ALPS OutdoorZ Introduces New Waterproof Smartphone Accessory

ALPZ OutdoorZ Transporter
ALPZ OutdoorZ Transporter
ALPS OutdoorZ
ALPS OutdoorZ

USA -( ALPS OutdoorZ has the perfect pack accessory for the outdoorsman/outdoorswoman who wants to keep all their gear dry yet easy to reach.

The Transporter is a small accessory that will have a big impact.


ALPZ OutdoorZ Transporter

The Transporter–with an IPX7 waterproof rating–is a protective case for carrying cellphones and smartphones in all terrains. It features a universal waterproof/dustproof design that fits most popular phone models that are up to 6.2 inches by 3 inches in size.

The clear, soft TPU material provides complete waterproof protection, and it also allows for full touch screen functionality. An adjustable SR buckle accommodates a variety of attachment options.

“Hunters use their phones as tools-for maps and GPS services, for example-or to simply stay in touch, and we need to keep these valuable devices protected from the elements,” says Zach Scheidegger, Product Manager.


About ALPS OutdoorZ, an ALPS Brands Company:

Beginning in 1993 with the establishment of ALPS Mountaineering, ALPS Brands is a continuously growing and expanding group of companies dedicated to developing and manufacturing high quality, performance-driven outdoor products. Currently making up the ALPS Brands family of companies are ALPS Mountaineering, ALPS OutdoorZ, Delta Waterfowl Gear, Browning Camping and Cedar Ridge. Using the experience and knowledge gained from manufacturing high quality camping and backpacking gear under ALPS Mountaineering, ALPS Brands established ALPS OutdoorZ in 2007 with the mission of developing affordable, performance-driven hunting gear. Ten years after releasing their first group of hunting products, ALPS OutdoorZ has grown to offer packs, furniture, gun cases, sleeping bags and ground blinds. Brought together by a shared passion for wildlife and conservation, ALPS OutdoorZ is a proud sponsor and licensee of Delta Waterfowl, RMEF and NWTF products. ALPS OutdoorZ items are sold and distributed in the best camping, backpacking and outdoor dealers throughout the entire US and Canada.

For more information, visit their website.

  • 4 thoughts on “ALPS OutdoorZ Introduces New Waterproof Smartphone Accessory

    1. Not a bad toy for protecting the phone for just $12.99, but come on Ammoland, send us the product link page, (was not easy to find) or was this post more of a promo for ALPS Gear…?

      1. Not sure what your point is? Yes It is a “promo” from Alps for there gear, with a big link in the word “ALPZ OutdoorZ Transporter” to the product? We already did the work you are whining about.

      2. WOW!

        How weird is that. We got 2 replies via email to my above post: one from Matt in OK, with the product link and we thank you Matt. With the note that we found it on the ALPS website, but it took a number of attempts to find from the GENERAL HOME PAGE link in the above article. And, the 2nd from Fredy? with Ammoland with unfortunately a very negative connotation that they had done all the work and that we were “whiny” asking for a direct product link.

        But, neither of their comments posted below, even after refreshing this page?

        We went back only to find a ‘direct link’ in the heading of the article to Amazon, which sells the product for the same $12.99 price.

        Slow down, Ammoland. Telling your regular visitor that they are “whinnying” after you did all the work is not a good way to keep them coming back….;(

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