MSR TrailShot Filter: Fast-Packing, Pocket-Sized Trail Necessity

MSR Trailshot Filter
MSR Trailshot Filter

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USA -( The new MSR TrailShot Microfilter cleans water all day — without the weight. Fast-paced, high-mileage adventurers such as trail runners, hikers, fast-packers, and mountain bikers can rejoice in this new filter designed to hide in stash pockets and deploy quickly.

Easy, one-handed operation filters one liter in a mere 60 seconds straight from the source so you can hydrate quickly, fill your vessels with clean water, and quickly get back on the trail and moving again.

Need more? Here’s what else you should love about the TrailShot Microfilter:

  1. This filter only weighs 142 g (5 oz)
  2. You can easily clean the filter to restore its flow and perform integrity tests IN-FIELD
  3. You can drink directly from the source – without lying in a puddle to drink – and you can fill up your water bottles
  4. Price tag of $49.95 (replacement filter cartridges are also available)
MSR TrailShot Filter
MSR TrailShot Filter

About MSR (Mountain Safety Research):

Seattle-based MSR has been engineering standard-setting high-performance outdoor equipment since 1969. A commitment to quality manufacturing and innovation ensures customers are outfitted with the finest, most reliable gear available for outdoor adventures. MSR product lines include: stoves, fuel, cookware, water treatment and hydration systems, shelters, snowshoes, snow tools, and backcountry poles. The majority of MSR products are made in the company’s Seattle, U.S.A. and Cork, Ireland manufacturing facilities.

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