Reinvented Live-Fire Shooting Targets Use Gamification to Fully Immerse Shooters

Tapnetic Target Systems App
Tapnetic Target Systems App
Autonomous Alloys
Autonomous Alloys

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -(  Autonomous Alloys, producers of Tapnetic Targets, has introduced the first truly interactive steel targets that engages it’s shooters by using principles of gamification.

Addictive game mechanics combined with a virtually tactile hit response, Tapnetic Targets are able to tap into a user’s impulses to create a truly immersive and captivating live-fire experience.

Competitive matches challenge shooters with heart pounding head-to-head action, advanced mechanics drill law enforcement and military under pressure, and fan-favorite game rules – games similar to Zombies, from the Call of Duty franchise, or Capture the Flag from Halo produce family friendly co-op entertainment that’s as addictive as their virtual world counterparts. And the result is deep learning experience that is demanding yet fun.

The Tapnetic target system uses a combination of technology never before seen at the range. A proprietary magnetic design deploys target paddles while a patent-pending expendable LED system communicates in-game logic and feedback.

The mobile Operator app available for both Android and iOS controls the experience and records real-time hit info back to the shooter. Operator will even track multiple shooters, their hit times, and declare the winner both on the field as well as the on the app.

“The biggest draw to interactive steel is the incredible feedback. It’s both audible and visual, and it’s so instant, making the feedback reward very videogame-esqe” Michael Campbell, Tapnetic co-founder.

At release, Tapnetic targets is delivering 8 full featured games and drills that deliver simulations for law enforcement and military, competitive head-to-head games for family friendly matches, and drills self defense classes and marksmanship practice.

Tapnetic Target Systems
Tapnetic Target Systems

Solo drills, such as SubSecond for quickdraw defense practice, provide users a chance to identify weaknesses quickly and repeat drills recurrently until mastered. Head-to-head drills such as Marksman, provide users a chance to practice threat acquisition while competing under real pressure, and co-op games allow shooters to practice laser focus while having fun.

All scores remain logged on the system so that users can track their improvement, whether it’s over the weekend, or over the year. And since this is an all-digital system, new game modes and drills are just a download away.

Tapnetic Targets are designed to be maximally configurable for any drill imaginable. Wireless technology allows users to position these in tight groups for close quarter combat, prepositioned for urban/shoot house setups, or spread out for long range rifle drills, and can be oriented, both vertically and horizontally, on any 2×4 post.

The Tapnetic target system was designed for rimfire and centerfire calibers. Virtually all pistol calibers and frangible rifle rounds can be used at close range. Full lead rifle calibers can also be used at 200 yards.

The LED’s have been designed to be expendable and replaced in seconds. When an LED takes a strike, the bullet and LED debris are forced out through an exhaust channel, isolating the impact from other LED channels. And LED replacements are designed to be economical, with just one LED on a minimal PCB.

Fast paced, intuitive, and fun for shooters of all ages, Tapnetic Targets bring several new features never-before-seen in targets:

  • 8+ Game and training modes at launch
  • Advanced modes include adaptive training, shoot/no shoot scenarios, and double-tap requirements
  • Virtually unlimited number of wirelessly connected targets down range
  • iOS/Android Apps enable fast and intuitive game starts
  • Up to 4 players for head-to-head or co-op battles
  • Expendable LEDs
  • Solid-state design with no moving parts but the paddle itself.
  • 120 Yard range per repeater
  • Millisecond clock resolution
  • Full telemetry via app

After successfully reaching their $100k crowdfunding goal in 3 days, Autonomous Alloys began delivering pre-orders in Feb 2017.


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Randy Lorence
Randy Lorence
3 years ago

I bought a 6 pack and have 3 targets that have not worked right. I’m in Oregon so I can’t just run down and get them fixed. What has been your experience with the Tapnetic Target System? Just looking for others experiences.