Happy President’s Day from AR15.com

Donald Trump with AR15
Happy President’s Day from AR15.com

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- February is upon us, and specifically the third Monday in February which means today is President’s Day.

A holiday originally created to honor Washington’s birthday, today it is meant to honor all presidents, past and present.

Not letting a chance to act out go by, the libtards are planning ‘Not My Presidents Day’ rallies all over the country. This weekend 1,700 of them gathered in Dallas to protest recent action against illegal immigrants and last week across the country over 100 lost their jobs after “Day Without Immigrants” demonstrations.

But in other news, gun rights are making progress back. One major item is the Hearing Protection Act of 2017. The HPA would remove sound suppressors from regulation under the National Firearms Act (NFA) and treat them as ordinary firearms under the Gun Control Act of 1968. You can go here to take action.

A great way to keep up with al that’s going on in the world and on ARFCOM is to visit the active topics. There you can see a summary of what’s currently happening on the site, across multiple forums.

For those of you who are not Team members, there are a number of TM benefits that increase the usability of the Ar15.com website if you do chose to join. Some of those are listed on the Team Memberships page. They include advanced search capabilities and multiple ways to keep an eye on the forums and threads you’re interested in making more efficient use of your time. Then there’s avatars, member only forums, IM tools, customization, and much more!

Also the ARFCOM store is getting some work done over the next few weeks, and there are a number of new products being added on a regular basis. We’ll continue to expand and highlight new products each month in this newsletter, so keep an eye out for those or stop by the ARFCOM store in Canton, TX.

This month our partner and sponsor Stag Arms is running a giveaway of their model 3T Battleworn rifle and 420rd battlepack of ammo, so don’t forget to get in on that, as there’s just over a week left! See ads all over this newsletter for entry.

Good luck to everyone and Happy Presidents Day!


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Jim Bob Johns

To Lou Kocon Jr and Wild Bill: are either of you oh so patriotic Americans going to go out and stand in the field in the middle of the pouring rain and pick the tomatoes that ended up on your kitchen table? Are either of you oh so patriotic Americans going to perform the menial jobs at construction sites that build the buildings you work in, or the houses that you live in? Are your wives going to work doing the house cleaning at hotels? Are your sons and daughters going to work as busboys and dishwashers and the fancy… Read more »


I get it. You want to ignore illegal immigration laws because you want to live in a poorly constructed home built by unskilled labor retained on the lowest bid while eating vegetables as you sit on a bed with clean sheets. Lol. You do realize that this country ran just fine when OUR OWN citizens fulfilled the jobs that you propose can/will only be carried out by illegals? Those jobs have been around a long time and someone besides illegals did them. And don’t try to rebut with, “No one else wants those jobs”. That’s a pile of crap. Unemployment… Read more »

Wild Bill

@AJR, Well said sir!

Wild Bill

@jh45gun Bob, When I was a youth, and doing those types of entry level jobs, I did not look upon them as patriotic. But, yes, I have done those types of entry level jobs (e.g. detassleing corn, walking soybean rows, baling hay). I learned that if I did a good job the boss would teach me how to do more and I would do a better job. At 17 I joined the United States Army and really did do some patriotic work, sometimes in the pouring rain other times in the heat of the blazing gun. I did a good… Read more »

Lou Kocon Jr

It continues to dumbfound me that we have people? in this country who continue to get their bowels in an uproar because we FINALLY have a President who is seeing to it that THE LAWS OF THIS NATION ARE AND WILL BE ENFORCED. I have to question the intelligence the this group of left wing, liberal, idiots every time I see them holding and/or participating in yet another of their “peaceful demonstrations” over issues such as the ILLEGAL immigrant situation. I have to wonder, what part of the word “ILLEGAL”, don’t they understand? PS…….and about the hundred people that lost… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Lou, I, too, am surprised at the number of people inside the U.S. that want to destroy the U.S. What do they think will replace it?


That picture of POTUS holding an AR appears to be photo shopped.