Truglo Tritium Pro Handgun Sights Tested, Recommended By NTOA Evaluators

TRUGLO Tririum Pro Sights
TRUGLO Tririum Pro Sights

USA -( TRUGLO Inc is pleased to announce that the new TRITIUM PRO handgun night sights surpassed expectations and impressed members of the NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association).

NTOA Evaluators put the TRITIUM PRO sights through rigorous testing and scored them based on several categories including: design, performance, quality, durability, versatility, accuracy and ease of use.

TRUGLO Tririum Pro Sights

TRITIUM PRO received an incredibly high average score of 4.94 out of 5 (with multiple evaluators granting a perfect 5 out of 5).

One testing member from Arizona remarked, “I would like to say in conclusion that these sights are perfect for law enforcement. I know that I will be pushing to have all of our current sights transitioned to these sights going forward.”

TRITIUM PRO sights were tested over several weeks. NTOA members who participated in the testing were pleased with the operation of the sights during on-duty and off-duty use.

Ruger Pistol with Tritium Pro Sights
Ruger Pistol with Tritium Pro Sights

Members also commented that the large white FOCUS•LOCK ring on the front sight increased visibility and encouraged the eye to rapidly focus on the front sight for a fast and accurate sight picture.

Evaluators also noted the advantages of the U-notch rear sight with a forward-canted “hook” to assist in emergency one-hand operation.

TRUGLO is proud to provide such quality products for the firearm industry. This product and its reviews are listed on the NTOA’s Member Tested and Recommended online database.

Product Features:

  • Large white front sight FOCUS•LOCK ring for even faster focus
  • Quick and accurate U-notch rear sight design
  • Angled rear sight edge for emergency one-hand operation
  • Assembled in USA with quality Swiss Tritium for maximum brightness
  • Unmatched visibility in low-light shooting conditions or complete darkness
  • Glows-in-the-dark – no batteries or light exposure required
  • FORTRESS FINISH provides a permanent protective coating for maximum protection
  • Fits standard holsters
  • Available for many popular handgun models with more on the way.
  • MSRP: $108/Set

For more information about TRUGLO products, visit their website.


About TRUGLO Inc.:

TRUGLO is the world’s leading company in fiber-optic technology for the shooting sports industry. Born from innovation, TRUGLO continues year after year to enhance the marketplace with technologically advanced and innovative ideas for the shooting/hunting/outdoor enthusiast. Based in Richardson, Texas, TRUGLO is a world-wide brand celebrating over 20 years of offering only the best they have to shooters and hunters around the world. Giving back to an industry they love, TRUGLO is involved in many conservation groups, youth programs and organizations that promote the values of which they believe are necessary to guarantee the industry’s future.

  • 4 thoughts on “Truglo Tritium Pro Handgun Sights Tested, Recommended By NTOA Evaluators

    1. Just bought a set for my H&K VP9. I’ve had these on several firearms, and have never been disappointed!

    2. Just bought the Tritium pro night sights over the Trijicon HD sights. Reasons for are, 1- rear sight is lower and doesn’t have skin cutting sharp edges like the HDs. 2- rear sight has angled front end to assist in one handed slide manipulation. 3. Unlike the HDs the front Tritium vial is larger and brighter than the rear two, making your eyes focus on it in dark situations. 3- Half the price of the HDs.
      I have shot hundreds of rounds with the Truglo Tritium pros and they are without a doubt the best sights I’ve ever used!

    3. I’ve owned the tritium night sights before, not this model, but I have bought the tf-x pro series with the fiber optics included.

      The tritium night set I had from Truglo, that I put on my Glock model 21, we’re so bright that I could almost read a book by night: no I’m not kidding!

      I now own a CZ 85 B and I’ll be putting the tf-x pro set very soon!

      When it comes to tritium night sights, you can’t go wrong in buying TruGlo!

    4. I have several TRUGLOW gun sights and have been more than happy with all of them, I will be giving this new TRITIUM PRO a try very soon…

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