SilencerCo’s Arsenal Blog: Sterling Submachine Gun

Sterling 9mm Submachine Gun
Sterling 9mm Submachine Gun

USA -( Simplicity is one of the most desirable traits in almost any product and yet is one of the most difficult things to achieve.

With the creation of the Sterling, George Patchett accomplished the ultimate feat in simple-yet-elegant engineering.

Little more than a tube with a grip, the Sterling 9mm submachine gun has been in use around the world since 1953 and continues to be a yardstick by which other submachine guns are measured.

With the introduction of the L34A1, this iconic firearm was available in an integrally suppressed version, further increasing its versatility.

The Sterling became so iconic that it was even used as the space-age inspiration for the Storm Troopers’ sidearms.

Click here to read more about this simple submachine gun and why it holds a special place in our armory.


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Bob M.

And just think…if the state didn’t come up with arbitrary laws restricting our second amendment rights, we’d all be able to own one!