Constitutional Carry is the Law in New Hampshire

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Constitutional Carry is the Law in New Hampshire
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition

Milford, NH –-( February 22, 2017, George Washington's 285th birthday, was a great day to be a New Hampshire resident. At about 1045 that morning, Governor Chris Sununu signed SB 12, Constitutional Carry into law.

The new law takes effect immediately. SB 12 is now CHAPTER 1 of the laws of 2017, the first bill signed by the Governor. Thank you for your calls and emails.

What a great birthday present for the father of our country, liberty lives on in the Live Free or Die State. There is no other place on earth like New Hampshire!

I think that you will enjoy seeing a few photos from the bill signing. I was there with NHFC President Scott Krauss and our Corporate Secretary Rep. JR Hoell and it was wonderful to watch history being made!

Constitutional Carry SB 12 does four important things:

1) It repeals the requirement to to obtain a license to carry a loaded concealed pistol or revolver OR carry a loaded pistol or revolver in a vehicle;
2) SB 12 mandates that anyone who is NOT prohibited by state or federal statute from possessing a firearm is automatically qualified to receive a license (which is now optional) for purposes of reciprocity with other states;
3) Mandates that the Department of Safety pursue reciprocity agreements with the jurisdictions that we do not currently have agreements with;
4) Finally, SB 12 increases the term of validity of a license from not less than 4 years to not less than 5 years.

It is important to note, that if you choose to carry a loaded pistol or revolver on a snowmobile or ATV, a license is still required pursuant to RSA 215 A-20 and RSA 215 C-35 . These statutes appear in the fish and game laws. We would have liked to repeal them, but we felt that it was more important to fight for the significant, important changes listed above. If you own a snowmobile or ATV please renew your pistol / revolver license. We will diligently work to repeal these anti-gun laws.

The Union Leader interviewed NHFC Advisor, Executive Councilor David Wheeler:

“We’ve been working on this for 28 years,” said Repubican Executive Councilor David Wheeler of Milford, who as a state representatives sponsored some of the earliest versions of concealed carry legislation.

His son, an attorney, drafted much of the language in the bill that was signed into law on Wednesday.

Without you, the grassroots gun owners sending letters and emails and making phone calls this significant law could not have been enacted. Your petitions made a huge difference as well. Earlier that day I delivered them to the Governor. Please click here for photos from the bill signing.

Thanks for your support.
Alan M. Rice

Vice President & Training Director – NHFC

About New Hampshire Firearms Coalition:
The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is New Hampshire's only No Compromise Gun Rights Organization. While many so-called “gun rights groups” work to curry favor with politicians and the media, NHFC is working aggressively to hold politicians accountable and to put a stop to gun control. Visit:

  • 11 thoughts on “Constitutional Carry is the Law in New Hampshire

    1. Congradulations, VT, you have done well! As long as there are humans, there will be anti-gunners, and I will never understand how anyone can be naive enough to believe that laws can keep guns out of the hands of criminials who couldn’t care less about the dictates of laws. Anyone who would illegaly use a gun, isn’t concerned about the laws or the repercussions for doing so. Laws are obeyed only by law abiding people which, relative to guns, just makes it safer for the criminal. I long for the day when the lawmakers of every state of our great country will recognize the obvious and allow the constitutionall carry guaranteed by the second ammendment.

    2. Congratulations to my neighbors in NH. A fight well fought and a credit to your new Governor. As noted above, ME, NH an VT are 3 New England states in a row. Hopefully, this will be the awakening of other states where I become an instant criminal if I set a toe over the state line. Welcome to the club.

      1. Yes, it applies to non-NH residents visiting the state. The law that prohibited carrying without a license either concealed or “in a vehicle” was repealed. No qualifier exists regarding residency.

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