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Killing Bigfoot on Destination America
Killing Bigfoot on Destination America
Destination America
Destination America

Silver Spring, Md. – -( Deep in the heart of Texas, Bobby Hamilton has been on the hunt for Bigfoot ever since encountering the monster as a child. Decades later, the world still doesn’t have definitive proof of Bigfoot’s existence.

That’s where Bobby, his friend Jim Lansdale, and their team of monster hunters, known as the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO), have decided to take matters into their own hands.

Down south, the hunters believe a sleeker, faster and more aggressive type of Bigfoot is attacking people’s homes, farm animals and pets. In the all-new series KILLING BIGFOOT, GCBRO is on a mission to help families terrorized by Bigfoot and prove once and for all that the fabled creature exists by killing one specimen – and providing a body of definitive scientific proof. The six-episode first season of KILLING BIGFOOT premieres Saturday, February 4 at 10/9c on Destination America.

Under Bobby and Jim’s leadership, the members of GCBRO come from vastly diverse backgrounds including civil engineering, IT and corporate technology, and private investigation and surveillance. The team also includes former cops, National Guard and military veterans, a medical tech, and even a coroner’s “body removal specialist.” GCBRO’s main goal is to help those frightened by alleged recent encounters with Bigfoot, but however well-intentioned GCBRO’s mission may be, their extreme objective to kill even one Bigfoot puts them at odds with many in the crypto-zoological community who do not want to see one dead.

This season of KILLING BIGFOOT includes the following episodes:

Season Premiere: Saturday, February 4 at 10/9c

GCBRO Hunt Leader Jim Lansdale
GCBRO Hunt Leader Jim Lansdale

Three members of GCBRO speak at the Honobia Bigfoot Conference in Oklahoma, where they meet angry resistance from those who want Bigfoot left in peace. The team is called away to Louisiana, where new evidence has been unearthed following an alleged Bigfoot hit and run: a tiny primate-like skull with teeth, which they send to a DNA lab for testing. Several locals have reported seeing a small orangutan-like creature and hearing monkey-like sounds near the woods. GCBRO organize a night hunt during which they have a frightening close-encounter and then possibly capture footage of Bigfoot itself.

Saturday, February 11 at 10/9c

A report comes in to the GCBRO of a terrifying Bigfoot encounter on the Dyess family’s 5,000-acre wooded farm in the swampy Sabine River area of southwest Louisiana. Family members have heard mysterious screaming at night and taken casts of huge, unidentified animal tracks found on the property. GCBRO steps in to try to bring peace to the Dyess farm and, in the process, has a possible nighttime encounter with Bigfoot. Meanwhile, GCBRO has a run-in with their old teammate-turned-rival Dr. Webb Sentell, a neuro-psychologist and Bigfoot no-kill advocate who wants to prove he can find one of the creatures using a gentle, alternative: flute playing and food offerings. The benefits of killing or not killing Bigfoot in the South becomes a major argument between Sentell and GCBRO.

Saturday, March 4 at 10/9c

GCBRO member Don goes on a local TV show to reach out to the public to come forward with their Bigfoot sightings in the Mississippi area. GCBRO receives a report from a frightened rural family that claims Bigfoot killed several of their dogs and even attacked a young man. The team travels to meet Minnie and her family in a rural farming community, where they will conduct a series of night hunts to get to the bottom of the attacks. The hunt is on when another of the owner’s dogs goes missing. A hair sample is brought to Bigfoot forensics expert M.K. Davis.

Saturday, February 25 at 10/9c

The team gets excited by a report from a woman in east Texas, Anna, who claims she shot at Bigfoot in her backyard to protect her daughter and save her dog. A wounded monster should be easy to track down. GCBRO races down to meet her and check out the game camera photos she captured. Anna shows them an unidentified hair sample she found attached to her shoe that is sent away for DNA analysis. Before embarking on their night hunt back at Anna’s property, the team visits a nearby sighting eyewitness who leads the team to possible Bigfoot nests. That evening, the hunt reveals Bigfoot trails, tracks and some very close calls.

Saturday, March 4 at 10/9c

GCBRO member Don goes on a local TV show to reach out to the public to come forward with their Bigfoot sightings in the Mississippi area. GCBRO receives a report from a frightened rural family that claims Bigfoot killed several of their dogs and even attacked a young man. The team to meets Minnie and her family in a rural farming community, where they will conduct a series of night hunts to get to the bottom of the attacks. The hunt is on when another of the owner’s dogs goes missing. A hair sample is brought to Bigfoot forensics expert M.K. Davis.

Saturday, March 11 at 10/9c

Jessica and her physically challenged husband Bret live in a heavily wooded area of Texas. They say they’re being terrorized by Bigfoot pounding on the walls of their house, and screaming and wailing in the night. Bret also believes he saw a huge Bigfoot run in front of his car, and so he calls GCBRO to try and locate the creature that is frightening them. The team finds tracks around the house, including a huge handprint in the mud that’s twice the size of a human hand. The final night hunt of the season sends GCBRO in search of a giant, rogue Bigfoot.

KILLING BIGFOOT is produced by Gryphon Productions/Monster Hunters Productions for Destination America.

For Gryphon Productions, Peter von Puttkamer is executive producer and Sheera von Puttkamer is producer. For Destination America, Fay Yu is executive producer, Jane Latman is general manager, and Henry Schleiff is Group President of Investigation Discovery, American Heroes Channel, and Destination America.

About Destination America

As the only network that celebrates the people, places, and stories of the United States Destination America is an inclusive network targeting Adults 25-54 and is available in 56 million homes. From spine-tingling campfire tales to uncovering history’s greatest mysteries, the network’s original series showcase the curiosity and adventurous spirit at the heart of being American, with original series like Paranormal Lockdown; A Haunting; Mountain Monsters; Ghost Brothers; Ghost Asylum, and more. For more information, please visit,, or Destination America is part of Discovery Communications (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK), the world’s #1 pay-tv programmer reaching nearly 3 billion cumulative subscribers in 220 countries and territories.

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Jim W Braith

Are these folks serious? In all the research throughout the world, there has been not even one captured on film or found dead nothing anything you’ve seen on tv about these made up monsters is fake news LOL get a life


‘Killing Bigfoot’ sounds like a New York Times best seller by Bill O’reilly. This is Hollywood trash at it’s best aimed at southern people as they are ridiculed and laughed at for wanting to kill a ‘monster’ that regularly kills dogs, cats, terrorizes children to the point of not wanting to go into the woods or even in some cases, come out of their houses. I even detect a hint of state militia symbolism in there as well on the part of the ‘hunters’. This is categorized as ‘reality’ on my cable provider playlist. It is NOT reality….and it’s very… Read more »

G. Gerry

Ummm, I guess we are not far from ALIEN KILLERS T.V. In rural Hollywood a pack of unfriendly aliens has been making faces at and calling out nasty names to passers bye at local bus stops. A group of washed up producers and AD execs are arming themselves with bag phones and beepers to hunt down this faceless menace and stop them once and for all!!!

I thought this up and you can’t steal it! Text me at 6104414835 for rights to this awesome idea…..I got a ton of em’



Its all bull shit..u guys wanna kill something cuz it took the lady chicken eggs…just another way to make some funds to put in ur pocket..u guys is messing up the whole big foot thing for everybody..


How can I upload a Bigfoot picture I caught on my phone while looking for Bigfoot in Alta, CA?


I’m native american and I come from a logging family from Oregon and if Bigfoot ever existed showing itself we would of had IT in a cage drinking beer taking pictures making world headlines. The Gulf Swamp People (Cajon) would have done the same thing catching Bugaroo.
It’s all folklore to keep your little kids out of the woods unattended,
You’ll NEVER find such a thing….ever.
I’m 61 and I’m USAF (Ret.)
Would ya’ll please find it in the next 10- 20 years from now before I’m outta here?


This show is absolute garbage. Anyone who knows anything about gun safety or being in the woods or notices the fact that there’s extra camera angles floating around knows it’s about as real as Mountain Monsters or it’s Alaska spin-off; only without the traps… cartoons for adults without the animation. Sadly, there are several good points that arise in the show that could have ben pursued to make an actual series that would have some real impact on the Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Hairyman discussion; a discussion that could be undertaken without making everyone involved look like hillbillies or… idiots. Unless you have the… Read more »

Jeff K

Amen brother. Discovery channels’ programming has taken a near vertical dive downward in the past two years and it got MUCH steeper this year! I think they have abandoned new & innovative programming to repackage old reruns in a “new” package just to sell advertising. I’m not alone in discarding the entire Discovery channel line-up!


These “Bigfoot” creatures don’t even exist. I know they can’t possibly be walking around with live rounds, but I’m kinda hoping that someone on this show gets “accidentally” shot. Not necessarily killed, but a clean shot to the “sack” so they can’t reproduce any more idiots would be awesome! Heh

P. Treasure

Don’t worry R. Mary no one has been able to kill a mythological creature yet.


I watched this show last night and I was mortified and disgusted with the lack of professional and respect for an endangered species of lost tribe human or bipedal ape. Whatever the creature is, it is definitely not a ‘monster.’ And calling such an amazing creature is an insult. Killing a creature of that magnitude and mystery is a sin. I don’t care what you believe in, but if these families and hunters are complaining that the ‘monster’ is terrorizing them, I would ask them to put a large 10ft fence around their property or a portion around their homestead.… Read more »


good one I agree. Legitamitly Searching or learning about one or trying to learn about them is interesting but this show is sheer stupidity insulting and silly . When i heard the leader say’ monster “i thought what is he talking about just because its big we call it a monster and now have to kill it? These are a bunch of people looking to be famous like the duck dynasty guys only they are ignorant and its disgusting because they are promoting killing a creature they have no idea about. Its insulting and promoting other guys who just want… Read more »


This is 100% fake. There’s no way any insurance carriers would back up these morons. Also, if you think blanks are “safe” tell that to Brandon Lee, and several other people killed by them! One thing is for sure though, it has captured the attention of many people. I’m embarrassed to have even watched this crap! I guess at minimum, it provided me a good laugh.


These clowns couldn’t kill a cold beer


Ha ha..

Ed Holton

These guys are about as reliable and authentic as the AIMS team, which is to say not much! Just like the AIMS team, lots of excuses as to why they never get a bigfoot and the creature always gets away in the end. Laughable to say the least.

Alayne evans

As long as i can remember 50 years there has been talk of big foot it has never been violent unless provoked so this red neck kill it series i totally disagree with it your the same are the poachers for the lions tigers cheetahs you wont be men you will be redneck losers

Mike Archer

This is the most idiotic tv show ever! Well, Mountain Monsters on the same network is just the same. Bunch of idiots that claim to be “Experts” and trying to act macho. As a 20 year Army Vet, first 5 years in the Infantry, one thing I learned right away is muzzle awareness and safety. These idiots will point there weapons directly at the camera man. They also turn on there lights when they hear a little creek or snap. Then this last episode that I just wasted 50 mins of my life watching, they insert drama by having one… Read more »


hahahah good one

David davis

These guys aren’t anything but a bunch of cowboys, searching for Indians to kill ! Leave the Indians alone !!!


Thank you for your sensible words I agree with you 100% but why do we need to kill one Might be a father or mother might have a familyI grew up hunting and fishing all my life But I have to say like I said before why do we destroy everything we don’t understand


I’m watching the show right now and it’s pure BS. A “new guy” who is told to not leave his post gets up to take a pee and is spotted on FLIR, and targeted until the shooter see’s that “it looks like a guy in a ghillie suit”. No body no matter how forgetful or just stupid is going to stroll out of their assigned spot while other armed hunters are looking to kill “bigfoot”. Obviously staged and poorly written script. To play this off as reality TV is as offensive to the viewer as left wing media’s propaganda. They… Read more »

Danah Beard

Please, Please, PLEASE stop the production of this ridiculous show. Educated, responsible citizens and hunters recognize this silliness and find the stupidity of this show insulting to our intelligence. Their “theories” are simply absurd; the insinuation that these creatures are violent, even if they do exist is unproven. For that matter, every single vocalized notion that ANY proof of this animal presenting a threat to humans is an unsubstatiated lie. Stop promoting ignorance! Other stupid people will buy into this ignorance and hit the woods loaded to kill and present a real problem to hunters looking to hunt for real… Read more »

Wild Bill

@oldv, Yep, just a way to sell ads.


These GCBRO knuckleheads are cracking me up! A group of old, fat, out of shape, camouflaged, cheap gun toting wannabees out trying to kill a Bigfoot! Bwaahahahaha! Describing themselves as “commandos”! Look, I don’t know if Bigfoot is real or just a really cool old yarn, but a bunch of grown men dressing up like Special Forces operatives who got their gear from the local Goodwill, and attempting to kill something that may or may not exist, is simply goofy. I accidentally watched an episode the other day. This inbred GCBRO member found a cow shoulder blade and suggested it… Read more »


Paul Your post cracked me up and you are so right !


Wow thank you nicely put!!!!! I agree and if Bigfoot does exist it just shows they are so much smarter than MAN!!!


Although the GCBRO leadership may feel they are justified in their techniques, tactics and hopeful outcome in their “research”…(Gulf Coast Bigfoot RESEARCH Organization), the attitude presented in the town hall public meetings lack a lot in bringing a majority into their way of thinking. It has always been the conclusion of every bigfoot researcher/hunter that an actual corpse would be definitive proof of the existence of this mythical elusive creature, but standing in front of a large group of people and calling those who do not agree with their philosophy in hunting this creature in order to provide that corpse,… Read more »

Travis E.Sims

You guys know the show is fake each Hunter has his own camera guy sitting in the woods with it what Bigfoot is going to come around a bunch of cameras and people, I’ve had a Bigfoot experience In Willis Texas in 2004, It hung around my property for two weeks It didn’t bother me ,I didn’t bother it , it ate all my hens then moved on. I don’t think one should be killed because it is a HUMANOID BEING, why do we kill everything we don’t understand.

Wild Bill

@Travis, we kill it because it is so hard to necropsy a living one.


A bunch of goobers with loaded weapons in the woods, what’s not to like?


Use a grown up rifle .300 or .338 mag


Use real ammo? No producer will allow it, nor insurance carriers.

Jamie webber

Listen I am the man that will get them protected, not these washed up wannabees you got running up bills at your expense trying to end a 25 yr losing streak, I started this 7 yrs ago and have had nothing but success, try airing that instead of these jokers and you’ll see your ratings go thru the roof! Check out a sample of my evidence a series of howls from 11-25-16 while hunting with my son, I call this, U.P. BIGFOOT HOWLS check out what the actions all about, Im sure that no one has had as much success… Read more »

Mike Rausch

Only time a creature should be killed is if becomes a threat to you or your family including your dog. If not a threat just leave it alone. A person should go armed into the wilderness for safety only, as nobody can predict the way any wild creature will react to a human. This show is for entertainment only just like finding Bigfoot, they never did or would they ever of found one. These creatures are long gone when a group of people with cameras and enough noise to wake the dead are around. They are NOT no 12 feet… Read more »

Steven Bates

One more suggestion, use a helicopter to help track bigfoot with infrared & bright search light, hunters on the ground driving bigfoot to a desired trap or killing spot. Use dogs to track him to his lair if he has one. This bigfoot might have a family or some sort of home in the woods.


After watching all of these so-called Bigfoot shows on TV, it’s become obvious that no one has any intentions of ever proving that they exist. It’s all for the ratings and a waste of the viewers’ time. Any network that wants proof can write me a check for $100,000 and I guarantee that I can catch one “alive” if they exist. Any network that wants to sponsor this endeavor will get the show of a lifetime that all the world will tune in to watch. A real hunter would have already been successful. These guys are going to end up… Read more »


“These guys are going to end up killing one of their own crew before they get a bigfoot.
Hard to kill any crew with blanks….

Thomas Haile

I watched your show tonight and I was very disturbed how you can support and show people trying to kill a life form that has never hurt anyone. You should be ashamed of yourself for creating such a show. The people that are hunting this form of life come off as cruel and inhumane. What is even more disturbing is listening the way they talk. Why would you sponsor such a show. This only demostrates the worst of humanity. I’m just glad that most human beings don’t think like they do. You need to end this inhumane show immediately. Finding… Read more »

Steven Bates

In addition to my previous comments, it occurred to me that perhaps you don’t really want to get this big foot as that would be the end of the show?

Steven Bates

I suggest that in addition to tracking dogs you use night vision and infrared sensors. Perhaps setting a big steel trap on the back of truck with bait would be an alternative to shooting it.

Allyson Murphy

I absolutely agree. Stay your asses out of MS. We like our Bigfoot crew. I would dearly love to see a Bigfoot come up behind Landsdale and twist his head off, end of program.


These are some CRAZY REDNECKS, that Jim the leader is off his rocker, says he’s been hunting them 25 years, and still no hard evidence,, quit wasting your life on a pipe dream, I promise you will never get close to anything even resembling a monkey, unless you go to the zoo, you don’t know shiznit about these creatures, so its really funny to hear yalls so called theorys, any show on the tube about “Bigfoot” suck no one ever got anything, if you do shoot one (highly unlikely) you better eat it, CRAZY FOOLS, YALL NEED A LIFE.

Steven Bates

It is as if they either don’t really want catch or kill the alleged bigfoot because they are getting paid to do a show. They aren’t truly using all the tools and equipment and tracking dogs to get the job done. There seems to be a lot of people in a number of areas in the U.S. that say they have seen a bigfoot creature, but no one is really serious about proving there is or is not a bigfoot?

Steven Bates

Why aren’t you guys using hunting dogs to track it?


This show is while stupid. My IQ dropped 30 point just watching it. Please take off tge air. I believe in bigfoot. But this show is not right.


This new killing bigfoot is terrible! What gives anyone but anyone the right to kill a person? And yes BIGFOOT IS A TYPE OF PERSON! I am a shaman and this is just so wrong! I have actually done a psychic reading on a bigfoot picture. I got to see his entire family. If you actually kill one I will push to have whom ever pulls the trigger to be prosecuted for murder! No kidding! I will go world wide to push for this!

Wild Bill

Hey psy chic shaman, there is no evidence that it exists, much less evidence of being human. No kidding.

Jamie webber

My name is jamie webber, My email address is, [email protected], This is to all you know it all bullet happy commandos and wannabees, you need to step down and let a real man show you how it’s done with out a bullet, ive been feeding and researching multiple clans of bigfoots for 7 yrs now with breathtaking results, here is a sample before I continue with your warning, visit the you tube channel and type in U.P. BIGFOOT HOWLS jamie webber is the man described and seen in this video and with whom your reading from now, leave them live!… Read more »


Thank you for your post! I am so happy to hear of someone treating them like the people they are! Bless you!


Tom R. you seriously need to crawl back under your rock. I’m a lifetime member of the NRA so you can’t label me a lefty. The picture of that group of ding bats says it all. Bunch of burn-outs, like Andy said, with nothing better to do than beat their chests and claim they are going to save us all from a threat that doesn’t exist. Why don’t you wing-nuts do something useful like “Flags of Valor.”

pat meck

If they kill a bigfoot it will be just what the anti gun and anti hunters to justify they position

Christine Wilson

There is a couple of things wrong with this cast and show. One there is a law against killing a Bigfoot . I believe it was president Roosevelt who claimed a law against the shooting such animal.

Wild Bill

@Christine W, don’t worry there will be no killing of animals, real or imagined. It is just typical Hollywood foolishness. Which president Roosevelt? What do you mean “claimed a law”?

Wild Bill

@laughing Jack, Can you form an articuable objection, please. Is it the title that you don’t like?

Jack Mac

If you mean Teddy Roosevelt, he may have sponsored such a law to help insure that he bagged the first one.

Jack Mac

WB. What is an articulable objection? I like to learn something every day, this might be it.


Another wonderful advertisement for citizen firearm ownership and the Second amendment. Now a show titled–killing radical rioting property destroying lefties…


Get up and get’er started, boy. Maybe you’ll be the first to catch a bullet in the grill.

Wild Bill

@laughing Jack, That is what rope is for!

Jack Mac

Jack, “lefties”? That would be a good rope and pitchfork advertisement.

Andy Buckmichael

Where do they find these burnouts?

James Snyder

While these guys where at it they should have added ET to their bag limit. They should have teamed up with the group from “Finding Bigfoot”. This would have given my son and myself more laughs than Alaskan Bush People. Just think from a production standpoint this could have been the Never ending Story.


Sigh..the dumbing down of America by this rediculous mountain monster show..same old pattern..yawn..must be an insult to real hunters who have lived in those mountains all their lives.


What a bunch of meatheads…. geeez

Griz Alaska

Bigfoot is the worlds greatest champion, at playing hide and seek!

He isn’t bothering me, I ain’t gonna bother looking to kill him!

Just what we need, another stupid fake reality TV show.
That falsely depicts hunters, shooters and gun owners.


I so agree. This is one stupid show of idiots running around with loaded guns. Every show they have an encounter. I so can’t stand these faked shows. What really bothers me is the tv network pays these idiots to show them out running around with this fake crap.

Wild Bill

@Bill, I bet their guns are not even loaded during the show.


Didn’t the Federal Government make them an endangered species, even though there is no proof of their existence? I am pretty sure they did, to stop people from going out and hunting them down. Did you look that up? Thanks, Cindy

Tom R

Find one, kill it and then figure out what the he!! it is. Once that’s done you can figure out how to go about moving or exterminating them.
But like everything else, with the whiny wimps we have in this country we probably won’t see it happen.


Tom your an idiot


You should really learn the difference between “your” and “you’re” before calling anyone an idiot.

Larry Brickey

Yes, you are an idiot. Kill, kill, kill. If they’re real why not leave them alone. They don’t seem to be causing many problems for humans.

Jim W Braith

Are these folks serious? In all the research throughout the world, there has been not even one captured on film or found dead nothing anything you’ve seen on tv about these made up monsters is fake news LOL get a life


We’d do better to “move or exterminate” ignorant trash like you.


I don’t think killing one is the answer – especially if they are part of a tribal unit/family unit. You are going to cause a problem you might not be able to control since we do NOT know much about these creatures – tranquilizing, capturing studying and releasing would be the wiser way to go – but then you , destination TV, might not make the money . Love solving mysteries but I think you are going to far with the killing theme.

Wild Bill

@para, The people that frequent the environment that the alleged big foot frequents do not carry tranquilizing equipment. Even if they did, they would not know how much or what tranquilizing substance to use. I prognosticate that the evidence, if any, will be gathered in a different way.


Like to see that pic on your trail just at end of last season

Bob Sezz

Bunch of play soldiers that can’t wait to kill something. No one has ever been hurt or attacked by these humanoid hybrids that y’all can name. Do you have any evidence of all these “dogs and animals” of yours killed? It’s probably ferral hogs if it’s even true. Why don’t y’all invite ” The Donald” and the God-awful real boss “Steve Bannon” out and hunt each other…bunch of camouflaged cowards. Take all this “extra money” you inherited and do something to help somebody. Figure I’ll write like y’all act…

Pat spad

Really what a bs show.




Can you buy some punctuation please?

Jack Mac

Gavin, Punctuation? It is not needed in Harvey’s comment. Besides, it is possible that punctuation was developed by Anglo-Saxons in order to disrupt the thinking of others. How else can they subdue Celts.

Jack Mac

This show seems to be produced by anti-gun, anti-hunting, and anti-deplorables propagandist. Amusing, but to many people take it serious. Libtards are not the only gullible people that we need to be concerned about receiving false information.