Professionally Protected Kim Kardashian Can Afford to Support ‘Gun Control’

By David Codrea

It's easy to be for “gun control” when you have armed bodyguards. (Kim Kardashian/Facebook)
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -( “Kim Kardashian posted an impassioned piece about gun control on her website on Friday to mark National Gun Violence Awareness Day,” the UK’s Daily Mail “reported” approvingly. “Like many other celebrities the reality star urged her fans to wear orange in recognition of the movement.”

She was promoting an annual propaganda stunt by Michael Bloomberg’s Astroturf group, Everytown. The object is to solicit and exploit photos of useful idiots who are happy to be swindled out of their rights and intent on dragging everybody else along with them.

As should be expected from Opposite Day “progressives,” what is intended as a show of strength is really a display of weakness. That’s why the well-financed Bloomberg Magical Misery Tour of a few years back not only had to pad their “deaths” list with the names of violent criminals, but even had to keep their tour stops unpublicized lest they end up embarrassingly outnumbered by gun owner rights advocates.

More Astroturf than grassroots

So it should surprise no one that a few years back, the Wear Orange website bragged:

“Millions of Americans are coming together…”

The most recent iteration claims “thousands.”  That’s all they could get despite nationwide supportive media coverage and boosts from celebrity social media feeds. Is it any wonder the recent NRA Annual meeting attracted over 80,000 attendees, while the Moms Demand Action counter-protest was measured in dozens?

Kardashian alone claims 53.3M Twitter followers, and that’s a pretty sorry statement on the priorities many people have.  What exactly is she famous for again, aside from being famous for exhibitionism and narcissism? It’s reminiscent of a cultural degeneracy indicator I call “The pH Factor.”

“'Right now, there are more guns owned by civilians in this country than in any other country in the world,” Kardashian declares on her website, as if that’s a bad thing. “'In February of this year President Trump actually signed a bill revoking a regulation recommended by President Obama that would have added 75,000 names of people with registered mental illness to a national background check database. This is crazy!”

No, this is due process.

“Is it more important to protect the second amendment than to protect our own children?” she asks, as if the two are mutually exclusive. “We have imposed restrictions on a number of constitutional rights for the sake of protecting people in this country, including freedom of speech and the right to exercise religious beliefs, so why is the second amendment any different?”

“We” have not passed bans on fundamental rights. And contrary to popular misconception, you can yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater. “We” have not required prior restraint background checks, licensing and permitting in order to generally exercise personal freedom of speech and worship. True, we have libel laws, copyright laws and the like, but we also have laws against shooting people or ripping off proprietary gunmaker designs. And yeah, if you want to hold a parade or engage in activity that competes with the rights of others, a permit can factor in – but you don’t need one to personally traverse open public spaces.

The finest armed security money can buy… (Kim Kardashian/ Facebook)

Still, all Kardashian wants to do is “enact… laws that would help protect innocent Americans from people who should not have access to firearms”:

“I’m not against guns and I’m not against people owning guns. After what happened to me in Paris, I know how important it is to be safe and to have armed security. All of my security team is armed, but they also support stricter gun control laws and believe that we should restrict access to firearms for people with mental illness, anyone previously convicted of a misdemeanor, those who have been subject to a temporary restraining order and those at a higher risk of committing gun violence.”

She has an armed security team. They can go places armed you and I could not, at least not without risking arrest. Naturally her protectors enjoy and profit from their “Only Ones”-like exclusivity, and besides, how long would their employment last if they publicly disagreed with their employer? As for the mental illness and restraining order prohibitions, again, before denying fundamental rights to people who have not been convicted of any crime or adjudicated a danger to themselves or others, due process requirements must first be satisfied.

But the real kicker: She says she’s not against guns but wants to prohibit anyone convicted of a misdemeanor from owning them?

Like husband Kanye West for assaulting a photographer?

Like stepparent Caitlyn Jenner narrowly avoided over a car crash?

Like she herself could have been charged for her role in secretly recording Taylor Swift?

Don't worry. They're protected.

The elites who can afford armed security details aren’t affected by edicts imposed on commoners. Bloomberg himself travels everywhere in Everytown with an armed retinue, including in foreign places where even most police don’t carry guns.  And whether she realizes it or not, the gun owner controls she calls for are mere incremental steps toward a monopoly of violence end game.

The ruling class and celebrities have theirs. So what if a few followers and fans get killed off who don’t? They won’t even register on the bottom line.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 24 thoughts on “Professionally Protected Kim Kardashian Can Afford to Support ‘Gun Control’

    1. lol, go ahead and yell FIRE in a crowded theater. At least then we won’t have to read any of these BS posts for a while 😉

    2. Orange is the best color for her if she is going to prison. Hilary will be wearing that color soon if she keeps talking too! They are right that all anti gunners should wear orange so we can spot the criminals that want to take our rights.

    3. If it was not for her Daddy Representing OJ, the Kardashian name would never have been known in households today.

    4. And here is me, just now getting over Kim Kardashian’s choice of salad that she eats every day. I guess she is moving on to something less important.

      As far as orange, does she know that she is supporting the “Hillary for Prison” meme? The meme has Hillary dressed in orange while Bill visits her in prison. Shame on you, Kim!

      If these clowns are saying that wearing orange means “don’t shoot me”, then they are joining the hunters who have been dressing that way for generations. And crossing guards and first responders wear orange because humans can see it better.

      Maybe this explains why someone like this Large-Breasted Split-tailed Bed Thrasher is wearing orange: “Look at me!” It couldn’t be more appropriate.

    5. When you give up your arm security let me know how that works out for you it didn’t work out in France for you.

    6. Once I become aware of gun violence, what do they recommend that I do about it? Give up my only means of self defense? I don’t think so!

      1. @Granpappa, What is gun violence? Do we have baseball bat violence? Do we have ball peen hammer violence? Do we have automobile violence? Do we have thrown office chair violence? Violence is just violence. Gun violence is just liberal/progressive/socialist/social engineering propaganda that is meant to fool the unknowing.

    7. What has ANY of the female Kardashians done other than get surgically added BIG BUTTS and BIG BREASTS? NONE of them has held a job requiring education, intelligence or hard work and most sponge off their more famous father’s achievements (what ever THEY WERE) They are about as intelligent as that other twinky “what’s her name” Hilton.
      IT51 has proven over and over that he is complete idiot and moron and once wonders if he and the “Gil” are Siamese twins.

    8. trash attracted to brainless trash. what can you expect from her or anyone else in her family. after all they drove jenner over the edge.

    9. This is just classic liberal insanity. It is OK for the rich to have it, just take it away from the poor and middle class.

    10. Kardashian so called paris robbery was an inside job. They got insurance payout because her worthless husband is broke and was in the news for being mentally unstable at the time. That whole family is trash and their views & beliefs aren’t worth d**k. When are ( famous ) people gonna realize nobody but weak minded individuals care about their beliefs. Its a sad day in america when a voice like Kardashian is given a platform to speak.

    11. Look, anti-gun people are actually or by definition their ignorance or stupidity, anti U.S. Constitution people. The Second Amendment is in the Constitution to protect the people from BOTH foreign and domestic threats and the latter is addressed to some extent in the second paragraph second sentence of the Declaration of Independence!

    12. If you are really sincere about gun control dismiss your armed security guards as a sign of god faith.
      Then and only then you would be believable.

      1. She’s going to have to do better than that. She also needs to give up her mansion and move to southside Chicago and not but a firearm.

    13. As if Cordrea or any of you has the kind of fame or money that would require him to have body guards as Kardashian and other celebs who “can afford bodyguards” do.

      As for “denying rights to people not convicted of a crime”? This is how mass murders happen. If it only happened to gun cranks I wouldn’t care, but if you have to follow a celebrity around even in the news, let alone physical; you don’t have the mental health needed to be allowed to own a gun. And screw your “due process” crap, you don’t want to extend that to Muslims, but you want to give it to NUTS?

      Once again comparing apples to oranges, knee deep in bs. Move on.

      1. Irontiger or Papertiger, just what kind of “fame” does the Kardashian really have anyhow? BIG ASS FAME? That is about it.

        1. @Richard L, Cousin IT51 has been trolling here before. He is just looking for responses, so that he can get paid more. He cares little for moslem or Lardassian. He just needs responses to get paid.

      2. Wow! How many wrong and mis-guided statements can one person put in a paragraph?

        Money and fame don’t “require” armed guards everywhere you go. I live in a community with many people at least as famous as the Big Ass Star David writes about who have no security detail surrounding them. Only a famous person’s elitism and disdain for the rest of us requires it.

        So, you are an advocate of locking up those who might commit a crime sometime in the future? And you determine that how? Perhaps by, wait, libtards say we can’t profile. I guess we just watch out for those who make ridiculous statements and lock them up – that probably puts you at the top of the ten most wanted list, by the way.

        Don’t see where David said to lock Muslims up without due process. I do know that lack of ability to manage money is not an exclusive factor in determining mental illness, which is thw ordwr Trump rescinded. Refusal to accept reality is, though, so I hope you don’t hang around any judges.

        Omce again, a liberal thinks that just because you are a different color you can’t be the same shape and of the same general category (apples and oranges are both spherical, sweet-tasting, high in fiber, healthy for your diet, and fruits – more similar than different) – a racist, bigoted attitude if I’ve ever seen one.

        You are a very week and illiterate troll – Soros should demand his money back.

        Keep up the good work, David – we need all of the sane voices we can muster.

      3. Irontiger51 is volunteering to be judge, jury and executioner.

        Follow a celeb in the news? You are judged mentally defective.
        Murder a gun crank? Irontiger51 gives you a pass and you are free to go.
        Try to block difficult to vet foreigners from coming into the country from dangerous areas? You have been judged guilty to have given guns to people who are nuts (in name only with no evidence).

        I fine example of comparing apples to oranges is comparing immigrant politics to due process rights.

      4. Hey R-yard what rights have been denied to Muslims without due process? What policy did we support that would have done that? I either want a solid answer or an apology for the lie.

        And yes, if you have not been convicted of a crime then the government then is not authorized to stop you from exercising a basic right, that is how our legal system is suppose to work.

        And people like you or people who think like you have absolutely no business voting, holding an elected office, or being appointed to an office which holds any real power because you have just shown how abusive you are with that power.

        And people like you are the same types who will wear a che shirt but then squeal about us wanting to keep our freedoms that this nation’s Constitution protects.

        Anyway dude, have a new philosophy right now. I really don’t want to hear from people like you when your basic rights get violated given the fact you actively advocate for basic rights such as due process be stripped from others.

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