Peder Lund, the “Most Dangerous Publisher in the World” has Died

Peder Lund, Publisher of Paladin Press SOF Cover
Peder Lund, Publisher of Paladin Press SOF Cover from 2012
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -( Peder Lund, the founder and publisher of Paladin Press, died suddenly on June 3 2017 while on vacation in Finland.

Playboy Magazine labeled the owner of Paladin Press the “most dangerous publisher in the world,” citing Paladin’s publication of the book Hit Man written by an unnamed female and The Ultimate Sniper by John Plaster. [books so dangerous that anyone can now buy a copies on Amazon today]

“Maybe he is that dangerous to a bunch of pantywaists who blame everything and everyone but the criminals for their murderous ways. Peder is the first to admit that he has lived his life on the edge, with a total disdain for convention as he sought adventure and danger, and that publishing risqué and provocative adventure books fits right into his lifestyle.” ~ SOF Magazine article 2012 “A Notorious Publisher

Paladin Press
Paladin Press

Paladin Press, which he co-founded in 1970 with Lt Col (Ret.Robert KBrown of Soldier of Fortune Magazine fame, was called the Professional Action Library for a reason, and he made sure that all Paladin books and videos met the standards of professionals and action/adventure enthusiasts.

Peder firmly believed that the First Amendment guaranteed Americans the right to read about whatever subjects they desired, and he pushed all the limits he could in both his professional and personal life to protect this most fundamental right.

“Peder was always a doer, and we at Paladin take comfort in the fact that he died doing what he loved most.” said the official statement from Paladin Press.

“It can easily be argued that Peder invented the genre of publishing, with in-depth instructional coverage of guns, training, tactics and techniques, that AmmoLand News and many others on the digital web and Youtube take for granted today. He just did it “old School”, in print and paper. Who knows what Peder was up to in Finland on his last trip, but I am comforted to know he remained dangerous right to the sudden end. Rest in peace sifu Peder Lund.” said Fredy Riehl, Editor AmmoLand News

Peder fought in the Vietnam War with the U.S. Army Rangers and Special Forces, and he was especially proud that Paladin was one of the first publishers in the country to offer books about the Vietnam War. He remained fiercely supportive of all the men and women in uniform who serve their country.

On his passing, one of Peder’s long-term friends described him as “a good friend, a great warrior, an intellectual, a gentleman, and a most accomplished businessman.” We think that pretty much sums up his life.

He will be missed.

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Well, it looks to me that Fredon fighters in different ways or walks of life are despairing very quickly, somehow accidents?
Do you know what it is happening?
The Generations Baby Boomers, Generation X, are dying then the new generations will not know what it was then to fight for freedom rights, they are going to say that are we talking about since they did not experience what we did

Samuel C. Garrison, former 1Lt. Inf. with MACV Advisory Team 31 '68-'69 at Phu Tuc

Mel Vogel Special Forces Captain and CO of SF A Team 224 at Phu Tuc, Phu Bon Province until December of 1967 said this about Peder Lund, who was his XO during that time: “I can tell you one thing about Peder Lund: He ran to the gunfire. One night some of us were playing cards in the team hut and a fire fight broke out in a village just outside the front gate. In a few minutes an interpreter came in and explained the situation. Peder already had a plan to knock out the trouble. Off into the night… Read more »

Samuel C Garrison, former t Inf

Mel Vogel, Peder’s CO when Peder was his XO in 1967, said Peder lived and breathed combat, that he actually loved it. That reminds me of General Patton.

Samuel C. Garrison, former 1 Lt Inf.

I spent my first five months at Phu Tuc base camp, the base at that time for Special Forces A Team 224. Peder lund was the CO, John T. Bakody was the XO, Sgt. Abraham Ruff was the Heavy Weapons Specialist, and Sgt. Smith was the medic. I arrived there in April, 1968 and left May 3, 1969. When Special Forces left Phu Tuc, we converted to Regional/Popular Forces, but they were the same Montagnard (Jarai) troops with the same WWII weapons (M1 garands, M1 carbines, Thompson subs, and .30 ca. machine guns and WWII light mortars. Mel Vogel, who… Read more »

James Natividad

Served with Peder in Viet Nam, we went on our R&R together in 1963 to Penang. RIP old friend and warrior.

Samuel C. Garrison. 1Lt Inf (former)

Are you sure it was 1963? I don’t think he was in Vietnam until late ’66 or early ’67. He was the CO of Special Forces A Team 224 when I arrived at Phu Tuc in April, 1968. Before that, he was with the 9th Inf Div in the Mekong Delta.


I have many of their books acquired over the years, may he rest in piece. A true “on the edge” trendsetter!!!


every time I buy books from Paladin press, I am startled when I realize 10 books came in a box that would contain 1 normal book

when I read these remarkably thin books I realize later that I know far more about the subject than I could reasonably expect from such thin books

Matt in Oklahoma

I have bought many things over the years. I’m glad he accomplished what he did and hopefully it will live on.

Rob Almirall

Peder was always the real deal. He was a good friend.
Rob Almirall

Mark Lee

Peter was truly a “guerrilla” publisher. I remember buying several of the Get Even/Revenge series and Dirty Tricks books in the early 1970s. Besides The Whole Earth Catalog, he was the only readily-available source of improvised explosives and weapons knowledge, which is forever. He has quite a legacy; RIP.

Graham Baates

A tragedy for both those who print and those who love freedom. Thank you for everything Peder Lund.