AMPLY demonstrated that you ARE a totally ignorant moron and left winger troll.
          A liberal JUDGE screwed him much they did to many people during the French Revolution where they sent them off to the Guillotine. This “judge” betrayed his oath of office, ignored all the laws and ruled from his ass. Justice was RAPED in this case.

      6. Maybe, it the cancer of “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” is why we are such cowards not to see the evil in front of us now,and not try to KILL IT.
        TRUMP, is trying to kill it….by putting us FIRST.

        The PC AHOLES, THE ESTABLISHMENT old line DEMORATS , THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT DEMORATS AND RINOS….see the lobby money going away, then there is the 44th POTUS…who is lurking now….just flat dedicated to stopping what we voted for….HE IS THE DEVIL….or his brother.

        In small moves…WE ARE WAKING UP, I must be 100 percent honest, I think its to late…WE ARE AT WAR…no options in war,been that way since the first war……you win, the other guy dies…..either by a bullet, or a mandate from us…to stop all that is wrong…We are on the verge of losing our country…we can’t allow it.

      7. @Mae, But hey, it might not be the law. The judge said that he could not consider the crowd. That does not comport with the Law of Self Defense generally, We need to see the Oregon statute and case law. The judge may have erred.

        1. the judge DID err… deliberatly. A signficant numbr of aggressors coming against one individual constitutes, under the law “disparity of force” and when brought against someone, justifies the use of lethal force.

          This judge blew it, plain and simple, but he’s got a personal agenda, a point to prove. It would be interesting to learn more of his history and past legal “decisions”.

      8. watch the vids again. There are plenty of non black folk there, menacing him.

        When will you grow up and support yourself instead of sucking off of Soros and his ilk?

      9. Mae…. You have NO CLUE on what you’re babbling about….He is NOT afraid of black people. He is a journalist covering a story. These “black” people you talk of, are actually terrorists! YES I said that. They go around TERRORIZING people and vandalizing property. They have NO clue why they’re there. Believe it or not, some are actually paid RIOTERS. Wake up and smell the coffee Snowflake! Quit being a sheep and listening to these Liberal Idiots!

      10. Clearly you lawless political hacks and thugs have taken over and corrupted our judiciary system. People like you are dangerous to America trying to silence a law abiding citizen for rightfully defending his life because the thugs were intimidating him and advancing on him to cause serious harm. How you people live with yourselves playing against the laws set in this country disgusts me.

      11. They are black panthers, who are some of the most violent thugs in the country; they scare politicians and police because they never seem to get charged for their crimes.

      12. He hasn’t been sentenced yet and I don’t think much of what the author says is accurate. Also, whatever sentence he gets for each count will run concurrently making it functionally the same as getting convicted of one charge

        1. I hope you are right but in OR it is a 5 year minimum per charge, mandated by the “get tough on crime” far right. Jordan Page’s song “Pendulum” is spot on. Mike is a personal friend, a great journalist and he is being singled out to stop his reporting. The cop that arrested him admitted he did everything right. Mike had been attacked previously shoulder dislocated, arm broken in several places, camera stolen.

          I believe every word in this report is accurate, you can follow it on Victoria Tafr FB page

      13. He is clearly scared of black ppl. Well yes….100’s of videos now showing 5-6 or more beating the shit of of one person….BLACK OR WHITE…so, when left with that chance…YOU PULL IT OUT.

      14. You don’t get to play both sides. In most states, a group of thugs trying to intimidate a person in a public place would be charged with disorderly conduct or assault. Washington DC is pressing felony rioting charges for the Inauguration Day protest. Freedom of speech does not translate into “I can do whatever I want because I’m a protester”. He was clearly fearful and it had nothing to do with what race those thugs are. Keep playing the race angle, it worked so well in the last election.

      15. You are such an ass! What should he lay on the ground and hope they tickle him? He was protecting himself! It didnt matter the color of the people, the matter was he was threatened and in fear of his life! You are just ignorant! TI would have just opened fire!

      16. Seriously Mae? So if you go somewhere and folks start talking about harming you and they surround you then you shouldn’t defend yourself. I think your true Nazi name should be Mae-Zedong. You a special kind of stupid. please don’t reproduce.

      17. But over 90% of the BLK people are there to raise he’ll. Not to have a peaceful protest. It’s kind of strange how the police show up when they here someone has a gun. But why are they not there when you have all those thugs that have there face covered. And they have sticks,baseball bats. Metal pipes and then they start doing damage to property. And the police are nowhere to be found. Just like the dumb ads people that go out on the freeway or interstate and block traffic. First off there is a law that says people are not allowed to walk out in the middle of the highway and interstate. If one single person does this the get taken to jail. But you have a huge crowd and they don’t do anything. Makes no sense.

      18. you’re an ignorant person, which means uninformed… if you have the right to carry a gun (legally) in any state, and you feel threatened you are within your right to draw your weapon to diffuse the situation, or end it, anytime you’re in a situation where you are surrounded and being pursued by a mob, this scenario goes into affect. Whether it’s blacks, whites, or any nationality, it has absolutely nothing to do with race it’s protection of your well being, once it becomes more than one person, you have the right (in Texas anyway) to use deadly force, and that definitely applies here.

      19. Jesse Jackson is scared of black people too.

        “There is nothing more painful to me … than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.” – Jesse Jackson

        Should Jesse Jackson withdraw from his racial extortion enterprises?

      20. Your the idiot here they were threatening him with his life and your saying he shouldn’t have the ability to defend himself, tell me though guy what exactly was he suppose to do take the beating like a man? It’s too bad he didn’t kill a few of them because he seems like he’s been charged like he did, come down here in the South and do that, black, white, yellow or red they only thing that’s going to get spilled is they’re blood, play with fire and you may get burnt, it’s time for Orergonites to vote idiots who think like you out of office.

      21. How did this site get so many Communist on it? Do you think if you got pulled over by a cop and you threatened him, he would keep backing up without drawing his weapon? No, at some point you would get shot! Citizens have the same right to defend themselves if they feel threatened! You DO NOT have to wait until you have been shot or beaten to defend yourself! What a bunch of Communist we have in this country!

      22. Stupid it was a planned, and stagged by the Guy In all Black. I have him and 3 other faces that were circling him I can tell you have no ideal how this group is being paid. You really need to study more of this BLM’s marches and LOOK WHO the Mouth pcs. is and the look around and see if you don’t see the same folks going after reporters and get a good look a few are wearing earpuds from their walkie talkies if you look are under their coats . Learn to open your eyes and ears before you open your Mouth. Oh btw the Guy all in Black is the same guy at the brown march wearing body armor.

      23. Mae, what would YOU have done in the same situation. Do not judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes.

      24. You are the Idiot! The man is a reporter, he has been attacked before and had his arm broken in the last attack. He has a concealed handgun license. Was he in fear? No doubt. Was he “scared of black ppl” Maybe, maybe not! I don’t know the man and I wasn’t there and I doubt that you were either.
        The Black Panther guy, who minutes earlier was calling on the group of people at the rally to pull a gun and “put a cap in their ass” (to coin the phrase). Would you NOT be a little apprehensive then, if he was then following you!
        You and others here have an opinion and the right to express that opinion, even if you don’t know the facts. But opinions are like a**holes. Everyone has one.

      25. Here’s a solution that should satisfy everyone: No reporter should cover any protest in the future. Nobody’s. Use somebody else to get your message out because the present way is too dangerous. Plus it will cause the most heated among us to chill, seeing as how they wouldn’t be constantly goaded by the press.

        Hey, you might throw a party or two where nobody attended but you have to give a little to get a little, right?

    2. Black people??? Mae, take many seats & shut your “reeeeeeeeeeeeee” hole. These “peaceful protests” & the agitators who start them don’t care about black people! They are paid late-teens & 20-somethings that are puppets for rich puppet masters who want nothing more than to keep up discord & distrust. The best way to conquer a country is by dividing it. Here’s some facts for you Mae; Portland, OR is 76% Caucasian, 6% black. The majority of those Caucasians are liberal Democrats who had taken on such nonsense of having to vote on whether or not the peanut butter & jelly sandwich offered to school students as an optional choice was “racist.” If your attention span can handle it; read the full story & watch both videos. If you do, you will see he was being surrounded mostly by Caucasians spouting threats & the few “black” (as you so eloquently labeled them…) people in the crowd were also using threatening language & posturing as if getting ready to attack him. Also, take notice that as soon as he was allowed to have space, he re-holstered his gun & then those cop hating “peaceful protesters” started shrieking “call the police!!!” Perhaps to chant “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” before smashing in the windshield & making this into Baltimore version 2.0. Wait, nope! These whinging vaginas that were threatening a journalist that was not going to keep lying & covering for these monsters, as most MSM outlets do, & show these violence & destruction loving beasts for what they truly are. He was simply recording & reporting on this “peaceful protest” & was surrounded by these feral adult children. The day I see BLM “peacefully protest” the victims of “black on black” murders in “black” neighborhoods calling for witnesses to tell the truth without any worries of retaliation via the “snitches get stitches” code which has led to the nonstop parade of unsolved murders, then I will know that BLM isn’t just another Soros funded call for anarchy & division. Since you seem to be encouraging more hatred & buying into the lies you’re being spoonfed, I can only hope you & your family don’t fall victim to their scheme of division, destruction & death!

      1. More innocent people have been murdered by
        Beasts kkk, white supremist, and other hateful groups because they think that they are better than anyone else than terroist from other countries. Beasts have killed countless childred, women, men, just for fun. Those beast have a hateful,evil history and agenda. You are sneeky but stupid and we see you.

        1. Charlene,
          I’m a person of color and yes the KKK and just whites in general used to make our lives hell that just don’t happen no more on a person to person level. We get lynched by the institutional plantation where you work at Wendys and still get welfare/food card but still don’t have enough to live…and you sure as hell can’t buy quality food. I know white people in this trap too but these plantation businesses want cheap N**ger labor just like always!

          The democrats and republicans playing the same old game they played when the lived in the big white house on the river drinking mint julep and watching black folk pick they cotton. Now we just doing they other jobs. If the economy actually gets fixed we can break out of it. When Midland Texas had the last oil boom (over now) everybody I knew was making 70 thousand a year and many making over 100k year just driving water trucks. People be asking you if needed a job in walmart but everybody had one or two. The mcdonalds was paying 20/hr because nobody needed a job and they had to bus people in from dallas. Imagine if whole USA was doing this good? If TPP and NAFTA get killed and other reforms we can all be doing this good. I still got a good job because i been around awhile but i have no college education and just trained in oil field. But you can’t take half what i get to fund folks who got less cause it don’t work for either of us.

          1. Well “tyree”; Go get an education, got get a job that isn’t an entry level job for school kids; QUIT living off welfare and EBT cards on with money from the sweat of ever taxpayers brow; QUIT staying on the Dimocrap KKK plantation and voting for the dimocrap leftists; QUIT listening to the black turn coats that support the Dimocrap KKK and them maybe welfare and ebt will NOT be an issue for you.

            1. Colonialgirl, it’s obvious that you didn’t even read Tyree’s comment. If you did, then comprehension isn’t really your thing. He flat out stated that he has a good job, and correctly surmised that if we could boost the economy enough we could end the stranglehold that the liberals have over low income areas.

              Perhaps in the future you should consider whether or not you actually understand a comment before jumping in to throw your “advice” around. Just that one simple step will make you look a whole lot less foolish.

            2. Colon Girl, looks like they let your fat @55 out of the kitchen for a minute to spout your usual foul $hit3. You might be interested to know that Tyree ain’t even black. He is just playing you stupid hillbilly crackers.

        2. Charlene, being a retired Military Combat Veteran, I can assure you that you have never in your life seen evil or human beast. I have, on several different continents. Also, growing up in the South, having personal knowledge of the KKK (I’ve never been a member) you know absolutely nothing about the organization or it’s beginnings and beliefs.

          You are being spoon feed all the liberal crap they can push into you and you are soaking it up like a sponge.

      2. Your an asshole cuz u ass ume like a ass nobody in the video ever said they hate police their signs say DONT SHOOT so if i dnt wanna b shot by cops as im unarmed that must mean i hate police too. So u must wanna die by being shot by police or u hate the popo too! smh plus people said call police cuz they were law abiding citizens who were expressing themselves debating and disagreeing with ppl is no reason to pull a gun and to answer your ? I am totally for the 2nd amendment and wish the protesters had guns too then idiots everywhere would be slower to pull and use guns

        1. You are Full of Sh*t.
          When you are surrounded by dozens of protesters agitating against you.
          signs saying ‘Dont shoot’ are like the old ‘ooops, you fell down. let me help you up again.’
          This was a mob and anyone who disagreed with them was in imminent peril.
          Let them demonstrate for the dozens of COPS ( White AND Colored who have been ASSASSINATED) and maybe your argument may hold water. Otherwise, it is just B.S.

        2. shouldn’t you be in school learning how to speak English or at least be able to put some sentences together that don’t make you sound like a total moron.

    3. Every states’ laws are different, but considering that he did not need to shoot and kill someone to defend his life, he was not in that much danger. Zimmerman was on the ground with his perpetrator on top of him when he shot him.

      1. And how do you know that drawing a weapon didn’t save his life or at least save him from a severe beating? Why are people protecting these violent mobs?

          1. @Jim, the mob planned to be. That one fellow seemed pretty aggressive to me. And the crowd was trying to surround him. Someone was planning on jumping him from behind.

      2. And why do you think he didn’t have to shoot? Because he was able to scare them away. I would have done the same thing. We were given the right to protect ourselves when they first started this country, but now there are stipulations to how and when we can do it and that’s not right. This man did what anyone would have done and if he is sentenced i hope there is an uprising. Entitled morons who think they can go out there and ‘protest’ because their feelings were hurt are the ones that deserve to be punished.

        1. no, the founders did not GIVE us our rights. They simply recognised that we already have them, and then told gummit to keep their hands off them.

          This guy was surrounded by people actively threatening him. they were closing off his escape routes, corninring him, reaching out to grab him. YOU stand there when five angry idjits are doing those things to you and see if you don’t pucker up a mite…. he got clear of one, two more came at him, he began to “get outta there” but they moved wiht him, still threatening. When they had effectively closed off his escape routes, and continued to close in, THEN he drew… when they backed off, he reholstered his weapon. If he had evil intent, we’d be talking about a shooting, not a personal defensive gun use without discharge. Happens a couple million times a year, per FBI statistics.

    4. At least now I know if a mob of Democrats are surrounding you then shoot as many as possible because the sentence is going to be the same even if you don’t shoot at all, on the other hand the angry Democrats will walk free so why not just kill them.

      1. You are absolutely correct. At my age, 15 years in the Pen is a life sentence. Might as well as go for the gusto. Especially now that I see that only politics will govern my trial. Carry plenty of magazines my friend.

    5. BLM is a hate group that liberals & moderates run wild. We owe a lot of thanks the biggest race baiter hussein obama the racist bigot & his Trans gender companion.

    6. Really, really. Have we let it go so far. We need not only to show how unacceptable his presumed consequences are, but also to stop the evil of all of this. It’s not the color of the man that the devil controls. Yet the suffering of all by his actions.
      Rise up all and do what is right to fight the Big battle.

      1. “Zimmerman was on the ground with his perpetrator on top of him when he shot him.”
        That is a LIE
        Zimmerman was on top of his victim beating the Shit out of him. Probably trying to kill him.
        when his Victim fought back and Protected himself from the HOOD!

        1. You realize Zimmerman was the Hispanic male that shot the 18 year old Martin and it was proven Martin was on top of Zimmerman smacking his head into the concrete when zimmeran pulled his gun and shot Martin while still on his back with Martin on top of him. That is fact and not debatable. Witness testimony and forensic science back it up.

        2. Zimmerman had multiple injuries to his head (documented in photos at the scene and the police report) while Martin’s injuries (documented at autopsy) consisted of a scrape on his knuckles and the gun shot wound that killed him.

          Tell us again which one was pummeling the other during that altercation.

        3. Brigit the idiot spews a load of totally ignorant bullshyte and false claims. GO read and learn the truth you rear end of a donkey. Trayvon ATTACKED Zimmerman from behind and was banging his head on the sidewalk trying to kill him; that was his intent and it was proven by the Cell phone messages with his girl friend.
          How does it fell to be so ignorant that you need instructions on how to wipe your butt?

    7. Well I am one of the dreaded liberals yet I find it difficult to want to charge this person with a crime when he was just trying to protect himself.

    8. So i should be outraged at the charges? The situation? The lack of media coverage? Get the fuck outta here.. and of course the title of this article.. seems to me you gun lovers are the real thugs.. you don’t just seem to know how to point your guns and fingers at other people(of color).. maybe you should write a post with *real* solutions to problems. Cause some attack on our rights to bear arms is such a big problem in America.

      1. Patrick — Yes, you should be outraged at the charges. 50 years for not shooting anybody??? How could you not be outraged? Yes, you should be outraged at the situation. Why are we allowing “peaceful protesters” to assault anybody they want? Yes, you should be outraged at the lack of media coverage. How can we solve this problem if no one knows about it because the media has decided that it doesn’t fit their agenda?

        Why are you bringing color into this? Any violent mob of any skin color can cause bodily harm.

        Other people have been beaten by these kinds of protesters because they didn’t have a legal concealed carry weapon. This guy proved why it is important to have one of these.

          1. I can only find articles saying 20 years? And she discharged her weapon, this guy did not. The problem with discharge, even as a warning shot, is bullets can travel a great distance meaning you don’t know who is being put in danger. Shooting into the ceiling is even more dangerous, because you are purposefully aiming at a hard surface which puts even the shooter in danger of a ricochet. Finally, yes I agree the sentence is too long but that’s why mandatory minimums and lack of judicial discretion are a problem.

        1. Chris – Stickland is not going to get 50 years so stop being over dramatic. He may not serve any time at all. The 50 years you speak is the maximum, theoretical jail term he could be given. There is a less than zero chance that he will be given that sentence. Also, the jail terms would run concurrently which makes it the functional equivalent of getting convicted of one charge. Like I said, I give it better than 50-50 odds he doesn’t get any jail.

      2. Well let’s say the next time she decides to go to a rally (demonstration) she gets surrounded by white and black guys like happens in say Chicago as a good location since it’s the city of Angels. Gee too bad u can’t pull ur concealed gun dork cause women and children are around what the hell!! Let the gang rape begin cause it’s no cool to defend your life / self from hate.What putz you need to really have a talk with the voices you hear No wonder our country is a mess we got brain dead people walking.

      3. So you’re telling me that if a mob of people started surrounding you and yelling and cutting off your escapes would you try and defend yourself? He was pulling out the gun as they blocked his escape to prevent from being attacked and to make it less likely to need to fire a shot and actually shoot somebody.

    9. This guy moved back toward the crowd after holstering. Clearly not scared for his life. Half if the “menacing crowd” had their hands up. This guy’s a tool and makes us look bad.

      1. Bob Nash — Well I’m sure he wasn’t scared anymore after he drew his gun. Up to that point he was probably scared. But what is your answer here? Should the guy have allowed the mob to assault him?

        1. Chris, I’m with Bob Nash on this one. And before someone calls me a gun-hating liberal, etc., I’ll let you know I carry concealed daily and have for over 35 years, was a FFL for 24 years and been around guns for 60 years. I’m a true defender of the 2nd Amendment.
          But as soon as he had drawn, and the people backed off, he should have retreated as fast as he could. He didn’t and even after several minutes of people saying leave and they would watch his back, he still stayed around. Did he have the right to hang around? Certainly! But he also had the right to the consequences of hanging around.

    10. Interesting story of a gun nut that walks thru life with urine soaked panties. Someday he hopes to get a sex change. As a women, those mean and nasty men will leave her alone.

    11. Well now he has first hand experience of what a black man goes through in America this is nothing new to us this is why we are fed up this is why BLM is here

      1. Alex — So you’re saying that black men get chased around and threatened by mobs of protesters? Can you please cite a source for that?

        And you do know that BLM was started based on a lie, right? Brown reached for a cop’s gun. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, if you reach for a cop’s gun there will be severe consequences. The statistics show that it is more likely for a cop to shoot a white person than a black person. Look it up. Now, obviously there were some terrible incidents in which a white cop shot a black man for illegitimate (and most likely racist) reasons. You and I will both agree that those people should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and that measures should take place to ensure these things don’t happen again, but these are not the majority of cases. Not by a long shot.

        I am anti-racism but BLM is not the answer. I’ve read BLM’s list of demands, and it’s disgusting. I would honestly love to have a conversation with you about this because I am sure there are things that I am not aware of or haven’t thought of.

          1. The evidence proved otherwise, in that brown shooting the thug did reach into the officers car because of the blood spatter that was on the inside of the door was from brown.

          2. NO Jane; ALL of those SIX backed down when they had to testify UNDER OATH; There were FAR more that testified that Brown FAILED to obey the lawful orders of the police officer and advanced on him in a threatening manner AFTER having assaulted the officer while he was sitting in his auto and Brown DID attempt to steal the officers fore arm. Brown was a THUG, he beat up a smaller defenseless shop keeper and STOLE a box of cigars from the store and was walking down the Center of the street.
            Now go get your head extracted and learn the TRUTH and Facts, and NOT BLM BULLSHYTE.

      2. No, Alex, Black Lives Matter is here because Soros and his pals fund it, and they like the work they do in destabilising this nation. Wake up, man, you’re being played for a fool. Soros wants to run this country by power, the power of force. Can’t do what when folks can still go about armed and protected.
        He’s funded a number of other rabble rousing troublemaking protest/civil disturbance groups these past few years. Wake UP

    12. I hope this never happens in my state or my town never really seen a bunch of black lives matter but I know it’s a racist group no better than the KKK I would do exactly the same thing as he did because it’s in our constitution he didn’t shoot anybody he just stop an prevent it people from harming him whatever happened to all the blue collar liberals they would not agree with this are they all gone I reckon all the southern states will have to stick together and let the East Coast and up north stick together with all their debt and liberals let them pay more if they want more aliens notice I didn’t say immigrants they’re illegal aliens let them have them drop them off break California from the United States of America

      1. Pierre — The reason BLM is more dangerous than the KKK today is because the media and the Left support them. You will never find anybody on any side of the aisle or in the media who will support the KKK.

        1. Not today but who originated the Klan? Who supported the Klan? Who joind and made up the ranks of the Klan? Who were the leaders of the Klan? Who used the Klan for political gains? DEMOCRATS, THATS WHO!!!!! Why blacks continually support them is beyond me. Today, who is the new Klan? Who keeps black people down and in a constant state of slavery? THE DEMOCRATS, THATS WHO!!!!
          For the life of me I just do not understand how these people can keep doing this to themselves
          Why, why, why would someone just keep believing people who say they are continually fighting for them but nothing ever changes or gets better but always gets worse? They are either liars and are using you OR they are ineffectual and not very good at fighting for you. Either way. WHY OH WHY WOULD YOU PUT THEM IN CHARGE OF YOUR DESTINY FOR GENERATIONS??? Republicans were opposed to every single slavery bill the democrats ever put forward. How is it that people can forget THAT?

    13. You’re a liar and you exaggerated the details of the story. There was no mob around him when he pulled that gun. He was rightly convicted. How does it feel when your white privilege doesn’t work for you? His reaction was years of the media demonizing people of color. Welcome to the club. When does YOUR RALLY start to protest this perceived injustice? Why no mention of the BLM thug (your perception) that tried to help him leave????

      1. legal precedent has established that a threat, when within 21 feet, is a clear and immediate threat. Many of those protestors were much closer then 21 feet. Disparity of force by way of numbers also establishes that the threat WAS lethan, clear, immediate, and plausible Go and reard Oregon law regarding justification for the use of lethal force.

      2. Demonizing people of color? You mean defending himself from being beat into a pulp for no reason other than the fact that he was a white, conservative journalist? He was well within his rights and was wrongfully convicted.

    14. Mike Strickland is Moron! That was brandishing plain and simple. If he were scared for his life he should have drawn and fired. If not, it should have stayed holstered. Also the kid in the hoodie snuck right up on him and very well could have taken his weapon. This guy shouldn’t carry. Plain and simple.

      Some dudes can change their own oil, many can’t and hire proffessionals.

      Hire a bodyguard next time Strickland

      1. GOOD LORD are you ever a completely Ignorant moron and idiot; NO you DO NOT fire just because you are threatened IF the sight of the gun causes the attackers to back away; Your claims are total ignorant bullshyte and moronic.
        True some people cant change their own oil and I bet you need mommy to wipe your butt for you, not to mention you also need a thread to pull it out when you urinate and a Magnifying glass to see it.

        WHY should he need a body guard IF the BLM protestors were being LAW ABIDING CITIZENS and NOT thugs.

    15. He wasn’t surrounded. At least not in this video. It seems only half of the crowd were covering their face if that many. He had an out if he wanted it, and there has to be a reason that protesters wanted him gone, meaning he was doing a sh3t job at being a journalist. Being a journalist does not give you a free pass from probable harm or just being hounded out of an area you’re not welcome. While the charges do seem a bit intense I would think there is no story here because he acted hastily and pulling a weapon makes you the aggressor. That may be unfortunate from time to time but it is a truth. This article was also written with 90% emotion and “leading” your reactions and playing on your assumptions. I clicked on this article because I am interested in hearing all sides and I do believe in Arms rights. I will continue my search for “fair & balanced.” if this man is indeed in need, I hope another outlet covers his story better. Good luck to Mr. Strickland.

      1. I agree. Stickland is not a journalist is any recognizable sense of the word. Perhaps you could call him a film maker. He had ample opportunity to simply leave the scene. Also remember, he went out of his way to put himself into this situation because his “brand” on YouTube relies on inciting some kind of reaction out of those he films. The title of his channel says a lot – “Laughing at Liberals”. How many views would he get if he merely filmed these events in a safe and responsible manner? Not many. And this article is horribly written just as you say.

    16. Good. Nice to know the jury saw this guy as the nut bag he is without wasting too much time.

      The wing and conspiracy nuts here are free to attack this post as they wish. I already know not to expect an intelligent discussion based reply, so I won’t even bother about being notified of follow ups.

      1. NO JURY you morn ; just an activist judge that acted OUTSIDE the laws on the books because he was a left winger prejudiced moron and idiot . He is as bad as the communists and the courts of the french revolution.
        The only “nuts” on here are you and the other ignorant liberal morons spewing your loads of stupisdity and ignorance.
        You posted nothing intelligent anyway.

    17. The person who wrote this article is an idiot who doesnt know jack bout self defense this idiot pull u gun on ppl 20 feet from him and NOT ADVANCING so he deserve the charges cuz ppl out there protesting gun violence and u pull a gun on unarmed ppl you r a coward if u a journalist (right wing for example) and u plan to go to a protest thrown by left leaning citizens u know your gonna have conflicting opinions withxthe majority of ppl there y would u seek out a fight theres just a common sense factor.You brought a gun to a peaceful protest so your right wing journalist was the only inciter of violence smh always the right

      1. Actually, Gun safely classes teach you that if you ‘Feel’ your safely is in question of ‘Grave’ harm you can draw your weapon and defend yourself. The distance for this is currently set at 21 feet and the definition of “grave” danger is his perception of the situation, not yours. He was, in any other world, well within his rights to pull his firearm and discharge it if he chose to. He did what we are trained to do, but with a great deal of self control. Many would not have had that same control and would have been shot.

        1. @Chris, The camera does not capture everything. There is no guarantee that a “peaceful” protest (or any other gathering) will stay peaceful. Twenty-one feet is the magic distance/time formula for for the predator to close on his victim before the victim can draw. So Strictland must have had a class. The video shows at least one man advancing on him in a very threatening manner.

          1. of COURSE Strickland had a class. I’ve taken it too, EVERYONE must take that as a precondition to being issued your concealed carry Mother May I Card from the State of Oregon. And yes, 21 feet, MY perception of the danger, the plausibility of a real and immediate threat (disparity of force can come from a large imbalance between two individuals, or strength of numbers coming against one. BOTH are consideredd lethal threats if close enough or armed. How many in that crowd were carrying objects that could be thrown? Plenty. RIcks, bricks, molotov cocktails, have all been used by cro-wds just lkt this one. Hiding faces to conceal identity is an inidicat or of foul intent.

    18. THEY CAN BECAUSE THERE BLACK and they getting away with it JUST LIKE THE JUDGES BRAKING EVERY LAW.The new black Panthers are gangs

    19. Some of the comnents on this story leave no doubt in my mind that the anti-morals pro comnunist education system has indoctrinated a whole generation of Americans on how to be gojd little rat fink subversives. Unbelievable.

    20. He should’ve shot that black panther idiot for trying to provoke him, he would’ve gotten what he was asking for. He really didn’t need to pull out his gun from what I see but I wasn’t there to see it in person. Maybe he felt threatened, he does have a history of violent confrontations. Let him out on his own recognizance.

    21. I did not see a man with his back to a wall. Or cornered. I saw a man standing in the middle of the street with no one near him brandishing a pistol.

      He can rot.

    22. Hey you think we can see the whole video not just the parts that support your so called story smh anything to make this BLM movement seem dangerous its sad really

    23. He got exactly what he deserved! He had ample opportunity to retreat. He also had no business going there and staying there, if he was fearful of his life or rather black people. He put himself in danger by going to a BLM protest. Anyone who reacted as he did would face the same charges. If I were to have done what he did, i would face the same charges. I am for the 2nd amendment but stupid is stupid and he used his privilege of having a legal gun to engage where he never should have. Kudos to court system for once.

      1. Why should a person be required to retreat. He had every right to be there. The demonstrators were advancing on him. They were not peacefully protesting. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    24. There are a whole lot of comments on this page of this incident. We have to do a few things here. Firstly, I agree with the verdict. Oregon Law regarding CCW does not include any kind of “Castle Doctrine”, Mr Strickland had plenty of places to retreat. There was no known threat that constituted the use of a firearm in kind.

      In short, he had no cause to use deadly force, at least NOT legally. I do understand what he felt he had to do. The judge, however, rendered a proper verdict.
      It had nothing to do with political views. The law was applicably applied to the case. It was the charge times how many people who faced the business end of Mr. Strickland’s firearm.
      When you carry, there is the rule of law. That comes first. You have to be right. Mr. Strickland simply wasn’t right. He paid dearly, and I am very sorry about that…

      But that’s all.

      1. “There was no known threat that constituted the use of a firearm in kind.”

        That’s where your analysis goes astray. He did not use a firearm: it was not fired. He responded to a threat of bodily harm by demonstrating that he was equipped and willing to defend himself, but he didn’t fire a single shot.

        Castle doctrines do not apply, as he wasn’t at home, so that point is a bit of a non sequitur.

        The necessity to retreat is conditioned on the safe ability to do so. Turning your back on a crowd that is within attack distance is not safe, and further more, the story reports that he did, in fact, retreat at first until he found himself unable to safely retreat further.

        To judge the safety of given avenue of retreat is certainly a job for the court, but absent proof beyond a reasonable doubt (this was, after all, a criminal trial), the judge should have taken his word for it.

        One could reasonably conclude that what Mr. Strickland did prevented serious injury or death: a result greatly to be desired, yes?

      2. Castle Doctrine concerns your HOME OCCUPIED CAR, FIXED PLACE OF BUSINESS. He was out of doors, thus Castle Doctine is not at issue.”Oregon law does NOT require one retreat when one is where he has a legal right to be.. and downtown on a sidewalk fits that.

        Wanna rare back and take another swing?

        1. There is no law or regulation, in whole or in part, that addresses standing ground or retreating other than deadly force can be used when NO OTHER MEANS can be utilized. There was weapon against him present ( firearm, edged, or blunt object ) that justified Me Strickland producing a sidearm….I respectfully disagree with your arguement. Mr. Strickland should have found another option.

    25. Why did this case not go before a jury? I’ll bet any jury, even a West Coast one would have had a few doubters and only one is enough for a mistrial.

      1. All I can figure is that he must have decided a judge would be an easy acquittal, and a Portland jury sort of leftist. He got a bad judge, and if the judge doesn’t say much, it will be hard to appeal.

    26. The protesters should be glad he was only warning them. Had it been me, I would have dropped around 15 or 20 of the sorry “TERRORIST” right in the middle of the street. Thomas Ryan should not call himself a judge. He’s nothing more than legal muscle in favor of the street “TERRORIST” that threatened Mike Strickland to begin with. Also, any COP that stand with this injustice/criminal act against Mike Strickland is not a COP in my book, they are nothing more than the enforcement jack booted thugs defending the street “TERRORIST” against legally armed American Citizens exercising their Constitutional Rights to self-defense as outlined by Our Founding Fathers. These COPS are a da*n disgrace to the uniforms and badges they wear.

      1. Very well said Bill. I couldn’t agree more. He showed great control in a situation that legally allowed him to protect himself with deadly force. Many of us might not have had that same self control. I hope his attorneys can get this overturned. The SHORT GROUP Law firm is the best there is in Oregon Firearm Law. If they can’t nobody can.

    27. It’s hard to appeal findings of fact. An appeal will be difficult.

      But with the wisdom of hindsight, a jury trial would have been better. Couldn’t have been worse.

      1. Hey artichoke;
        There was NO “findings of fact”, the judge IGNORED all the facts, made up crap to support his left winger off the wall verdict and din’t even give the claims of the defendant due consideration. It’s mand (what there is of it) was made up before the case even started that IS Obvious. They also were going to stack ANY jury with left wingers from the protest mob and a goodly number were obviously that. They SHOULD have petitioned for a change of venue and found a more intelligent less prejudiced judge that would be willing to hear and make a ruling based on the FACTS>

    28. there’s a saying that you would not get burned if you dont get near the fire. just like a moth flying around a candle or a gas lamp. while it is true that strickland righteously defend himself, it is also true that he knows the risk of what he’s getting into. righteously or not, he will now bear the results of his action financially.

    29. If things happened as the author has stated ? Then those responsible for his conviction belong dangling under the nearest street light posts . And may as many of their cultural marxist brethren join them as possible ! Oregon my home state, was a great place before such leftist trash came . If an invading army was to take it back ,and force them into the Pacific ,you can bet I would be a member of it !

    30. Absolutely amazing what some adults in this world actually believe. Blm is the stupidest thing ever created. They won’t even arrest these idiots for burning a city block and rioting and looting because it might offend or hurt black peoples poor little feelings. Amazing how people have been so brainwashed into being scared to death of black people and being racist. We’ve been taught especially in public school systems that the poor ole blacks are so mistreated that you shouldn’t even look at them or they might get mad. Its finally got to the point where its absolutely ridiculous. As you can see!

      1. @Adam much of the problem stems from the fact that democratic officials in places like ferguson told the police to stand down in the very beginning and let the whole thing get started.

    31. @Anthony, kevikens, & artichoke, From what I see in all of the videos, I think you are on the right track. I don’t see any aggression surrounding him until after he pulled the gun. I have to wonder if he is a soros plant to make concealed carriers look bad. 1 he is supposedly a journalist. 2 He may have thought a judge in that local would acquit him. Who ever the man in the black hoodie with the blue backpack is deserves a lot of credit for defusing the situation. (thinking it is his voice heard calming things down)

      1. None of the videos in this article show what led up to his drawing his pistol except one. If they did you would see him surrounded and being verbally assaulted by the protesters. In the one that begins a few moments earlier than the others you can see a black male working himself up to fight (easy to tell if you’ve ever experienced it) and shrugging off his backpack to free his arms for that fight. That is just the nearly-last threatening move and verbal attack of many that caused him to finally draw his pistol.

        And the reason he has so much room around him just before he draws it can be seen in some of the videos – he had cleared his shirt away from it so he could get to it and those threatening him saw it, and some of them had the sense to back off.

    32. Strickland has an idiot for an attorney. First off, the attorney had to know you do not get a fair trial in Multnomah County if you are not gay or a liberal, and he should have filed for a change of venue. Second, in the middle of jury selection, he waived his client’s right to a jury trial and asked for a bench trial (the judge decides your fate personally), which was egregious. I contributed to this guy’s defense, but he did not get get competent representation. I’ll contribute to his appeal if he gets a new attorney, as the one he currently has must be the brother of the D.A.

      1. Would you say the same thing if you had read that part of the article that said:

        “When jury selection began, it was found that the jury pool was tainted as a few members of the pool had actually been part of the anarchist protest that day.”

      2. Request for change of venue denied. Several of those in the jury pool were members of anti gun groups. Only 2 in the entire pool agreed with the statement that individuals have a right to defend themselves and they would have been booted by prosecution. You can see more details on Victoria Taft’s FB

    33. The charge of “menacing” does not apply when there has been a threat.

      Brandishing a weapon is illegal when done to threaten an otherwise peaceful person, with the end of limiting or violating their legal rights. It stops being illegal when the threat of the weapon is used as a reply to a previous, actionable, immediate threat.

      The charge of disproportionate force does not apply when an individual is threatened by a group: a group can do a great deal more damage than a single person.

      The judge is an idiot.

    34. Sorry. I’m pro-gun and anti-BLM, but I honestly don’t see anything that would justify Strickland pulling a gun. He was not surrounded and was not being threatened. Moreover, when he had the opportunity to get out of this “threatening” situation, and even had the protection of a number of the protesters to make his “escape”, he kept taking pictures while walking backwards, SLOWLY, with frequent stops to keep talking to these people that he claimed to be afraid of.

      This is not the case to make an issue out of.

    35. Im very progun i carry every day and think more guns means less crime as long as they are legal. Im aways on the pro gun side. In this case if after he pulled his gun and reholstered he had retreated he would have been justified. I would have liked to have seen him with it in the high ready with muzzle down but it is what it is.. he had plenty of room to retreat at that point and had others holding people from following. If after he retreated people caught up and converged he could have drawn again and he would have been justified. He hung around after the initial in fear point,draw weapon,try to retreat. He could have done so without turning back on crowd so he could keep an eye on situation. That is where his mistake will cost him. He had a legitimate fear but i would not have pulled as quick as he did. I also am not him and was not there and am basing my opinion on what i see in video. No idea what went on before tape was rolling. I can only say i think the point when he reholstered if he had retreated and went to try to locate law enforcement he may have had a better outcome. He stayed in the threat zone after he had a chance to try to leave without exposing himself further and that was his mistake.

      1. In full agreement. My takeaway here is this is a failure in training. I think we can all agree that a person can meet force with force in Oregon in self defense. But this guy was doing it wrong. Had he relied on proper training rather than whatever else he was running on, he could have saved himself this headache.

    36. So much racism, fear, anger, hatred, crime, and violence in America now. The causes, reasons, and FACTS need to be headlined. The observation that is angering many Americans now is that the over-mixing of races, nationalities, cultures, languages, and religions here is causing massive chaos and trouble. All-white, all black, all Latin, all Chinese, all Japanese, all Arab, all Muslim, all Christian, all Buddhist, all Hindu, all German, all Italian, all Swedish, all Danish, etc. countries often – not always – have less anger, chaos, and trouble. When we’re with “our people”, we feel better. Our founding fathers are turning over in their graves. The incompatible, chaotic, angry melting pot that America became is not what they wanted.

      1. Bob You leave out what I think we will find out is the biggest cause behind the unrest. Money when this all washes out I think Soros, Blumburg, the Clinton foundation, Obama’s shadow government, will not only behind the unrest but voter fraud. The rioters are being bussed in to these places. I’m hearing they are getting as much as1500 a day. One of the places we are going to have to concentrate on is voter fraud. If Huston , Dallas, and San Antonio were really carried by Clinton, those areas need to be corrected before 2018. (1500 I don’t have figures it was quoted in a sunday morning show)

    37. While I agree with the overall message of the article, Mark, you need to look up the definition of ‘Anarchist’ and stop wrongfully labeling these racist mobs as such.

    38. This is amazing. A man, surrounded by a mob of overwhelming size and animosity displays a lawful tool to protect himself and some judge and prosecutor does this? Vote em out. The only difference between a rock and a gun is one of efficiency. The intent to do bodily harm is exactly the same. ANY person threatening bodily harm MUST be believed. He was perfectly right to display his deterrent to their aggression. This has nothing to do with race and race is always the label that the violent throw out as their protection blanket. Idiots.

    39. He has a recod of being crazy to generate sensational attention seeking behavior for himself. He is not a good representative of gun owners or CCW holders. Shame on you for painting this loser as a victim.

      1. Well bonmots; too bad your name is a lie ; You spew nothing but lies and idiocy and YOU indeed are the one that gun owners; WHY do I doubt you even own a squirt gun? You have not a clue and are a danger to free Americans and the 2nd Amendment.
        SHAME on YOU for trying to declare him a “loser”; the ONLY “loser” is you and other morons of your ignorant stripe.

    40. He used his firearm to protect himself. He never meant to harm anyone. You can tell this because if you pause the video when he first draws the firearm from the holster, you can see his finger is not on the trigger. He is also backing up, which we have a legal right to maintain our ground. He just wants to leave peacefully and did not feel safe to do so. Everyone remembers not long before, the groups of protesters were kicking the snot out of random people. He was obviously targeted for some reason and he certain was fearful in this situation, as anyone would be.

    41. When I first glanced this article I thought it was about power abuse from the Bureau Of Land Management. Also a dangerous, radical organization. I hope this somewhat zealous, but well within his rights, indie newsboy gets clear of the politically motivated, legal system of Oregonia.

    42. If you want to know where this is all headed, look up the Steve Malzberg show on news max tv. look up the Lewis Faracan tape on all of the extreme anti semintic (sp) crap he is spouting about the Jews. I don’t like what i’m seeing and hearing.

    43. Lets see if they post this. If you want to know where it looks like this is heading. Look up the Steve Malzberg show on Newsmax tv . look up the tape on Lewis Faracan and all the anti Semitism vitriol crap he is spouting about against the Jews. I don’t like what see or hear.

      1. Sorry OldVet, we have a heavy filter running due to all the liberal left lowlifes that like to trash up our site with their paid protests and fake news, unfortunately good folks like yourself get caught up in it. We appreciate your patience.

        1. Thank you Ammoland for filtering out lots of the liberal misinformation campaigns. I just do not have the energy, patience, or diplomatic skills to deal with them all.

    44. @ TS: At least your people were valuable enough to be bought and sold. Ever hear of the Trail of Tears? My mothers people were marched from Georgia/Florida to a reservation in Oklahoma because the white man wanted their land. If they died along the way they were just kicked off of the trail and left to rot. Look it up its fact.

        1. @The Old Coach, Native peoples did not dig graves, and the Trail of Tears death march weather conditions and lack of food precluded such efforts. The soldiers could have buried the dead, I supposed, but they did not. I guess that our people did not have the decency, either.

    45. This is the most insane thing i ever heard – how do we start a petition to get this man free – the judge and everyone on the jury that voted against him should be in jail – the crazies have taken over the asylum

      1. Fraize,

        And I think you should finance Strickland’s lawsuit that you suggest he undertake. How much are you going to give Strickland ? $10k to start would help.

    46. Please hear this (everyone) … until you read the court transcripts and view the evidence that was entered/omitted, any comments/postings about the actual occurrence, arrest and convictions are pretty-much unfounded. As far as being able to legally ccw, or whatever it is called there, once your legal to carry, you carry everywhere, all the time; or do not carry at all. There is no half-stepping.with this.

    47. @old coach It was a forced march, as wild bill said the soldiers could have , or could have allowed it, but forced the march on. Its all history if you can find anything about it any more.

    48. @Coach I wont go into a long diatribe don’t want to bore everyone. Tipically the dead were tightly wrapped and placed on an elevated platform. They were provided with everything they would need to hunt in the next life. American Indians were very religious these sites were considered sacred ground.

    49. For me, Stickland pretty much blew up his own imminent danger defense when he stayed around and gave interviews. I’m sorry, but anybody in fear of harm is going to hightail away from the danger ASAP. I think Stickland blew it and is indeed guilty under the law. However, I would be in favor of a light sentence with no jail. I am sure the court will allow whatever sentence he gets to run concurrently effectively making it the same as getting one charge.

    50. Editorial Note: This was “Don’t Shoot PDX” not BLM. It is a very broad coalition of anti-police (unnecessary and/or excessive) violence. BLM is part of this coalition, but as you can see plainly in the video it is a very broad coalition. Also, one thing to keep in mind about Portland (and increasingly other major metros as well) are these groups of anarchist punks that take advantage of rallies. These Black Bloc style punks are never part of the actual protest and will literally show up to any gathering large enough to mask them sufficiently.

    51. This will be overturned on Appeal.

      Oregon use of Force Law:

      161.200 Choice of evils. (1) Unless inconsistent with other provisions of chapter 743, Oregon Laws 1971, defining justifiable use of physical force, or with some other provision of law, conduct which would otherwise constitute an offense is justifiable and not criminal when:

      (a) That conduct is necessary as an emergency measure to avoid an imminent public or private injury; and

      (b) The threatened injury is of such gravity that, according to ordinary standards of intelligence and morality, the desirability and urgency of avoiding the injury clearly outweigh the desirability of avoiding the injury sought to be prevented by the statute defining the offense in issue.

      (2) The necessity and justifiability of conduct under subsection (1) of this section shall not rest upon considerations pertaining only to the morality and advisability of the statute, either in its general application or with respect to its application to a particular class of cases arising thereunder. [1971 c.743 §20]

    52. What this verdict says to me is that, if the penalty for defending yourself from grievous bodily harm by your enemy is essentially no different than mass murdering that enemy, you MIGHT AS WELL take a fully automatic machine gun (hell, take a minigun mounted atop a suburban like this: ) down to the protest and wipe out every one of those anti-white communist scumbags. Might as well. Your life cannot be ruined any worse, can it? Go for it. Your life is forfeit either way.

    53. Dude,
      Your assessment of this incident is totally wrong. First of all there were no black panthers. Second of all your friend panicked for what ever reason. He was wrong pulling his gun, he was not in danger. If you listen to the black man that was following him he was trying to get him to put the gun away. He states I got you man. This means that he will ensure that no danger comes of him. He is actually attempting to diffuse the situation. The African American man is wrong to tell the crowd to pull a gun and use it, but pulling out a gun in public and pointing it at a crowd is against the law. He actually put his own life in danger including everyone else. He is also very lucky that he is a Caucasian man, if he were a African American man pulling a gun and pointing it at the crowd… well, I will let you finish the story. What do you believe the outcome would be? Right! Hmmmm So, what you are saying is that it is OK for a Caucasian man to pull out a gun and point it at a crowd and not be punished, but for an African American man to use the words should go to jail. Both should go to jail. African American man, should have his hand slapped and released, the Caucasian nan, release on bail and should see the court of law. BLM is a peaceful movement that consist of all nationalities. I hope your friend good will, but if he can’t handle the pressures of journalism maybe he should think about another business. Guilty! Brandishing a deadly weapon in a public place. There was no reason to fear for his life and next time please show the total scene. Some people are smarter than you think. One love.

      1. @BMW, The law of self defense is, generally, based upon the perception of the one who engages in self defense, not the perception of the mob, not the media, not cell phone by standards. Everything that you write after “Your assessment…” is uneducated, presumptuous, and incorrect.

      2. Did your parents have any children that lived? you’re obviously brain dead…
        here’s a scenario for you, you and your significant other come out of a restaurant and somehow get pulled into a rather heated protest outside, you begin to be surrounded because they see you as a threat, or whatever the reason, are you going to wait for shit to go wrong, or are you going to maintain a safe distance from the perceived threat? there in lies the problem, he couldn’t maintain a safe distance because he was being pursued, and threatened, the world isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, good things don’t always happen to good people, once you feel your life is in danger you have the right to defend yourself by whatever means you have at your disposal… your hands, feet, a stick, a chair or in this case a gun, once they escalated the situation by trying to surround him and get physical, he had every right to draw his weapon and diffuse or end it…some guy in a crowd telling you he’s got you, and it’s going to be ok as himself, and a mob try to surround him or you or anyone isn’t grounds for you to start feeling safe and all warm and fuzzy inside… you are kidding yourself if you think you would be safe… wake up!
        I carry a gun because police officers are to heavy.

    54. No matter if he was a newsman, he was legally carrying and his life was threatened. Drawing his firearm was his right for fear of his like under the law. He needs to take this to higher courts and all the way to the supreme court if he has to, as his rights were violated and the riff raft rights upheld. He also needs to sue the state of Oregon, which is just an extension of socialist CA. His rights were violated and standing laws ignored.

      1. Chuck,

        People like you have NO freakin’ clue what it means to sue or take it to a higher court. You love spending other people’s money. Where is this man to get the money he needs to do as you advocate ? Certainly, you haven’t and will not give the accused a dime of your money. But, you’ll gladly advocate for him to fight on his few dimes, correct ?

        I’ve been the plaintiff in fedgov court. It cost me 4 years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars to win a jury verdict only to have the Klinton appointed judge overturn the jury. You have NO EFFING IDEA what it costs to even attempt to have a case before SCOTUS. Then, not only is there little chance they’ll hear the case there is slim chance they’ll rule in the plaintiff’s favor.

        STFU or stroke a check for $10,000.00 to the journalist. That would only pay for the retainer. Then you can keyboard kommando your horse dung all you want.

    55. @JoeThePimpernel – When Jesse Jackson said “Increase The Peace” a lot of his ‘fans’ thought that meant buy a bigger gun.

    56. Unbelievable!!!. All the man was doing was protecting himself!!!. Unbelievable if I was in his shoes I would have drawn my weapon but I would have not holstered it until I was in the presence of law enforcement. Then I would have told the cops what just happened. Look the truth is in the video he was definitely in the mindset that his life was in danger. And there was no reason what so ever why those individuals should be following him if he was trying to leave the area. Unbelievable what our justice system has come to this man should NOT be in jail. And my question is why didn’t the cops arrest those individuals that was threatening the man why didn’t they go to jail for intimidation or for bullying a he man until he had no chance but to draw his weapon. In the video the man said put a cap in there ass if the point a weapon at you did he not say that ?. All this man did was defend himself. That’s it.

    57. Guys, this should scare you half to death. If the SCOTUS doesn’t come around and the upper courts as well, the animals win. Your ability to defend yourself is gone.

    58. This is a clear cut case of selective enforcement of the laws, and it keeps getting proven over and over again with video like this that the law enforcement and courts are selectively enforcing the laws against only those who are in the same category and class as Strickland.

      Here is some case law that prohibits selective enforcement of the laws: “The unlawful administration by state officers of a state statute fair on its face, resulting in its unequal application to those who are entitled to be treated alike, is not a denial of equal protection unless there is shown to be present in it an element of intentional or purposeful discrimination.” “Snowden v. Hughes”, 321 U.S. 1, 8 (1944).

      Strickland ABSOLUTELY HAS TO BE RELEASED and completely exonerated.

    59. ALCON,

      Unfortunately, this story confirms several things for me:

      1. Don’t go NEAR any crowds voluntarily.
      2. Do NOT pull your weapon unless you plan to use it and use it upon draw.
      3. The cops ARE NOT to be respected or obeyed.
      4. Hang every bastard who wears a .gov black robe.
      5. Hang every DA and ADA.

      I could write more. But, the “journalist” violated 1 and 2 above.

      Prepare for bloodshed coming to a town near you. POTUS Trump is being attacked as are all of us. Prepare to defend yourself.

      1. @Dan III, Yes, crowds or any crowded place is also known as the kill zone. And now that the Soros machine has lost the election, it plans to frame president Trump for impeachment. I think that we will have to work harder to keep him president, than we did to elect him president.

    60. It is a given that one should not engage a far superior force under two conditions:
      1 ) Temporary evasion or retreat is possible
      2 ) Your additional forces are under way or close by
      This reporter violated both conditions. He had a clear route of retreat. His life was not in danger. It is not any wonder that he was found guilty of brandishing a weapon. He could have been charged with more than brandishing

    61. Saddletramp, Where did you get that truism? There is lots more you can do (call DivArty, call your close air support, hide in place and pick of officers, NCOs, anybody waiving their arms around like they are giving orders, execute your break contact drill). It all depends upon your: plan, to include: mission, friendly and enemy, time, and terrain). Unless your comment contemplates only the civilian world. If your comment is about the civilian word, then the law of self defense governs. No need to temporarily evade if the statute in your state does not require it. I think that we all need to read our own state’s statute.

    62. There are many reasons why blacks changed from being largely friendly and harmonious in the 1950’s and 1960’s to their anti-white, pompous, expecting, demanding, violent, crime-committing ways today. You can study history and learn them all. It’s angering that our “leaders” (not) just LET ALL THIS HELL HAPPEN. Mike Strickland knew that this would be a dangerous event, and he took his legal gun. When he was threatened, he had the right to defend himself with his gun. Amazingly, he had the maturity and patience not to fire. People should be very grateful for that. As blacks became increasingly pompous, expecting, demanding, breeding like animals, leeching from government “assistance” (handout) programs, violent, and criminal, they MADE whites racists.

    63. Some of LBJ’s thoughts about negating black people as an effective economic and political group by addicting them to federal government handouts have leaked out. He cleverly called it his war on poverty.

    64. Right on, Wild Bill. Years ago, I thought I would help people by being a social worker. However, that became a NIGHTMARE. In my five years with a county government, 99% of the “clients” were black. Most were anti-white, lazy, expecting, demanding, lying leeches, robbing the “assistance” (handout) programs – paid for by working taxpayers. At that time, the AFDC (Aid to Families With Dependent Children) program was still operating. Black women would have more babies – by different fathers – to get more money. It was one of many horrible abuses to the programs. Blacks should be very grateful to be in America, and they should be friendly, peaceful, working, and self-sufficient, instead of anti-white, demanding, violent, and criminal. Understandably, anti-blackism is increasing, just like anti-Latinism and anti-illegal alienism. All illegal aliens should be deported. We should also deport all felons and those who defraud government programs, instead of wasting our money on them in prisons. Let’s tell our president, senators, and representatives to support these things.

    65. So I guess all you fruits on the left expect that he should of done nothing at all and allowed all of you radical violent fools to attack him and beat him within an inch of his life? Well, “F” that you waste of life bunch. You on the Left are really going to regret continuing to push and push and push and think those of us on the Right are not going to do anything, sadly mistaken.

      1. I strongly concur with you Eric!!!. When is enough, enough ?!!!. I am so sick of the communist liberal Party punks it’s unbelievable who in the hell do these people think they are just because I/we don’t believe in there way of life style they have to force it on to us. I sorry I am not going to take it any longer. I am a conservative and a strong one at that . I won’t force my views on to them and they won’t force there view on to me and we will get along just fine.

    66. His mistake was pointing at people. What he should have done was pulled and held it at his side ready to use.
      Pointing a gun, a BB guns, or a bar of soap shaped like a gun will get you convicted. However as long as you dont point it at someone you have the right to have it in your hand.

    67. I have no reason and zero interest in ever going to Portland or that state. If I was an armed citizen in Portland and a terrorist began to randomly kill innocent people I would just walk away. In any sensible state I would do my best to try and stop an active shooter. Let all those people who favor the socialist agaenda move to Portland and be happily isolated there. They can march and protest all they want. Just keep them there so their diseased political agenda doesn’t spread more sickness throughout America. Nothing personal. Generally, their depraved condition becomes self-correcting over time when they only have themselves to preach to. No one will listen any more and they will be marginalized and humiliating by having to go to work and become productive. Social engineers will never defeat the free thinking and acting person.

      1. I used to live in Vancouver, WA next door to Portland. Over the past several decades, as people from Kalifornia moved to Portland, Portlanders began moving to Vancouver, polluting both sides of the Columbia River with liberalism. Portland copied the slogan “Keep Portland weird”. I printed my own bumper sticker that said “Keep the Weird in Portland”.

      2. Portland is gross, but Oregon outside of it is absolutely beautiful. Don’t be dissuaded because of Portland, check out Oregon anyway, the hiking is incredible.

    68. It is ILLEGAL to defend yourself against “BLM Thugs” – Whites are required to be “thankful to have survived” victims . . . (if you survive) – The point of BLM, as supported by radical progressive democrats is to INTIMIDATE AND INSTILL FEAR in police and white America. If it was legal to shoot them in self defense, it would ruin “the plan”. Usually, when communist takeovers of a country rile up violent mobs in the streets to FORCE THEIR AGENDA – citizens are UNARMED – in America, they have not succeeded in disarming us YET (Though they work RELENTLESSLY to achieve that goal) Low capacity magazines do not work so well against a riotous mob, but I digress. So being that they did not disarm us yet – THEY TAKE ALL LEGAL RIGHT TO USE A FIREARM IN SELF DEFENSE – YOU HAVE A GUN BUT YOU ARE EFFECTIVELY DISARMED! They’ll make an example outta this guy! Bastard white guys with guns!

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