Pelican Gun Cases Bans Guns?

Ban Guns Sign
Pelican Products Bans Guns? (file image)
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Virginia – -( Virginia Citizens Defense League member Carter Garnett, sent me a photo of a “no guns” sign which says, “No concealed weapons allowed on this property,” which is posted on the door of Pelican Products in Front Royal, Va.

Pelican Products produces custom cases and inserts for guns and other items. The cases are designed on the Internet by the client and the resulting inserts are then shipped to the client.

I contacted a manager, who was polite and professional.

He said that Pelican is not open to the public the way a store in a mall would be. Generally the only customers who come into the facility are larger clients with an appointment.

The sign is there because they’ve had problems with people from “agencies” leaving loaded guns on their property.

Since this doesn’t affect gun owners generally, Virginia Citizens Defense League is not going to pursue the matter very far. All I am going to do is suggest they ask corporate if this wording would be acceptable: “LOADED firearms MUST remain holstered at all times on this property.”

About Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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Star light gun cases, good bye pelican


from agencies?..and this is the only people the democrats want armed ? about checkin guns at counter, pick em up when ya leave???


Sooooo… revolvers allowed, my 1911 is not a problem then. What….I’m supposed to be a mind reader & assume that their sign with no accompanying text means ‘all’ firearms? I think not. Their sign depicts ‘revolvers not allowed’.


Pelican’s position seems to be that they sell (at this location) only to wholesale or “agency” buyers. Now tell me how this sign works. Cop, Fibie, TSA agent arrive at the facility carrying duty weapons. They see the sign. They disarm themselves, putting their weapons in their cars. They then enter the premises. Yeh Right!!!! How many of these types do you see obeying the premises sign that says no weapons? Those signs are for civilians aren’t they? They don’t apply to me because I’m a professional and never shoot myself. Yeh Right !!! And because I’m in law enforcement… Read more »

Lester Schroeder



They would be better off banning air marshals, FBI agents and Homeland security agents. Just this week another air marshal left her loaded gun in a airplane restroom.

John Casey Jarvis

It says no concealed carry what about open carry?

Joe Magdziarz

Everyone has the right to express their feelings. However, I will no longer consider any of Pelican’s products although they are generally excellent quality.


Never did like Pelican, mainly because their size options are not useful.

Still, it IS sad to see a manufacturer of products fairly well respected amongst gun owners demanding no one have guns on their property.


They must be taken over by Liberals!!!


Makes me glad I don’t carry a revolver or own a Pelican case.


The sign and the reason given do not match. The author says the sign has text which says, “No concealed weapons allowed on this property,” but then give the reason stated by the company as agencies leaving weapons on property. Unless the agencies are also leaving their agent on the property then the weapons are not canceled, they are misplaced.

Sounds like Pelican is being two faced. I now wish I did not own the Pelican I have. It will be the last one I ever own.

Wild Bill

, that is funny! Maybe the agent left his weapon under Pelican’s lace doily!


Agreed, what they say does NOT match. Will not purchase their products anymore, even if they reverse it.
Ammoland thanks for the heads up.


I just contacted Pelican warning them that if true I will NEVER KNOWINGLY buy ANY pelican product!

Martin Bare

I am a concealed carrier. I respect someone’s right to put a no guns sign on their door, and I will not enter. Ever. No one spending my money will, either. Ever. Did I mention that if I have pants on, I’m carrying? Pelican cases are pretty cheesy anyway. I think I will turn mine into a tackle box, or throw it away, and get a real, safe, functional case from a manufacturer who understands the U.S. Constitution. Done with companies that have the same signs on their door that socialists, elitists, and loonie liberals have on theirs!

Mike Murray

I have bought my last Pelican product.


Why are the rights of sane people being limited due to a few negligent (idiots)? That’s like outlawing Pelican cases from all airlines because someone failed to lock their case when they checked it in. This sign is troubling, perhaps pointing to deeper issues at Pelican.

BillyBob Texas

Ya’ know…once I saw a car back into another one in a parking lot. Why doesn’t Pelican just outlaw cars on their property… fact, why don’t they only have enuff parking spots for their employees – and NONE for those car-banging customers…..


The big question is do they allow employees to conceal carry? If they are in a firearm related business and dont allow employees to legally conceal carry i truly have a problem supporting them. If they do allow them to and since they are not a retail location i wont have as much of a problem with their policy. I still think they could find a better way to handle the issue of loaded guns being left behind but my biggest concearn is what is the policy for employees.

Calvin Blumhorst

Liberals and bureaucrats always fall back to regulatory solutions to idiot problems, sorta’ like a town council that lowers their speed limit to 20 mph after an idiot goes through town at 70 mph. The idiots will still do idiotic things and the only people encumbered are responsible citizens who were acting responsibly to begin with. You can’t fix stupid, especially at the corporate and bureaucratic level.

Jim S

I am disappointed by their position. They should be encouraging legal carry on their property. Disappointing.

Carl Bechtol Jr.

I will add them to the DO NOT SHOP HERE list. Thanks for the heads up.

David W

“The sign is there because they’ve had problems with people from “agencies” leaving loaded guns on their property.”

What kind of idiot leaves there loaded gun on the property?

Captain Kublai.

Three times the secret service have left loaded firearms at the property I work at. That kind of idiot.

Jim Macklin

Who is going to safely hold/store any firearms? What will keep your gun safe?

Certainly a simple and safe, “Keep your firearm holstered”

For me, I’ll make or modify my own gun cases as long as Pelican created an “unarmed victim zone.”

Probably a desk cop or TSA agent.

Calvin Blumhorst

Amen brother. There’s way too much choice and competition in the marketplace to shackle one’s self to a company that practices citizen disarmament.

Unfortunately, this position plays well even with some of the sporting crowd who aren’t concerned because “they aren’t coming for my gun.” In the words of one of our great patriot forebears, “We must hang together or we will surely all hang separately.”

Big Bill
It happens a lot more than you might think.
I see this in the news several times a year, and that’s just when it makes the news I happen to see.

Dr Dave

My team used to routinely chase the FBI guys thru the parking lot to give them back their loaded weapons after we trained or planned together
That is what agency. Have heard that even my dumb fool guys did the same in both Harrisburg and Quantico
Embarrassing to say the least but happens

Country Boy

An FBI , SS, ATF, or similar agent forgetting his gun……..Not very reassuring to a regular citizen… is it?

Dr Dave

As gun “enthusiasts” we see the world thru the eyes of the gun to the LEO community we see them as PITA tools we have to carry daily along with a bunch of other crap Civilians have to realize that less then 5% of all LEOs EVER draw their weapons except to qualify at the range. With that in mind having to carry them around is a hassle. Plus we have to carry not only a duty weapon but often a back up and then extra mags and depending on the department cuffs and in my case a radio with… Read more »


Dr D – How much does your fully loaded utility belt weight?


Same idiots that leave them on the top of the toilet paper dispenser, laying on the counter area of an aircraft latrine, the morons that leave them on the bench in store dressing rooms; in other words in general FEDERAL AGENTS and police morons.


How about hold the guns ‘for safe keeping’ and only returned to senior management officials, like GM15/O6 or SES equivalent. Approved return officials to be provided by Deputy Secretary only. Monthly lists provided directly to Deputy Secretary/O9 level. Stop that crap in a hurry, guaranteed.