Cuddeback Changes The Game With Remote-Access Cuddelink

Cuddeback Remote-Access Trail Camera
Cuddeback Remote-Access Trail Camera

USA -( Trail cameras changed the game for hunters, finally providing a way to keep tabs on even the most elusive and nocturnal of bucks.

Since their introduction over 25 years ago, however, trail cameras haven't changed much. Sure, they've transitioned from film to digital and from whiteflash to IR, but their overall function and capabilities have remained pretty much status quo.

Until now.

Cuddeback, makers of the hunting industry's fastest and most reliable trail cameras, just upset the trail camera apple cart.

Cuddeback Trail Cameras

Cuddeback Remote-Access Trail Camera
Cuddeback Remote-Access Trail Camera

New for 2017, Cuddeback is introducing CuddeLink, an exclusive technology that allows hunters to check all the trail cameras on a hunting property from one camera – with no data plan or additional costs.

“There's a clear benefit to being able to check a trail camera remotely, but we wanted a system that worked easily right out of the box – one that worked with multiple cameras and didn't require hunters to purchase data plans,” said Mark Cuddeback, owner of Cuddeback.

“By utilizing cameras that ‘talk' to one another, CuddeLink system is the simple solution that provides remote access to cameras simply by checking one ‘home' camera,” he continued. “Whether the home camera is indoors or one of the working cameras in the system, hunters can now see and retrieve images from all the cameras on a property.”

CuddeLink uses a radio signal to allow each camera to reach out to nearby CuddeLink-capable cameras and pull images to whichever camera a hunter desires. Each camera in the chain pulls images from the next farthest camera and sends them to the next closest camera until all images can be seen on the home camera.

Unlike cellular-based remote-access trail cameras, there is no cell phone company involved, nor any data plans to purchase. Best of all, you can operate up to 16 cameras in a CuddeLink chain. Consider the cost savings against cellular-based cameras that require a separate data plan and bill for every camera used.

“It's not practical for the average hunter to operate multiple cameras when each one requires a data plan,” Cuddeback said. “Our goal with CuddeLink was to create an affordable system that didn't force a hunter to choose just one of his cameras for remote access. While most hunters aren't going to buy 16 cameras like the CuddeLink system can handle, they can purchase three or four and enjoy the benefits of not disturbing their hunting area.”

The heart of the CuddeLink system is the new Cuddeback Dual Flash Trail Camera, Model 1361. This workhorse camera allows hunters to choose either IR Flash or Black Flash with a simple setting change. It features Cuddeback's legendary ¼-second trigger speed; 20 MP hi-res pictures; video, burst and time-lapse modes; and the company's unmatched 5.2.1 warranty.

To make a Dual Flash camera work on the CuddeLink system, simply install a Cuddeback CuddeLink CL-CAP (sold separately). In short, the Dual Flash Camera is a top-of-the-line, stand-alone trail camera that can easily be upgraded for use in a CuddeLink system.

Cuddeback Dual Flash cameras and CuddeLink CL-CAP transmitters are available now, and Mark Cuddeback said to watch for even more exciting options in the near future.

“We're excited to bring the CuddeLink system to hunters, but Cuddeback is dedicated to producing products with no compromises, so look for a cellular-based option and a Web-based option later this year,” he said. “A cell-based option will allow the images from an entire CuddeLink chain to be sent to any cellular device, while the internet option will provide a ton of flexibility for those lucky enough to be able to hook up their home camera to the internet.”

It's only fitting that Cuddeback, one of the original trail camera companies, brings the first fully functional and affordable remote-access system to the industry. The giant old bucks will never know you're there when you use Cuddeback cameras and the new CuddeLink system. And more bucks will stay in your wallet thanks to Cuddeback innovation.

Trail cameras will never be the same after this… For more information, please visit their website.


About Cuddeback:

Founded in 1989, Cuddeback is the world's oldest trail camera company. While other companies dabble in trail cameras, Cuddeback continues to set the standard for performance, durability, innovation and price. All Cuddeback cameras are designed in the United States by hunters who understand hunting and scouting. At Cuddeback, their goal is to make trail cameras that capture every animal, not just those standing still. That's why they use state-of-the-art electronics to ensure our industry-leading 1/4-second trigger speed.

For more information, please visit their website.

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