Tiborasaurus Rex Reviews BipodeXt ~ VIDEO

Accuracy Solutions LLCSanta Ana, CA-(Ammoland.com)- The long-awaited Tiborasaurus Rex review of BipodeXt has been uploaded to YouTube and is available to view.

Rex’s opening line is, “this thing is incredibly helpful.” Later on, he continues by adding, “it really really helps. Not even exaggerating it makes it twice as good or three times as easy maybe more, it’s hard to quantify this but I will certainly tell you it makes it way easier to stay steady.”

Rex and a couple of participants from the Rex Reviews project had the opportunity to try out BipodeXt and had no trouble getting on target and staying steady.

Rex himself laid out 50 rounds during his testing from 1,100 yards and in his words, “knocked the heck out of the steel.” “I cannot stress how important it is to get a perfectly steady support, Rex said.”

While Rex’s friend was field testing BipodeXt and Rex was filming, Rex made the comment “it’s like too easy” since his friend nailed the 500-yard target twice in a row with minimal time between shots. Rex’s friend agreed and added, “ya that really makes it steady. This must be what the Egyptians used to make their Pyramids.”

Tiborasaurus Rex Reviews BipodeXt
Tiborasaurus Rex Reviews BipodeXt


Which is not to far off since the lever fulcrum axiom is undoubtedly used to lift heavy objects but can be leveraged to keep your rifle steady as well. Rex started his explanation of this by referencing the Disney movie Sword and the Stone and reminding viewers the owl character in the movie was named Archimedes. In real life, Archimedes of Syracuse didn’t invent the lever but was able to explain the principles.

Daniel Gyurec, Managing Member of Accuracy Solutions and Inventor of BipodeXt, used Archimedes’ principles of the lever to inspire the design and prove that moving the resting point of a bipod further to the muzzle of the rifle and beyond would indeed stabilize the rifle.

Rex continues by explaining, “taking advantage of the raw mathematical principle of just increasing the length of the end of the lever (where you are manipulating the toe of the rifle) and the fulcrum (bipod) the longer that is the more movement it takes on the far end (stock end) to translate that wiggling into the cross-hairs.”

Another portion of the review focused on the materials used to make the stabilization platform and how Accuracy Solutions achieved the light weight rigid design through carbon fiber, polymers and aluminum. Also, Rex went over the installation process that only takes seconds if you have a pic rail installed on the forend of your rifle and noticed all the equipment is included if you do not.

40X3 on Sniper Rifles
40X3 on Sniper Rifles

Rex goes on to tell his viewers, “If you do have a couple of seconds to lay down and make a prone shot it only takes another second to attach this and another second or two to extend it and you have Radically increased your steadiness potential.”

Rex closes by saying that BipodeXt “might be hard to explain and may be hard to believe that something this simple can make that big of a difference but it is a very smart design. To make a long story short definitely, consider this as an option for someone who wants to gain maximum steadiness.”

He thanked Accuracy Solutions for sending him BipodeXt and was jokingly not going to give us model BXT 40X3 back. Rex, by all means, keep it and continue to enjoy shooting steadier so you can improve hit ratios and distance milestones.

About Accuracy Solutions:

Accuracy Solutions mission is to create high-quality precision products for the firearms industry. We are the home of BipodeXt which extends the resting point of a bipod to increase stability and accuracy for rifle shooters everywhere. With BipodeXt you will achieve Accuracy Extended.

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Have watched tex for years. He’s one man that understands ballistics and sniper type shooting and gun maintenance very well. Couldn’t have been reviewed by a better person.